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Murder On Maui


This luau fund raiser for the Hawaiian Association of Authentic Leis (HAAL) hosted by Harold Logan can’t help but turn deadly with so many nefarious characters in attendance.

Great choice for a pool party!

Requires 8 people to play the prime suspects.
For groups of 20 or more people.

YEAR: Any. We put it in modern day.


Harold (Albert) Logan

The owner of the Pineapple Haven Hotel (it was part of his divorce settlement). His marriage to Stella Capwell was a big mistake but she was filthy rich and he did get this hotel from her and he did get to return to his place of birth. So why is she coming here tonight? He has a feeling he ain’t gonna like the reason.

Bambi Bianca

Harold’s girlfriend, or as she says, fiancée. An ex-con who’ll use anybody and everybody if it works to her advantage. For Harold, she puts the “l” in “lei” so no one better come between her and her man, including his ex.

Stella Capwell

Harold’s miserable and mean ex-wife from NY. She now realizes she was a bit too generous in giving this hotel to Harold. Her accountants have told her it could be a big moneymaker. So she’s back and she has a plan — a plan that sends Harold and anyone associated with him back to the gutter from whence they came.

Mrs. Abigail Wiggins:

She claims to be an author and expert on island voodoo (hmm, is Hawaii known for that??). While she’ll gladly contribute to HAAL tonight, she also senses that something evil is going to happen but she just isn’t sure what. She has an interesting connection to Stella.

Donny Wo

A lounge singer. Harold hired him to sing at the luau but only after Donny inundated the man with daily calls and daily appearances. Harold didn’t really want any entertainment – he has a tape deck and cassettes, what more do people want?

Thomas Q. Magnus

A private eye. He and Abigail are chums and he’s here at her request because of her premonitions. And like Abigail, he’s an avid supporter of anything having to do with the preservation of Hawaiian tradition and lore. What turns out to be a bonus of sorts for Thomas is the fact that he’ll get to confront Stella Capwell. She still owes him money for the job he did for her.

Rebel Hanukkaiiaihani

He’s Harold’s business partner. When Harold makes money, Rebel makes money. And vice versa. Nice arrangement. Unless they lose money of course.

Ruth Astoria

Stella’s daughter from her first marriage. A snotty little tramp with a bad, bad, bad attitude. She hates her mother, well, because she’s her overbearing mother. She also has a love/hate relationship with Harold. Tonight may decide which it’ll be: love or hate.


EVERYONE will be actively involved in this mystery because it will be their job to solve the case and because you’ll be encouraging them to come in costume and in character.  Use any or all of these secondary suspects if you have “extra” cast members you want to use or if you have some guests who want to take on a character but not take on the full responsibility of a primary suspect.  Give them their secondary suspect instructions (included) and let them run with it. 

FOR LARGE GROUP MYSTERIES (75 OR MORE):  We suggest you cast your secondary suspects. During the mystery it will be the secondary suspects’ “job” to act as general support for the primary suspects. They’ll roam the room gossiping about the goings-in, quiet the audience down during a main action, answer questions, bring primary suspects to tables for questioning and make sure your guests have seen the physical clues that have been revealed.

Sadie Summer

Abigail’s new very enthusiastic assistant who is in training (have her do everything Abigail does with complete and utter reverence for her mentor).

Chyna Doll

Rebel’s girlfriend. She’s a champion mud wrestler who will challenge anyone who rubs her the wrong way to a wrestling match. Rebel loves wrestling with her–he thinks it’s sexy–but everyone else is just a little afraid of her, except Bambi who’s up for the challenge of winning any fight.


Stella’s driver and generally abused go-fer. He’s in love with her, being the masochist that he is, so he does her bidding immediately and without question.

Mack and Matilda Titmouse

They won a free vacation to the Pineapple Haven Hotel. They’re working class types who look like the tourists you love to make fun of. They have never been out of their little podunk town and are beside themselves with exuberant touristy joy. They ask for everyone’s autographs and take pictures of themselves with everyone and everything with wild abandon.

We also include a list of famous Hawaiians with this game in case you want to assign “character” names to your other guests.



Murders. A psychic character. Use of a voodoo type doll. An ex-con stripper character. Gambling (minor references). Affair between stepfather and stepdaughter.


The ex-con stripper can be toned down to being a waitress in a dive bar. Change the affair to an “unrequited love/crush for an older man” syndrome or the stepdaughter can be furious at her stepfather because she hoped he would actually stay married to her monster mom so she could have a dad. The gambling (card game) references are important but can be referred to then not mentioned again. The lucrative card games are why one of the characters wants to maintain ownership of a hotel. Psychic character is important. The voodoo-type doll is important.

Corporate adaptation

This can be adapted as a corporate incentive trip.

*Disclaimer: The game content outlined here does not reflect our position on any topic or issue. They are mentioned solely to give the reader and potential buyer an overview of content contained in the game to warrant a PG-13 rating.


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