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AMAZING! The script, evidence, extras...all first-rate! I love that it is all downloaded so that I could personalize a little. I ordered My Alma Martyr for a volunteer appreciation dinner for 120 guests. A local High School drama club came to act out the murder. It was a huge success. The theater director said the script was easy to understand and his students had a blast rehearsing. Susan Haley was amazing to work with. I had emailed her a few times before our event for advice and she treated me like a long lost friend and was helpful and encouraging. I will most definitely be using this company every year for our appreciation dinner.
Dawn Robertson
Merrillville, IN
In the past, we purchased mysteries from other companies, but since we ordered from you we decided yours are the best; we've found that your mystery dinners are the most detailed, organized and easy to perform! In fact, we only purchase from you now!
Cat Masucci
Thank you to those that share their knowledge and expertise - so the rest of us may pretend to be actors! Haley Productions' easy download had complete information including all details and "to do" lists that made our community performance of Murder on Maui a hilarious success! As all things in life, the more one puts into the end result - the better the outcome...all our novices had sooo much fun "working " on their performances!
Bonnie Field
Leesburg, FL
My name is Krista and I'm the adult program coordinator at the Norwin Public Library. This will be our third mystery night at the library. The play we used last year was over $100 and wasn't half as good or half as thorough as your play. I was thrilled to come across your website to find the prices so affordable. The old saying you get what you pay for does not apply for this, so I thank you very much. And the fact that you have so many [murder mystery] scripts available will certainly keep us coming back. The actors all come from staff and volunteers at the library, and they are very excited about this year's play, Rushmore's Revenge.
Krista Brown
Norwin Public Library
Thank you again for all your help in providing us with murder mystery scripts to entertain to our community. We did our first one Next of Kin and it was so much fun, that people were asking us to do another one ASAP. We just did the second one, Murder at Midnight Hour, and it was more fun than the last one. We learn from each one what to do to make the next one better. Your generosity in letting me bother you with questions whenever has been invaluable to me. With the success of each skit, we have more people interested in taking part.
Kathie Anderson
Florence, Alabama
I want you to know that this is the third year I have used your site. I am the social chairperson of a senior citizen community. Three years ago I decided to do a Mystery Theater. After searching the Internet I finally decided to buy your Luau Mystery Theater (Murder on Maui). It was a great hit and I promised it would be an annual affair. Last year I wanted to do a Western Theme. I ordered from another company. I was totally dissatisfied and knew it would not work for our group. I then ordered your Western Mystery (Bordello of the Damned). Again another hit! This year I ordered the "Hippie" Mystery Theater (Murder at the Midnight Hour) and the Black Cat Halloween Hunt. I am now a loyal customer and have told other people how satisfied I have been with your site and products.
Patti Barnett
Social Chairperson of Salt Springs Village, Salt Springs, Florida
We would like to say a huge thank you to Susan Haley. Once again her script provided an evening of superb entertainment. We had the audience in stitches. And let me tell you, when she writes "The audience will love this" she's not kidding! One of the best things about her scripts is that once they are ordered and paid for, boom, they are in your inbox. No long waits for rights or shipping, and you get everything you need! We have been using Susan's scripts for over eight years and we have had nothing but success with them. We highly recommend them.
Stab in the Dark Productions
Cranbrook B.C.
The mystery party game kit looks fabulous!!! Your website is great and very helpful - and my emails were returned so quickly. It's just all too easy! Thanks!
Tristana Foutz
Thank you so much for the follow-up email. That is fantastic of you, really shows that you care about your product and your customers! Our murder mystery evening went absolutely great! Everyone had so much fun - I couldn't tell if the cast or the guests had more fun. We laughed all evening, and had a great time adding our own flare to each character. Thanks so much for doing what you do! We had a group of about 30 people, and you entertained every one of us!
Thad Crawford
Bentonville AR
You are a goddess. This script, and the other documents, are incredible and I have the perfect cast for it. Thank you sooooo much. I still am so amazed at what you have done with this package: invitations, awards, participant's clue book, script...all for a really reasonable price. There will be a lot of happy people at my mystery night.
Ted Sharon
Fredonia NY
Susan, thanks so much for the personal attention on this. Really makes me feel like I got my money's worth. As far as the instructions and everything, what can I say, you really have thought of everything from the marketing to the menu to, of course, the mystery! The story is funny and well written and I love the flexibility it offers us a group. My "team" is all theatre people, so the ability to improv in this and to take the crux of the story and make it our own is really great. Again, I am super excited for our party and thank you so much for being supportive of your products. I can tell you if this goes over like I believe it will, this will not the last time we purchase something from you!
Sonny Dyon
Clermont FL
Everything went great and it was a blast. I was very impressed with how everything was so organized and laid out for us. I have looked all over for murder mysteries for large groups and yours are by far the best. We will be purchasing from you in the future!
Heather Mortensen
Albion, ID
We received The Mafia Murders immediately and found the instructions to be very helpful and easy to understand. We ordered the script at the last minute and pulled it off without a hitch. Using the Narrator version with everyone acting out their part as it was read, our evening was a huge success! Many laughs were had and everyone that came to the party said it's the best party they've been to ever and all are asking when we will be having the next one! In fact we are planning on ordering again next year for my husband's 60th birthday. Thank you for providing us promptly with a witty and entertaining script.
Kathy and Michael Smith
Boambee East New South Wales
I appreciate your offer but no help was needed as the directions and outline were clearly written and explained. Our event went very well, largely in part to the concise and organized manner in which you had put together Next of Kin. The group performed the mystery (narrator style) to critical acclaim. Now we're famous (in small circles of course).
Todd Wise
Bakersfield, CA
A large group of friends enjoyed the Next of Kin mystery this weekend. We had a blast. We have done multiple mystery dinners in the past but this was the favorite for sure. Everyone loved the use of a narrator instead of having to ad lib everything. We made up a few of our own characters to make sure everyone had a chance to be someone else, which was easy to do with this layout. Thanks for a great party!
Lori Horne
We did Murder on Maui and everyone had such a good time, they wanted to do it again. With all of the added information that you send with the script, the group thinks I am a genius, even though I give you the credit! Thanks again.
Pepi Parshall
Murder at the Midnight Hour was a smashing hit. Our community has been hard hit by downsizing of the textile industry. This night made some folks laugh and escape their problems for about two hours. Something they had not done for a long time. I thank you for the script and plan on selecting another to perform in the months ahead.
Eric Tyler
Alexander City, AL
We have used your murder mysteries now for two years at our fundraising event and they have been an absolute ball to put on and to watch our guests enjoy. The actors are devoted volunteers and request every year to be involved in the next one. Thank you for creating and offering such a fun way for us to raise money to help save the lives of our children from the diabolical effects of drugs and alcohol through our prevention efforts.
Debra M. Baker
Prevention Specialist, Remembering ADAM, Inc., Northern Cambria, PA
Brilliant, Susan! Your murder mystery game exceeded my expectations and it was a surprise and highlight of our Sisters Weekend. Thank you very much for your innovation, careful organization, attention to detail, answering my pre-game questions and this follow-up. In Gratitude and Friendship...
Mary Wendt
McHenry, IL

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