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Susan Haley, Haley Productions' Games

About Haley Productions' Game Designer, Susan Haley

Game Designer / Creative Director / Chief Imagination Officer / Actress

Yankee Magazine High Moon Murder Mystery Company
High Moon Murder Mystery Company, Yankee Magazine 1986

Yankee Ingenuity

Originally from New England, I moved to California in 1993.  I’d been threatening to go west since I was just a kid because I wanted to become a famous actress – I’ve had the acting bug since I was a Girl Scout. I’d make up skits and spoof commercials during camping trips and I’d send out invitations to plays to the entire neighborhood then try (mostly unsuccessfully) to coerce my friends to create something with me.

Oh the Drama! 

I joined the Drama Club in high school where the drama coach always cast me in male roles for some bizarre reason I never understood – until I was cast as an uptight mother in a one-act play called French Toast.  We went to a drama competition with that particular play and I won a Best Supporting Actress Award. Clearly I was meant to be a character actor, not an ingenue, which was fine by me.  Way more fun.

Where the Witches Are

I have a BA in Theater Arts with a Business Communication minor from Salem State College in Salem, Mass. – “where the witches are” (that was their tag line back then and witches like Lori Cabot did indeed roam about).

The Queen of Scream

I got my introduction to murder mystery dinner theater by the “Queen of Scream”, a woman named Alexa who was as dramatic as they come. My audition for High Moon Productions was an actual show in a gloriously spooky castle in Gloucester, Mass. I played a secondary character, a maid. I remember being the only character in the room as the doors opened and the masses of guests poured into the room. My adrenalin was pumping as I greeted them. It took me 4 seconds to realize I LOVE THIS!  About five years later, I began Haley Productions as a dinner theater company. 

These days, I’ve taken my “Yankee Ingenuity In All Its Curious Glory!” to create these awesome games for you.  Escape in my fun world!

Thank you for visiting and supporting small businesses like mine!

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