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Operation Catch Me If You Can mystery-hunt

Our Group Game for Children Aged 7-12

This creative, fun game includes a step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more.

It’s great for team building.


This group game is designed with a house (or camp) full of kids in mind.

Your group will be divided into teams of up to six kids each.

The premise is simple: the kids are attending a party (or camp activity) of some sort. Once they’ve arrived and settled in they’ll be given two projects to complete (one is arts and crafts based; the other is a performance).

After they finish these projects, things will take a surprising turn and they’ll be called upon to solve a mystery by putting together and/or finding clues that will lead them to a thief and a stolen item. We’ve added in an optional photo challenge so the kids can capture the fun they’re having.


Unlimited if you have the space and the support. Recommended minimum per team: three, maximum: eight.

What if you only have a few kids participating in this mystery/hunt?

Instead of dividing them into teams, you can keep them all on one team for this game.


7 to 12 year olds


About 2 hours


About four hours. You mostly need to print, read and make some simple adaptations to the game*, plant a few clues and shop for prizes and some arts and craft supplies. 

*The surprise ending will be that one of the kids attending the party is the thief. (You or one of your helpers can also be the thief. Your dog can even be the thief!) We provide what we call a “culprit quiz” so you can easily design up to four clues leading to whodunit.

NOTE: You will need someone to play the role of “doorkeeper” – they will greet the kids and be the person in charge. This doorkeeper (yes, you can take on this role) will need to read instructions and guide the kids through the game. You can also add optional Alien Detection Agents (two or more) – see Part 2 below.

There are five parts to this mystery game

Part 1: Showing Off. This is where the teams will show off their arts and crafts skills and how entertaining they can be as a team.  These two projects will take approximately 45 minutes.

Part 2:  To Catch A Thief!  The party will be raided by Alien Detection Agents and take a surprising twist. The kids will be called up to solve a crime – a theft.  The thief will challenge them “to catch me if you can”. 

The teams will be given a set of instructions written by the thief that they must follow to the letter.

First, they’ll need to put together clues to find out WHAT was stolen.

Next, they’ll need to go on a mini-hunt to find four clues as to WHO stole it while taking photos for the thief’s scrapbook.

Timing: approximately 90 minutes.


  • The raid and the Alien Detection Agency Agents are optional. 
  • The stolen item is green slime taken from an extraterrestrial OR as an alternative for an all girls party, the item is poisoned lipstick. You can also edit the game to have this stolen item be anything you want.

Part 4: Captured! The ending surprise will be that one of the kids attending the party is the thief.  Yes it will even be a surprise to them. (You or one of your helpers can also be the thief. It can be a neighbor, your dog or even a stuffed animal.)  Timing: Approximately 15 minutes.

Part 3: One More Thing…The final activity is a challenge (in the form of a word scramble) to find the actual item that was stolen. Timing: approximately 15 minutes.

Part 5: Job Well Done! You’ll have an awards presentation so all the teams are rewarded for a job well done. Timing: Approximately 5 minutes.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BUY/PROVIDE: Team collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier – your choice), a smart phone or digital camera and other inexpensive items like arts & crafts supplies.  We’ll let you know exactly what you need to get in our handy facilitators’ guide that comes with this scavenger hunt.

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