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We had such a great time using your Kovert Kids' scavenger hunt with my daughter's party that I was just waiting for another reason to purchase another one. We are looking forward to a swashbuckling good time with Operation Pirate Party. With such busy lives, your kits have been great. I am able to throw a fun time together without driving myself too crazy. Thanks again.
Julie Ebel
Brighton MI
Hi Susan. I just want to let you know how wonderful our Girl Scout event turned out. Our girls are ages 6 through 13 so we chose "The Special Ones" We made some adjustments that I want to share with you. It was a family fun night event so we included the parents. We had set up tables and chairs and placed the badge supplies on each table. We then instructed all the "First Years" to create a name badge and had them think up special power. Then when the meeting was called to order, after the "Seniors" were introduced, we went around the room and everyone had to stand up and tell us their name and special power. Some of the parents were too funny. One dad said his name was Nutto and his special power was making peanut butter sandwiches without using his hands. The best part was seeing the parents participant in the hunt. We had a really nice time so I had to share this with you. Thank you again.
Georgette Scolaro
Brooklyn, NY
Operation Kovert Kids was a huge success. I keep talking up your web site and how great it was to have everything done for you. Great job!
Susan Jabel
Dumont, NJ
Thank you for your WONDERFULLY, AWESOME, FANTASTIC Adventure Hunt. The kids had an absolutely fantastic time with Operation Kovert Kids! We knew it was a success when the kids told us, "You guys are so cool! This was so awesome! Thank you for letting us do this!" Our 13 year old son said this was the BEST New Year's Eve ever!
Steve and Susie Jones
Morton, IL
The kids loved your Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Operation Reindeer Games! Thanks so much! I will definitely use you guys again!
Kim O'Day
Cumming, GA
I ordered The Special Ones mystery for my daughter's 9th birthday. The party was a huge success. As you can guess, very little went as planned. I basically did all the acting, but the kids had a ball. I had one of the Dad's playing Stevie Snooze, and I played Simone, Camp Fredo's "Executive Director". I enlisted my 18 year old and her to friends as "senior spies" playing the roles of Darlene Danger (boy did she get into that with her long black hair-she dressed like cat woman) Gypsy and Hunter. Then I broke the "first years" up into three groups and assigned a senior to each one to be over see the creation of the coats of arms and the hunting part. The "training circuit" was a huge success. The kids really got into it and loved running up and down my stairs, jumping rope in the house, etc. My daughter said that the boys especially said it was the best party they had ever been to. Three of them asked me if I was doing it again next year. Yes, it was a huge success and I am still cleaning silly string out of my house. Call me...
A New York Mom
Just wanted you to know we had the Medieval Merriment birthday party today. What a huge success! It was an incredible party. We had 10 boys over. I converted my house into a castle - lots of crepe paper streamers - and the boys had the best time for two hours. By the time I "knighted" all of them and served pizza two hours later, they were exhausted and happy. The kids were completely engrossed in the various challenges. I had planned on doing some of the activities outside but it rained. It was very easy to bring everything inside. It was a great feeling when the boys had left and my son said to me that he and his friends thought this was the best party they had ever attended. Thank you! I'll be using another one of your packages next year!
Arquelle Shaw
Danville, CA
We had a blast! I never saw that many teen girls in the same place with no "drama". They all had a great time. My daughter's birthday party will be the talk of the school for the next month! Thank you for such an organized and well developed package. I gave your web site to two of the mothers. Thanks again,
Kelly Stephenson
Sanford, NC
I did your scavenger hunt for my twin 8 year old boys birthday party and it was a big hit. It took us 2.5 hours to complete and we had two teams of 4 boys each and it was just the right amount for boys for that age too. For the invitations, we packed a magnifying glass, the bandannas, a notebook and pen, binoculars, candy and funny glasses which got the kids excited about the upcoming party and told everyone to bring their "spy kit" with them and they all did. The night before, we decorated canvas totes, put our spy gear inside and were ready the next morning. I hid the party favors with the various puzzle pieces so the kids had fun finding treasure too and they could put their findings in the tote as they went along. It was a blast and we have great pictures to remember the event with. It was a party none will soon forget.
Anne Smith
Alpharetta, GA
Thank you for the great ideas you provided on the scavenger hunt! It saved the day when the camp out we had planned for my daughters 10th birthday party was spoiled by rain. With time running out I needed to scramble and re-plan her whole party which is when I found your web site I have gotten great feedback from the kids on the scavenger hunt. I will definitely come back to you again for other activities for different youth groups I work with and recommend you to friends!
Shelly McCosh
Canton, GA
Thanks so much for your help and experience. We had my son's 11th birthday party last night and your Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was a big success. Our world is a better place because of creative people like you.
Kelli Bradley
Mill Creek, WA
Thanks for putting your creativity and organizational skills together into such a helpful product for busy parents - and for doing it in such an impressive manner! It is certainly appreciated! And thanks so much for the follow up - so far I am very impressed with the product and the customer service! And, in a day and age when customer service is so very lacking, that is a welcome and refreshing change.
Linda Weyandt
Tallmadge OH
The Birthday Bash scavenger hunt was a hit, the kids had fun, and I looked like a genius.
Roger Mikkelsen
The game worked a charm and made my cousin's detective party a huge success! We found it so simple to organise thanks to your great in-depth guide, pictures, certificates and the rest! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future after how well it worked for us all! Definitely feel free to use this email as a testimonial - I want everyone to know how good the product is!
Joel Hall
Collingwood Park Queensland, AU
I just wanted to tell you that the game went over wonderfully! I am an activities director for my town and had purchased another company's crime scene murder that ended up being inappropriate for the age group so I ordered your Operation Catch Me If You Can program last minute and I couldn't have been happier. Everyone had fun! Thank you
Angela Spahr
Lyon Mountain, NY
We did the hunt "Catch Me If You Can" for a schools out/summers here party and my boys (ages 9 & 10) and their friends LOVED it! They had sooooo much FUN! They loved being a detective and just having some good ol' fun! We made some changes to the hunt to fit our needs and I can't thank you enough. Each time I try one of your hunts they have been so easy to prepare, have had great creative ideas and are sooo much FUN!
J. Cummings
Shelley, ID
We are having great fun working on the Catch Me If You Can game. We ordered it for our soon to be eleven year olds party on the 28th. We are in the process of adopting her and her sibs. She has never had a birthday party and is looking forward to it immensely. I love how easy and well laid out the plans are. A fun, complicated party made very simple to execute. Wish I had discovered your company years ago. We'll be back. Thanks!
Karen Hartman
Gardnerville, NV
I would like to say that this Catch Me If You Can game is an awesome idea, and a wonderful product, at a reasonable price with customer service that can't be beat! Our party isn't set until a week from now, but I am certain it will be a big hit!!! I was searching for a long time, just surfing for ideas, before I found this and it is going to be a blast, I am sure, for kids and the adults there to help raid us! And I have NEVER had better customer service.
Stephanie Brazell
Tulsa, OK
Well, Susan, we are just basking in the after-glow of the big Kovert Kid Scavenger hunt that finished about an hour ago. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful hunt. I found it very easy to adapt when necessary. The download was great and user friendly. This scavenger hunt was for my son's 10th birthday which is the day after Halloween, so we were able to tie in Halloween very easily. The kids had a great time!! So did the facilitators.
Janet Pogasic
Macomb, MI
Wow! What service. I was a walking testimony for you all weekend and even today. All went well - actually amazing. I had done a hunt last year, but on my own. I was not prepared this year and wanted somebody to just "TELL ME" what to do - thus my purchase of your hunt package. It was a life saver. The riddles, the puzzles - all fantastic. The best birthday my daughter has ever had. All the parents said it will be an annual event. We tweaked the game to suite us and our time frame. We live in a subdivision that has a lake. I added a riddle about "sunken treasure" and then I had my husband rig one of the clues with a fishing "bobber" and the clue was in the water!! Once they figured the answer was under the water, they Had to figure out if it was under the sink, in the pool, or in the lake, etc. They couldn't believe they found a clue in the lake. My daughter was telling everybody what I had done. Anyway, I could ramble all day. Thanks again, it was a great purchase.
Tracy Hollier
Praireville LA
We had my daughter birthday party this past weekend. A wonderful time was had by all. I could never have done it without you, for sure. I am a pretty creative person, but work full time and am a single mom, so I have almost no time. Once again, I couldn't have done it without your wonderful Kovert Kids hunt!! The children were so excited and really participated well and were engaged in what they were doing for the entire time. The kids had so much fun showing their parents all the pictures and explaining what went on as they came to pick them up. The parents looked amazed at how organized everything was!! I did tell them the wasn't ALL my doing!! Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful idea and a great time!! My daughter absolutely thought it was the best birthday party ever and that I was the greatest Mom on earth. Now the bar has been set really high!! I have no idea how we could ever top that party ...Thank you a million times!!!
Stephanie Burke
Nashville, TN
The Operation Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was great! I'd be happy to recommend your product to anyone. It saved me a lot of time and the kids absolutely LOVED it. Congratulations on your web site & ideas. My 12 yr old daughter said it was the best birthday party she ever had. We did a modified hunt in the dark in our neighborhood and gave Target gift cards as prizes. It rocked!!!! Thanks,
Cheryl Jovel
Largo, FL
Believe it or not I was able to pull together everything in one day (although I don't recommend it). With your instructions it is not that hard to do. I like that you can edit the activities to meet your needs, so if I didn't have an item, I simply substituted or took out. I had 6 girls, two teams, ages 11 and 12. They had a ball. I was worried that they may be getting too old but I think they were at a perfect age. They caught onto the clues easily and were very creative and a little devious I might add. My daughter said it was the best party she has ever had. Overall it was a great success. Thanks so much.
Rebecca Biles
Louisville, KY
I used your hunt for a 13th boy-girl birthday party. It's a really tough age to do something structured for a large group of kids! I want you to know that the kids absolutely had a great time. We modified your plan, but did our own version of a lot of it. I'd recommend something like this to anyone in need of a different party idea.
Jane Torney
Overland Park, KS
I wanted to write a quick thank you for helping make my son's 10 birthday party the greatest ever! We had more guests there than we ever had. I think the invitation was how it "sparked" their interest in coming to the party so much! It has been two weeks since his party and kids at school are still talking about it! Even some of the parents have commented to me on how much their children enjoyed the party. Thank you again!
Branna Kimbrough
Aberdeen, MS
We did The Special Ones as a birthday party for my daughter who was turning eight. The attendees ranged from ages 5 - 10. My daughter and I dressed up as Secret Service agents in all black complete with hats, sunglasses and a curly cord running from our ear to our collar and hand delivered the invitations in file folders stamped "Top Secret" and "Classified". We also made an additional sheet with the Presidential Seal at the top and a personal invitation to Emily's Birthday party (the cover for spy camp). And we made special ID cards with each child's photo and spy name on them for the goodie bags. I took their photo with a digital camera when they arrived. For a week, I had kids stopping me at the school and asking questions about their character and about "camp". Instead of telling the main characters everything beforehand we only briefed them on their character. I passed out cue cards when it was time so the kids read cold. We were impressed that even the extra kids came with costumes on. The kids are still telling me what a blast they had. I also had 2 parents who stayed and observed and said it was great.
Cathy Maddox
Leesburg, VA
I want to let you know that "Operation Catch Me If You Can" was a huge success at our Girl Scout Troop sleep over! Hours after the game was over, they were still asking if the Agents were coming back. When the parents came to pick them up in the morning, the 1st thing the girls told them about was the agent's raid and who the "thief" ended up being. Your package covered every potential question and was flexible too. The adults had lots of fun too.
Deborah Fay-Marsh
Hill NH
WOW!!! We are exhausted but had a wonderful time. I used your Operation Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt for my 9 year old twins' birthday party today. We had 26 boys and girls, oldest 13/youngest 3, and they all had a great time. One 8 year old told my daughter it was absolutely the coolest party she'd ever been to. All the adults at the party kept asking, "how long did it take you to come up with all this?" I just smiled and said, "It was on the internet--I started the planning this morning." Thank you for saving my sanity. I only do a party every other year, and we like to do it up big. Thanks to you, we did!!!
MaryKaye Woods
Jackson, TN
I used the Kovert Kids hunt to vary our annual Easter celebration. The kids loved it!! They range in age from 8 to 16 and there were 10 of them. We divided them into three groups with a mix of age and gender. The sheer creativity of the group was wonderful! They came up with some new or at least different twists to the riddles we never expected and the commercials were so funny that we were crying by the time all three were done! Thank you so much for your wonderful addition to our Easter Celebration. The kids can't wait to do another hunt!
Cris and Dennis Funkhouser
Rio Linda, CA
The scavenger hunt was a large success. My daughter had a party scheduled for last Saturday, and on Friday morning some of the plans fell apart. I was searching the internet for scavenger hunt ideas when I happened upon your web site. I downloaded it, bought the few things I needed, studied it that night, and had the hunt the next day. All the girls loved it! Thanks so much for saving my party!
Debra Short
Memphis, TN
The Operation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was wonderful! I did this for a slumber party. We only had six girls, age range 6-11 and two of the girls were new to the others, so my husband and I thought it was a great ice breaker so the girls could all get to know each other. I'm not sure who had more fun here; me for putting it together and watching them have fun, or them, for having so much fun with it. I am so glad I found your web-site. I wanted to do a scavenger hunt for this party, but I had no clue how to plan it, organize it, pull it off, etc. so your packet was very informational and everything I needed to know to do this was all there for me! Thanks again!
Stephanie M Slark
Westerville OH
Thanks for the follow up. I like the overall plan, and I'm very happy with it's organization and very clever ideas. Last year we hosted a kid's mystery party, which I downloaded from another website, and I was disappointed with its disorganization and poorly designed materials. I had to significantly rework it to make it usable and fun for the kids. Your scavenger hunt is a much better product overall, which is exciting. I suppose I have high standards, and I am thrilled that the ideas are fun and silly enough that I don't really have to do any editing at all, except to personalize it for our four birthday boys! Thanks for making your product worth buying!
Rachael Kitchens
San Pedro, CA
I would like to take the time to thank you for your Pirate Game. I took a short survey from all of the kids afterward to see if anything didn't go okay or what they liked the most and they were all adamant about liking EVERYTHING. It was awesome and now I have requests from my nieces and nephews along with my own kids on how they want theirs to go. THANK YOU!
Charla Hale
Von Ormy TX


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