RE: the COVID-19 shelter in place order. First and foremost, we hope you are riding out this surreal storm, healthy and safe. Before you click off our site, please keep in mind that all our games are downloadable; no need to leave the house, no need to wait for the game to be shipped. They’ll be a great way to celebrate when this is behind us, whether you’re an adult or a kid! Use this down time to start your planning. And use Zoom video chats (or similar) for fun virtual rehearsals and planning for your murder mystery game!

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About Susan Haley, Creative Director, Game Designer

Susan Haley, Haley Productions' Creative DirectorSusan is originally from Massachusetts - where she started her company back in 1987. In 1993, she relocated to Northern California with her two very large Maine Coon cats, Sherlock and Watson. She still goes back to Cape Cod to visit her family but California has become her home, especially since May of 2001 when she married her husband Bill, a San Francisco Bay Area photographer.  From the time she was a very young girl, Susan has always loved acting and creative writing. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and has a BA in Theater Arts with a minor in Business Communications from Salem State College in Salem, Mass., "where the witches are". To Susan, there's nothing like doing a job about which you're absolutely passionate.  And that would be Haley's Games. And rescuing shelter dogs and cats. And working with Pets for Patriots.

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