RE: the COVID-19 shelter in place order. First and foremost, we hope you are riding out this surreal storm, healthy and safe. Before you click off our site, please keep in mind that all our games are downloadable; no need to leave the house, no need to wait for the game to be shipped. They’ll be a great way to celebrate when this is behind us, whether you’re an adult or a kid! Use this down time to start your planning. And use Zoom video chats (or similar) for fun virtual rehearsals and planning for your murder mystery game!

Fun Team Building Activities: Scavenger Hunts & Murder Mystery Games

Plan a team activity that will be so memorable and fun that it’ll spark the creative genius, team spirit, and sense of camaraderie and cooperation in your employees or coworkers.

Address and encourage change in your corporate culture in just a few hours with our comprehensive and fun team bonding activities that are detailed, easy to implement and include our friendly, helpful support by email.

Observe the dynamics of teamwork in a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which you can immediately reinforce the positive behaviors you want to permeate your work culture.

Exceed all expectations with our fun team games

REVIEW: "My compliments to you for the materials and development of this great team activity (murder mystery game)! It made my job very easy."  - Katie O'Donnell, Education & Training Manager, The Arc of Monroe County, Rochester, NY 

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Here are some great reasons to use one of our team building scavenger hunts or mystery games at your next corporate meeting or event:

Experience the POWER of fun! Passive presentations bore dynamic employees. Promote active learning through our fun team bonding games. Lessons are best learned when people are relaxed, happy and being sociable.

Counteract the isolating effects of the technological age. Let them rediscover why they like the person in the cubicle next to them.

Break down barriers.

Re-energize a sluggish work force.

Stimulate their imagination & intellect with playful shared experiences.

Motivate, inspire, boost morale.

Provide satisfaction in solving/completing something as a team.

Encourage friendly competition.

Improve communication skills, listening skills, problem-solving skills and performance.

Emphasize multi-tasking, goal setting and strategic thinking in a group atmosphere.

Reward and acknowledge your employees. Celebrate their achievements. Let them step out of their lives for a while and gratify the inner child who loves to play: the team that plays together stays together.

REVIEW: "I'm so impressed with your organization - from the level and detail of the information you provide, to the ease of navigating and ordering materials from your website, to the quality of your fun team activities, to your personalized follow-up."  - Kim Dutton, Illumina, San Diego, CA

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These are complete team activities that include a step by step organizer guide, the game itself, facilitator assessment form for teams (they fill out this form as they observe the teams in action), team work cheat sheet for the teams to use as a guide, team assessment questionnaire for follow up and debriefing, our teams in trouble/conflict guidelines, team warm up exercises, award certificates, great customer service and support from Susan Haley, the game creator and more! Game kits are easy to edit and customize. We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality, fun and effective team bonding game. Instant download. No waiting, no shipping and handling fees.

Testimonials & Reviews for Our Fun & Effective Team Games

We had an ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience using your team building murder mystery game, Final Cut. We got rave reviews and had people tell us they have not laughed so hard in a long time!

- Gina K. Cole RN, Ludington, MI

Your team building scavenger hunt was the best money I have spent this year. Thank you for making my life easier.

- Edward J. Emmett Jr., Director
Positive Outcomes Charter School, Camden, DE

The team building program was great and much more comprehensive than I had thought it would be. We had a wonderful event that was made much easier by having this very detailed "handbook". I was very impressed with the amount of information and the creativity that went into package. Thanks!

- Rebecca Rhoads
The Guaranty Group, Oceanside, CA

The "Operation Our Town Team Hunt" was a great success!!! I looked like a hero for coming up with the idea! The event has been talked about all the way up to our corporate office in Philadelphia. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and follow up. I don't know how I will top this!

- Tricia Bourgeois
ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services, Atlanta, GA

I'm so happy to report that we completed the Team Building Scavenger Hunt yesterday, and it was a huge success! It was exactly what I was looking for when I first found your website and called you to ask a few questions. You answered all of my questions and guided me in the right direction to the hunt that would work best for my team that I described. Your hunt set the tone for the two days of training that followed for a team that was recently integrated after an acquisition. And we are now better prepared to work together into the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Deanna Johnson, Temecula CA

Our Team had our mystery dinner (Murder at the Midnight Hour) yesterday and had an absolute blast. I can't tell you if we had more fun rehearsing or performing. It was a great team bonding activity and loads of fun.

- Phemie Wilson-Barrow, HCTC, Houston, TX

We're really impressed with the completeness and amount of detail included in the packet. You've anticipated all my questions!!

- Cylde Rector, Greenville, SC

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