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Fun Team Bonding Idea: A Scavenger Hunt

I have a great idea for your next work event or team building offsite.  Have an old-fashioned scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts for the workplace

Your teams will get out in the fresh air to take photos and find items and they’ll end the day with a fun, creative project challenge that will stir their collective imaginations.  Our hunts will spark the creative genius, team spirit, and sense of camaraderie and cooperation in your employees or coworkers.

BacheloretteHuntGirlsYogaNo technology other than a smart phone to take pictures! No computers! No stuffy function rooms!  Just a whole bunch of interactive fun.

Address and encourage change in your corporate culture in just a few hours with our comprehensive and fun team bonding activities that are detailed, easy to implement and include our friendly, helpful support by email.

Observe the dynamics of teamwork in a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which you can immediately reinforce the positive behaviors you want to permeate your work culture.

Or just have some old-fashioned fun to re-energize everyone.

Here are some great reasons to use one of our team building scavenger hunts at your next corporate meeting or event

Absolutely Amazing!!!! There is no other way to describe our team activity. It exceeded every expectation I could have had. The picture portion brought me to tears when doing the scoring, I couldn’t believe the things our teams came up with. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how much. This was truly a “Team” building exercise, watching the men (who are only usually interested in a golf outing), roar with excitement when their teams photo or unusual item was chosen and displayed for all to see. We had a dinner that evening to present awards and the winners, this is a must in bringing things to an end. We had a projector and showed the highlights of the day on screen. The room was “electric”!!!!!!!! Thank you so much the all the tools to make this day a huge success. The only problem I have is what to do for next year, the bar has been set so high, I don’t think anything could top this. Fondly, Desiree Clisura, Princeton, NJ.  

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