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A FREE Team Building Game

Operation teamwork, a FREE Team Building game by Haley Productions' Games

A creative, fun, engaging team building game with three team challenges to complete.

Challenge #1: Name Your Team and Create a Team Slogan

  • Incorporate into your slogan a made-up word using the 1st letter of each of your first names. Be sure to define that word in your slogan or tag line.
  • Your competing teams will vote on your name/slogan, 1 being the poorest score, 10 being the highest score (teams are excluded from voting for their own team).
Creative Teamwork

Challenge #2: Create a Product and Sell It

  • You will find a bag of items on your table. Your job is to create a product (real or imagined) using at least 5 these items.
  • Create a 1-minute commercial or infomercial introducing the product to the consumer (your competing teams).
  • It must also include ALL YOUR TEAM MEMBERS and at least one interesting piece of information about each of your teammates that you discover when completing the quiz below.
  • Think outside the box!!!!! CREATIVITY COUNTS! How well will you entertain and persuade?
  • Your competing teams will vote on your presentation, 1 being the poorest score, 10 being the highest score (teams are excluded from voting for their own team).
The Quiz:  How well do you know your teammates? (Take notes in the provided notebook.)
  • Pretend you’re all stranded on a deserted island. Your survival depends on each other. What strengths would you each bring to the table?
  • If each of you could only bring one non-survival item with you to the island, what would it be?
  • If you were stranded on an island for 39 days, what or who would each of you miss the most?
  • What do you each consider your greatest achievement thus far in your life?
Teamwork High 5

Challenge #3: The Big Picture

Facilitator instructions: 

  • Decide on a theme or an idea: Create a collaborative work of art by creatively spelling out your company name or slogan for example.
  • Assign each team a piece of the overall design of this bigger picture. For example, Team One creates an artistic design incorporating the words, “You Deserve”, Team 2 creates a piece of art with the words, “A break”, Team 3 incorporates the word, “today” into their design.


Team instructions:

  • Assign two of your team members to approach other teams to find out their color scheme and what section of the work of art that is assigned to them. The goal is to work together to make sure their colors and design coordinate.
  • All team members should participate in creating their section of the big picture.

Supply List for Our FREE Team Building Game

  • Notebook and pen to each team for planning
  • Scoring cards for all teams for presentation judging. Using card stock or index cards, make one set (#1-10) for each team.
  • Create a product items (feel free to change, delete or add to this list). You’ll find all sorts of fun items at your local Dollar store, Target, etc.
    • Baggie for items
    • Cotton balls
    • Marshmallows or small pieces of candy
    • A 12-in. (or so) piece of string
    • Paper clips
    • Toothpicks
    • Playdough or clay
    • Straws or popsicle sticks (craft sticks)
    • A tea bag
    • A coffee filter
    • A few sheets of colored construction paper
    • Crayons (a small box of 8 colors is fine)
    • Scissors (cheap children’s scissors will work)
    • A glue stick
    • Dowels
    • Washers
    • Elastics
    • Toy soldiers
    • Mini toy cars
    • Children’s party favors
  • The Big Picture supplies
    • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
    • Poster board (1 piece per team)
    • Glitter
    • Glue
    • Construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Tape or tacks to create the big picture wall of art
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