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Teen Reviews for Our Scavenger Hunt Games

Susan, what a GREAT experience. I have long been a fan of scavenger hunts (since my teenager years) but haven't done one in so long. Our son's 16th birthday was on New Year's Eve and he wanted a party. These days it is so hard to entertain teenagers -- and to keep them out of trouble at the same time. Also, with so much hoopla around birthday parties it's hard to come up with something original that doesn't involve hiring someone or renting out a party facility. Your product saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had planned to do a scavenger hunt but waited until 3 days before his party to pull it all together. So just 48 hours before 16 sixteen year olds were to show up at my house, I was in a panic. Until, of course, I found you on the Internet. Your Our Town hunt was perfect. It was easy to modify, thorough in every aspect, and was the only reason our son's 16th birthday party was a success. The kids loved it -- and declared that we should have an annual scavenger hunt for Mack's birthday. Thank you so much == and kudos to you for offering such a creative service, a quality product, and great service. Best wishes in your business. I'm spreading the word all over Atlanta! And I'll stand by my word: I got more than my money's worth!
Karen Sherman
Atlanta, GA.
I just returned from a camping trip with 20 13 year-olds who participated in the When Nature Calls scavenger hunt. What a blast! I was blown away with their creativity. The kids all had a good time, and it sucked up 2.5 hours of time. I just wish that more parents could have seen what the kids could come up with. I will definitely recommend your website to anyone who's throwing a party.
Cynthia Koftinoff
Castlegar BC
That is very kind of you to check in with me. Your Our Town hunt was a total hit! The girls thought this was the best part of the night! Thank you for putting together something that was so well thought out and good, clean fun for kids! I'm so appreciative of your creativity and ability to put together these activities. You have a great gift.
Kari Tuttle
I ordered your Las Vegas scavenger hunt to assist me with planning a birthday party for my 16 year old daughter. She desperately wanted to go to Vegas and I was at a loss on what to do for their entertainment since they could not get into clubs at their age. They had an absolute ball on the scavenger hunt. Thank you for your fun ideas! I could tell you were very up-to-date on the latest Vegas sites and it saved me so much time putting this all together!
Terry Aulds
Plano, TX
Susan, We used Operation Our Town for a 16th birthday party for my twin daughters. Everyone had a blast. It also taught many of them teamwork as well as how to think out of the box. Our pictures were hilarious and the commercial presentations brought all of the adults to tears. We had never laughed so hard! Thanks for all the fun ideas. The scavenger hunt was the big talk at the high school today. This birthday will definitely be a memorable one.
Tammee Sallee
Morris, IL
We played the nature scavenger hunt game for my son's 13th birthday party with 10 kids this past weekend. We did it at a camp site and it was a humongous hit. All the strangers they enlisted to help were very eager and excited to help them out. So much so that it almost became competitive for them as well to cheer on "their" team. I love the picture challenges because now we have an even more interesting way of documenting everything the kids did. Great idea and I will certainly try it again in the future. It was easy to follow and easy to adapt to our "Canadian Provincial Park" as opposed to an American State Park. It was well worth the investment.
Karen Liptrap
Oakville Ontario
The Operation City Slickers scavenger hunt was a hit. It helped the kids to develop relationships with each other and the new leaders. I have never seen so much creativity and ingenuity. It was amazing. Thank you so much for this product.
Adrienne Dickey
Contractor & Regional Coordinator, National Guard Child and Youth Program, Alexandria, VA
Susan, thank you so much for all your help. I was feeling overwhelmed because I had never taken part in a scavenger hunt much less put one together. Once I received my order I knew I had nothing to fear. Everything was done for me! Right down to the name tags and award certificates. Just when I thought I had hit a snag, you included alternate challenges that worked better for us. Customizing the hunt to suit our situation, time constraints, and limited space was a snap. The hardest thing I had to do was make sure the location hints weren't too hard or too easy. I decided to include the Boy Scouts with the Cub Scouts so the ages of the boys ranged from 8-17 and there were also two parents that took part. It was great because the teenage boys, who would normally have been too cool to "play," had a great time being silly. They had as much fun if not more than the younger boys. I really made them ham it up when they were bribing me and the facilitators got some really funny pictures. I even got a parent to do a booty dance for me! The pictures were awesome! What a great idea to have them take their own remembrance pictures as part of the hunt! Everyone, including me and the other facilitators, had a blast! I will most definitely be revisiting your site in the near future as I've already had a couple of requests to do an outdoor scavenger hunt. I'd also like to try out a Murder Mystery some time as well. Again, thanks for all your help!
Candice Robertson
Calhoun GA
The Our Town Hunt was an absolute hit from beginning to end! I used it for a 17th birthday party and it's something that none of the kids had ever done before. It's something I have never done before. We live in a small town in Australia where most parties are alcohol binges. These kids had such a great time, the towns people were supportive (I added in a few things) and we didn't have any trouble. They were all polite and sensible. As they were running around the two main streets of our town, they were all saying that this was the best time ever. We had a superhero/villain theme and they certainly were a sight as they ran from one place to the other. We had two adults per team, and we were exhausted from running around. Thanks for the great game and thanks for the follow up! I will certainly be doing your Scavenger Hunts again! I'm looking forward to our next party!!
Ingrid Puxty
Mudgee, Australia
I am so glad that I found your scavenger hunt on the Internet! My friend and I had a combined birthday party for our boys and it turned out to be the "most fun party ever", as many of their friends said! Many parents commented on how much fun their child had and the boys have been getting texts saying the same. We had very enthusiastic parents volunteer to be drivers. There were 8 packed SUVs.... 55 kids in all for the hunt! We loved the kids' creativity! While the party continued at the lake, my husband uploaded all of the pictures from the scavenger hunt. The slide show was played at the end of the party....while parents were arriving to pick up their kids. They loved it! The time that you saved us in developing a scavenger hunt was wonderful! The instructions were very thorough, the hunt very organized, and the score sheet very helpful! Thank you so much for helping to make this party special for our boys!
Camie Evans and Lori Ogle
Tyler, Texas
We had a blast! I never saw that many teen girls in the same place with no "drama". They all had a great time. My daughter's birthday party will be the talk of the school for the next month! Thank you for such an organized and well developed package. I gave your web site to two of the mothers.
Kelly Stephenson
Sanford, NC
Whoooooo hooooo! That's organizer-speak for spending hours modifying challenges, shopping, and then having a 15-year old voluntarily tell you, "Thanks for doing the hunt, we had a lot of fun and we hope you do it again next year"! It would not have been possible without your kit. Every 4th of July we have a nonprofit "Croaker Festival". I organize the kid's portion of it. The hunt was a fun, challenging and educational event for these kids. I had 2 teams of 6 kids each. I also had 2 facilitators and 2 judges and they were much impressed. The facilitators had as much fun as the kids. This is an awfully long message, but I'm still glowing from the success of this. My husband's eyes glaze over when I talk to him about it but I figure you'll be a more appreciative audience.
Michelle Noevere
Oriental, NC
Picture 15 fifteen year olds on the loose. It took them two hours to do the Operation Our Town scavenger hunt game and then they came back to the house and prepared a presentation. I never laughed so hard. They actually got all the challenges, though some were creatively altered. I think the biggest thrill for one team was the welcoming they got at the car dealership-they took the top down on a 2004 corvette and sat in it while the dealers circled them. It was a great experience for all, and I thank you for all your input. I would not have known where to start without your package.
Kathy Boehmer
Etobicoke, Ontario
We used your Operation Time Flies scavenger hunt for my son's 13th birthday party and it was a huge hit! I love it! I particularly enjoyed having the Word document so that I could adapt it to my specific needs. You have a great product.
Stacey McKay
La Mesa CA
Dear Susan, On behalf of Pinewood School, the sophomore class, and all the chaperones who participated in the scavenger hunt, I would like to thank you for making the day enjoyable and fun for all who were involved. The students were enthusiastic about the hunt and took away skills that can be applied to the classroom and their future. I observed students who might otherwise be quiet, stepping into leadership positions. I watched teams who struggled with their missions in the beginning work together as a group to collect items and decipher clues. I saw community building, teamwork, and enthusiasm all around! These class trips are such opportunities for our students to be adventuresome, creative, and learn great life skills. I appreciate the time you put into making it such a productive and exciting day. It also serves as a great way for teachers and administrators to work with the students outside of the classroom; I know all chaperones had a wonderful time as well. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Molly Shultz
Pinewood School High School Activities Director, Los Altos Hills, CA
We held the When Nature Calls scavenger hunt this past weekend with two teams of five 12 and 13-year olds. They had an absolute blast and the pictures they took were hilarious! They had their facilitators drive them to many more locations than we could have ever imagined (we had thought they would have stuck close to the park area... WRONG!!!). I've shown the resulting team photos to some friends and coworkers, and they were all thoroughly impressed and thought it was one of the coolest ideas they've even seen! Thanks for helping make our son's 13th birthday part so memorable!
Tiffani Stewart
Madison, WI
My daughter did the Operation Our Town scavenger hunt for her 12th B-day and the kids had a blast. I customized it to better suit their age group and our community so thank you so much for providing an editable document! I added a section for a "treasurer" and provided them with $10.00 and a list of items to purchase (i.e.. a drink along the way, a bag of chips an so on). They had to bring back the receipts and correct change as part of the challenge. For the pictures we used digital camera's and limited the number of shots for each challenge to two attempts as I didn't want to have to sift through a 100 pictures. I printed the pictures when the returned back home. Thanks for following up.... I would truly recommend this.
Pam Andress
London Ontario
We had the Operation When Nature Calls hunt this weekend at our Boy Scout camp out. The age range was 6-10 year old boys, who can be difficult (at best!) to keep entertained. I modified it like crazy - I made is considerably shorter as we only had an hour for the entire thing and it was sandwiched between a bunch of other activities. At the start, people weren't into it as they were a little burned out by the other activities, but it was the perfect energizer. People had a blast! Several people told me it was the funniest activity that weekend. I really only used your hunt as a template but it was incredibly helpful.
Kana Brinckerhoff
Maplewood, NJ
Our Middle School Youth Group had a blast with your Operation City Slickers scavenger hunt. And you saved me a ton of time! I've been in youth ministry forever and have done a lot of different scavenger hunts. What I liked about yours was the combination of things you put together. I adjusted a few things for their age, but mostly I used it exactly as you had it. Thanks for great service and a great product!
Jana Thompson
Youth Ministries Coordinator, First United Methodist Church, Van Wert, OH
The Our Town scavenger hunt was a complete success. The kids really enjoyed it, and I was very impressed with how organized your downloaded kit was. If I'd given myself and extra day, I would have done some very cute things with it. As it worked out, I downloaded, adapted and started the hunt all within about 6 hours! We're making a little photo album for each of the participants, as a party favor. Thanks for checking back, too. Very good service.
Linda Stich
Alamo, CA
We had the scavenger hunt party for 14 to 15 year olds. They had so much fun and said it was one of the best parties they had been to! Your nature scavenger hunt was great and easy to use. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will be checking your site out for my next party and will recommend it everyone I know.
Patti Turner
Lakeside CA
Doing a Halloween scavenger hunt was a last minute decision made to occupy a bunch of teens at our Halloween party, and your instructions were unbelievably helpful! I couldn't believe it was so quick and easy to get all the info we needed. We will definitely recommend your site and may try a murder mystery one of these days.
Pamela Fitzpatrick
Sayville, NY
It went great! We did one of your scavenger hunts last year for my daughter's party, and we did City Slickers this year with my son's 13th birthday. You do a wonderful job making everything so easy! Thanks for a wonderful party. I will recommend your website to anyone. I am a teacher, and am in contact with lots of people, so you might get more business from me! Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Karin Braun
Fertile, MN
Wow! Impressive customer service! I was already delighted with the easy to use on-line purchasing experience and simple to follow instructions! This note really tops off the experience. We're using your kit for a 12 year old girls hockey team bonding experience. As the result of the age and schedule constraint I modified your kit to fit my restrictions. Truly, it was the best money I've spent in a long time. Having the pre-made templates that I just edited to suit my needs allowed me to create a tailor made scavenger hunt in a fraction of the amount of time if I started from scratch.
Lila Kee
Newton MA
Thanks for putting your creativity and organizational skills together into such a helpful product for busy parents - and for doing it in such an impressive manner! It is certainly appreciated! And thanks so much for the follow up - so far I am very impressed with the product and the customer service! And, in a day and age when customer service is so very lacking, that is a welcome and refreshing change.
Linda Weyandt
Tallmadge OH


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