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Corporate Team Building Hunt Reviews

Read reviews for our corporate team building scavenger hunts then do one with your team!

Absolutely Amazing!!!! There is no other way to describe our team activity. It exceeded every expectation I could have had. The picture portion brought me to tears when doing the scoring, I couldn't believe the things our teams came up with. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how much. This was truly a "Team" building exercise, watching the men (who are only usually interested in a golf outing), roar with excitement when their teams photo or unusual item was chosen and displayed for all to see. We had a dinner that evening to present awards and the winners, this is a must in bringing things to an end. We had a projector and showed the highlights of the day on screen. The room was "electric"!!!!!!!! Thank you so much the all the tools to make this day a huge success. The only problem I have is what to do for next year, the bar has been set so high, I don't think anything could top this.
Desiree Clisura
Princeton, NJ
"THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SCAVENGER HUNT MATERIALS! My boss and all the hunt participants were THRILLED with the entire thing - start to finish! We had the best time! I am so lucky to have played a part in bringing them a fresh, unique way of interacting with each other! I have and will recommend this to everyone I know!"
Aubrey Jones
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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We had our department outing and used your Operation When Nature Calls scavenger hunt. I got really great feedback afterward. Everyone agreed it is much more fun to go to an outing like this with some specific activities and things to do rather than just show up and socialize. Lots of kudos to you for thinking this up. Even the people who thought it was a "fluff" event they would be wasting their time going to (as in we should be working rather than playing) got it afterward and understood that it is work to get a group of 75 people organized to do things together and work together so that when they have to work together in the daily work, there's some camaraderie and good feelings which fuel cooperation and better communication. Again, really well done on your part. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but figured spending a small amount of money on a downloaded, canned event was way better than spending months planning and dry running something we came up with (which we did a couple years ago in another department, we did a "road rally" kind of thing in canoes -- LOTS of work, lots of complaints afterward that it was too hard, etc.).
Cindy Parsons
General Motors, Rochester Hills, MI
You offer a fabulous tool and creative spirit that is invaluable!
Monica Russo
MHA, Director of Operations, PracticePartners, Portland, ME
Just to let you know the scavenger hunt was very successful. The participation was phenomenal! I was amazed at how resourceful people were from getting the YMCA construction workers along with getting a police officer to pose with a team member. My favorite was the team that took a picture of themselves and put in on the phone to have them all "in" the phone booth!!! Your package was great as starting from scratch would have taken forever. The small investment was well worth it. Thanks, I love your product!!
Donna M. Tom
Hewlett-Packard Company, San Jose, CA
Thanks for your excellent customer service. I am impressed with your availability at the time of purchase as well as the follow-up about a week later. Fortunately, the directions for use of all the documents provided was thorough and I did not encounter anything that was not clear. Using the "When Nature Calls" scavenger hunt was easy and even better, easily adaptable for my needs. Having a very short period of time to prepare an activity for a company retreat, I truly appreciate how well organized your hunt is and the many alternative designs that are built in. I was able to quickly adapt the nature hunt to a shorter time limit and to the public park that we were using. More important than my satisfaction with the program design and ease of use, my staff totally enjoyed the challenges and the final presentation. This was a fun, educational and bonding experience that they are still talking about. Thank you for creating your product and for providing such good support service. I am sure that I will be back for additional hunt material in the future. Feel free to use all or part of my comments as a testimonial. Your future customers will not be disappointed.
Keith L. Honeywell
Executive Director, BELL - Building Educated Leaders for Life, Ossining NY
We held the hunt yesterday afternoon and it couldn't have been better. We had six teams doing some crazy stuff and having a great time. The interaction between the members was fun to watch and they really came together to work out problems/situations and help out one another. The level of creativity was beyond what I ever expected. Thanks so much for your assistance and guidance with the event. I didn't have much time and what you proposed was perfect. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and look to you for our own upcoming events.
William P. Loving
Regional Manager, Molnlycke Health Care.
We had an absolute blast with your your "Our Town Scavenger Hunt". We learned a lot about each other and had such a fun and memorable time in the process. I'm glad I found your service online. Several other companies were charging thousands of dollars to come out and organize and staff a scavenger hunt. Personally, I think yours was just as good if not better, and certainly less costly. Thanks again.
Carrie B. Price
Senior Professional Sales Representative, GlaxoSmithKline, Westminster CA
Just a quick note to let you know how successful our scavenger hunt was and what an asset your plan was. I'm happy to say it was more successful and fun than any of us had anticipated. Worth the price to download the info! Thank you for providing such useful information, ideas, suggestions and such wonderful guidance! I definitely will remember you for any future team activity needs.
Sue McClaflin
Wakeman, OH
The hunt was a big success and everyone had a good time. It's a great way to get to know each other and promote teamwork. We are in Shanghai, China, and this activity was totally new to the participants. They had no idea what to expect. Thanks for offering this. I was so happy to get a "do it yourself kit", instead of having to create a hunt of my own, or pay hundreds of dollars for a consultant (which was not an option!).
Mary Milan
Ericsson Corporation, Shanghai, China
What a great experience. My staff participated in the hunt and absolutely loved it. We have never laughed harder and it sure did help our team "bond." Interestingly enough, several people had to work together that have had difficulty in the past and would you believe, they had a great time together!!!! Thanks a million - I will definitely recommend you hunts to the other managers I work with!!
Shannon Burroughs Campbell
Portland, OR
I wanted to let you know how our team hunt challenge went. I work at a public school and was in charge of a team building activity during our annual retreat. I got at least 5 phone calls today from people just to say thank you. One person even told me that her face was sore from laughing and smiling. Everyone had a wonderful time. It was the perfect activity to end the evening. I also wanted to tell you how simple it was to edit the actual hunt to match our program. Everything tied together perfectly. Thanks again for a great time!
Kim Hansen
Grand Rapids, MI
This is the only time that we heard comments like, "I was actually challenged by this hunt." Most of the time they think this kind of stuff is a waste of time. It turned out really well.
Lee Ann Moorman
Names and Numbers, Pittsburg, KS
My team and I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. It was a great experience for my group, and we found such value in the discussion at the end of the activity. We learned a lot about each other, how we can function more effectively as a team, and about our individual leadership skills and styles. I have recommended it to other business partners as well. Thank you.
Mickey Nole
Las Vegas, NV
Wow! An email from the owner. Now that's customer service! My initial thoughts about the materials are that they are very thorough and provide more than enough information to run a high-quality team building exercise. This package will save me a lot of time in the planning stages and will allow me to focus more on the meeting itself. I am confident the exercise will go over very well with the team and I'm very excited for that day! Thanks
Megan Smalley
Campbell's Away From Home, Haverton, PA
We had tremendous success with your product. Our staff gave glowing reviews of the hunt and team building activities. Many people stopped me to tell me it was the best activity we had ever had at any of our retreats. I was able to manipulate the hunt and tailor it to the location and to our company very easily. The download was smooth and the directions were complete, accurate and simple to use. I was very pleased with literally every aspect of your product. Just an FYI on some of the things that worked well for our group: I changed one of the projects to have each of the teams create and recite a love poem dedicated to our vice president (the hit of the day as the hidden Shakespeare appeared in several people), I also gave each team three pages of newsprint with instructions to build a paper airplane using all three sheets. We then had a "fly-off" in which each team flew their plane off the top of a small hill - the winner was the team whose plane went the farthest distance. The resort had two golf courses so teams had to find logo golf balls for their collections and the most unusual collections included a TV set (loaned by hotel maintenance) and the top hat of the head bellhop (also loaned). I will certainly keep your company in mind as I do planning for training workshops and future retreats - based on these results you do great work. Thank you!
Dr. Corby A. Myers
Ed.D., Director, Professional Development and Performance Improvement, Cornell Companies Eastern Region, South Mountain, PA
I wanted you to know that the team building scavenger hunt game was a huge hit. Everyone agreed that it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with fellow employees - especially when you're "working". All the feedback from our evaluation form was very good and everyone found it extremely motivational and energizing.
Teresa Roche
Event Planner, Scansource, Greenville, SC.
We held the team building scavenger hunt and it was great!! We had a sales kick-off meeting in one of out markets we are getting ready to work and it was a great way to have our reps explore the community and work with people they don't always get to work with. The pictures turned out awesome and everyone had a blast. This was by far one of the best team building activities our office has done!
Nicole Grooms
Columbus OH
Susan you made my day. I could only praise God when I found your website. I'm using your team building hunt for my management & marketing class mid-term. The students are having a lot of fun and are putting into practice the very components of their textbook. Your facilitators' guide was straight forward and I had no problems. I see about 90 students a week and they are all running around the campus with their balloon animals (some have put baby clothes on their mascot). For the challenges, I used the same concepts, but placed our campus in your challenges. Students have been emailing me about this experience it is awesome. This campus has not been so alive! I've even had to stop students from the hunt and make them go to their other classes which are giving mid-terms as well. The only thing my students are complaining about with this mid-term is the fact they are learning about themselves, behavioral issues that they need to address, how quick they dislike dynamics of change. I am also using your assessment tools the teamwork assessment & the grading criteria. Students have been required to keep their animals & bags with them at all times. Students from other classes can steal their bags if it is unattended. Every team has play money, so they are using their critical thinking skills, team building, decision-making, implementing strategic & tactical planning. It has really been great. Thank you very much for making this easy for me. Bowie State University is a Historical Black College with a lot of history and now my students know all about their campus. Thanks again!
Dr. Petrina Shatteen
Bowie State University, Ft. Washington, MD
My accounting firm had a BLAST doing your team-building Our Town Hunt as our tax-season "kick-off" last January. To see a bunch of accountants running through a mall and taking photos of their teams acting silly was really cute...and we kept our collections books on display during tax season to lift us up when we were overworked, tired, and in bad moods – the books never failed to evoke laughter!
Lisa Haffer
Cincinnati, OH
We did the nature team building hunt last week and it was everything I wanted and more. My team had an amazing day. Thanks so much!!!!
Terri Pukanich
Slave Lake Dental Clinic, Slave Lake Alberta
I used your When Nature Calls Team Building Scavenger Hunt for our company retreat. Every year the staff comments on how boring the retreat is. This year, they all had a blast!! Everything in your packet was laid out perfectly, making it so easy for me to organize the event. The staff really worked together and were very enthusiastic during the hunt. And very creative too! Thanks,
Sara Lattanzia
Millersville MD.
Our team building scavenger hunt was a rip-roaring success!
Bridget Leenstra
Novazyme Pharmaceuticals, Oklahoma City, OK
I just wanted to let you know that Our Town Team building Scavenger Hunt was a complete success. While we were met with a little hesitation and feelings of "this couldn't be accomplished" it was soon realized that you can accomplish anything when a team works together (and have a lot of fun doing it, I might add). We had comments like "I don't know when I have had so much fun". To see how creative some of these teams could be was beyond anything we ever imagined. We took Office Managers, the Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer and all were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done (we have pictures to prove it). I can't compliment you enough on your product and the ease of customizing it to our needs. I will certainly keep some of your other products in mind for our next meeting. Again, my thanks in making the employees that were in charge of this part of our seminar look REAL GOOD!
Kathy Anderson
Allergy Partners, Asheville, NC
The team building program was great and much more comprehensive than I had thought it would be. We had a wonderful team event that was made much easier by having this very detailed "handbook". I was very impressed with the amount of information and the creativity that went into package. Thanks for your great team building ideas!
Rebecca Rhoads
The Guaranty Group, Oceanside, CA.
Hi Susan, thanks for the follow up message, how surprising 🙂 Just got back from our Board of Directors retreat where we did the hunt and it was GREAT! It was my first time facilitating a team building event and I was a little nervous, but it went really well. I got a little hesitation from the group at first, but once they got into it, they were hilarious. It was fun to see the different characteristics of each individual surface. They added their own spin to things and impressed me beyond words. Great product!!!
Kim O'Shea
Executive Director, Affordable Housing Management Association, Denver, CO
The "Operation Our Town Team Hunt" was a great success!!! Our group is made up of mostly men and I was very surprised to see how serious they took this event. They had lots of fun, met new people and best of all I looked like a hero for coming up with the idea! The event has been talked about all the way up to our corporate office in Philadelphia. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and follow up. I don't know how I will top this but if you have any ideas please let me know.
Tricia Bourgeois
ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services, Atlanta, GA
The Operation Our Town team building scavenger hunt was great! The management team loved it. The pictures, collection, items, and the commercial were a lot of fun and an excellent way to incorporate team skills and values. I have let the word out to our corporate affiliates of the success and fun we had. The set-up time was not too bad with the thorough details and outline within the instructions for the hunt.
Lael Hepworth
Administrator, South Salem Rehab & Specialty Care
Susan, we had our team hunt yesterday and it went very well. Each person felt that they had some significant take away. Many of our participants said they learned something new about one of their team members and the "bed time stories" were so funny that we all laughed until we cried. Thanks for the great hunt!
Todd Gabel
Sunrise Senior Living, Dayton, OH
We did the "Our Town Scavenger Hunt" and it was a GREAT success. The teams were very enthusiastic throughout the hunt, and the results were both efficient and hilarious. It was a wonderful experience for them and I can see it created plenty of lasting memories for the company, as well as new acquaintances within the group. The photos will be great souvenirs, some extra pictures are being made into an office collage, and it was a really good way to start off this intensive planning session. So thank you very much! It was a very worthwhile team building activity and helped to model the type of teamwork we are looking for in the company.
Kensey Davis
Trilegiant, Norwalk, CT
I used your hunt for a team building activity for my sales and marketing team. I can't tell you how much easier it was to put together once I downloaded your hunt. The format was great and so easy to use. I had already put together some clues of my own but it was nice to have extras. It would not have been the same had I not used your hunt clues and format. The event was a smash hit. Everyone had a great time and the pictures will be a great memento. The people who attended the event said that it will be hard to top this one for next years event.
Melissa Kerr
Sales Manager, CareCredit, Anaheim, CA
I'm so impressed with your organization - from the level and detail of the information you provide, to the ease of navigating and ordering materials from your website, to the quality of your fun team activities, to your personalized follow-up.
Kim Dutton
Illumina, San Diego, CA
I was looking for a team building hunt for an extended period of time. I found many facilitators that operated out of large cities. These planned hunt quotes ranged from $2,500 up to $5,600. This was entirely out of my price range. I was planning to come up with my own hunt for our city. Operation City Slickers has saved me tons of time. I have really customized the hunt to meet the needs of my group; but your guide was the best money I have spent this year. Thank you for making my life easier. One of the things that I added to the hunt was that during the hunt the group is required to brainstorm 5 of our school's barriers to success. They also are responsible for proposing a solution to the barrier.
Edward J. Emmett Jr.
Director, Positive Outcomes Charter School, Camden, DE
I received so many compliments on the organization & creativity of the project & I have you to thank!! Everyone had so much fun and there were many laughs! I'm very glad that I purchased your product! Thank you!
Julie T. Morristown
Thank you for the inquiry. We held our team building scavenger hunt event and it went perfect. I can't tell you enough of how impressed I was with the material provided and the level of detail. It made it very easy to facilitate and manage. I have a staff of 20 systems testers, and they all really got into the event and enjoyed themselves. That was the best money I could have spent on a team building retreat. Thank you for everything.
Manny Licata
Irmo SC
We had our Administrative Scavenger Hunt yesterday and everyone had a blast!!! We had a lot of laughs and everybody enjoyed themselves immensely. As they say "a picture is worth 1,000 words" . . . And that was evident in the outcome of the scavenger hunt yesterday. Some of our management members participated as Captains, etc. and it was hysterical to see them dress appropriately doing a hula dances, wearing the glasses with the nose, eyebrows and mustache and really letting loose. We also have a couple ladies who work in our office who are 65+ and they enjoyed doing "something they unanimously considered fun" like sliding down a slide and swinging on a swing. The people in downtown Walpole, Massachusetts will never be the same; fire department, the local post office, the travel agency, the construction workers, the MBTA employees and the restaurant where we had lunch! We even brought the construction workers Coffee Coolata's from Dunkin Donuts to thank them for their willingness to have fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a kit that allowed us to not only have our employees work together as teams but also the fun we had on a beautiful sunny day!
Wendy J. Silvia
Vice President, Woodland Partners, LLC, Walpole, MA
We had our Our Town team building scavenger hunt and it was a GREAT BIG success! I've been planning staff retreat type days for 7-8 years, and this easily had the most positive feedback. As many have clients have indicated on your website, it was easy to tweak your documents to add our own challenges or remove bits that didn't quite work for us. Nice idea > One example I'll pass along is how we replaced the bribing portion of the hunt with mini-challenges. If teams wanted to get assistance of any kind from the facilitator, they had 5 opportunities to complete a mini-challenge. If successful, they got the assistance. If they "chickened-out" or unsuccessful, they could use another of their 5 opportunities, but no team member could attempt more than one of these challenges. In summary, it took a lot of time to plan....but well worth our planning committee's time!
Stéphane Daniel
HR Manager, Triangle United Way, Morrisville, NC
You are brilliant! The detailed information you provided in your Operation City Slickers team building scavenger hunt has given me just about everything I need to hold this session. We are so excited.
Laura Friday
AVP, Learning and Development, Tempe, AZ.
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we used the ‘When Nature Calls' Team Building Scavenger Hunt at an office workshop a couple of days ago and it was a huge success! It was a great team building activity as well as being a blast. The stories behind the photo challenges provided us with a lot of laughter after the hunt. Thanks so much for a great product with easy to follow instructions.
Shannon Lessard
North Battleford Saskatchewan
I am a Positive Behavior Specialist. I used your team building scavenger hunt as part of a two day agenda to meld our staff. I must say, we had a GREAT time. All the teams brought back amazing pictures and we got to have fun with each other. We are no longer coworkers, we are friends and family. Awesome! I will definitely be using more of your stuff. Your team activity is well organized. I changed a few things to make it specific to Austin but other than that - perfect!
Tina Stogdill
Austin, TX.
My team thoroughly enjoyed the Our Town scavenger hunt. They said it was the best team building activity they had ever participated in…matter of fact, they said it was the best day of work they ever had! Thank you for making things so easy. It was well worth the $25.00!!!!
Kerri Fernandez
Spring TX
I'm so happy to report that we completed the Team Building Scavenger Hunt yesterday, and it was a huge success! It was exactly what I was looking for when I first found your website and called you to ask a few questions. You answered all of my questions and guided me in the right direction to the hunt that would work best for my team that I described. Your hunt set the tone for the two days of training that followed for a team that was recently integrated after an acquisition. And we are now better prepared to work together into the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Deanna Johnson
Temecula CA


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