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Game of the Day: Operation Our Town Scavenger Hunt Game

Check out our super fun outdoor scavenger hunt game for teens and adults

With photo challenges, items to find and team projects

Corporate team building version of the scavenger hunt is also available.

It's time to get out and play no matter what age you are! 

"Susan, Operation Our Town scavenger hunt was a HUGE success at my family reunion!! We ALL - everyone - had a great time. The interaction was exactly what was needed. You learn a lot about people through such activities. I can't wait to try another one of your hunts. By the way I liked to read what others thought about the product before buying and I love that you communicate with your audience - it adds such a personal touch! Wonderful!"
Scavenger Hunt Team
Andrea Johnson
  • This is an outdoor walking or driving scavenger hunt suitable for any area with shops and businesses (including malls). *This scavenger hunt will work in both large and small communities.
  • Teams will embark on a super fun scavenger hunt, taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing a creative team project. All the challenges are worth valuable points and there are some bonus point challenges as well. 
  • At the conclusion of the hunt, the teams will prepare an optional final presentation while you “grade” their challenge sheets to find the winners based on point total (award certificates are included with this hunt). 
  • THE WINNING TEAM will have had the most fun as a team while collecting the most points.
"Absolutely Amazing!!!! There is no other way to describe our team scavenger hunt activity. It exceeded every expectation I could have had. The picture portion brought me to tears when doing the scoring, I couldn't believe the things our teams came up with. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how much. This was truly a 'team" building exercise, watching the men (who are only usually interested in a golf outing), roar with excitement when their teams photo or unusual item was chosen and displayed for all to see. We had a dinner that evening to present awards and the winners, this is a must in bringing things to an end. We had a projector and showed the highlights of the day on screen. The room was "electric"!!!!!!!! Thank you so much the all the tools to make this day a huge success. The only problem I have is what to do for next year, the bar has been set so high, I don't think anything could top this."
Creative Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Photo
Desiree Clisura
Princeton, NJ

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