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Teens, ‘Text Neck’ & Scavenger Hunts

I read with great interest this article in the Chicago Tribune, Teens showing signs of ‘text neck’.

It says, in part:

Think your kid’s posture is starting to suffer from always looking down at a cellphone?

It is, according to a national chain of physical therapy clinics, which reports that more teens than ever are complaining of “text neck,” or back and neck pain that can only be explained by the strain on the body caused by constant viewing of hand-held technology.

“We have teens experiencing the same shoulder, neck and back pain usually felt by people 30 years older,” said Megan Randich, a physical therapist and facility manager for Athletico in Westchester. “They shouldn’t be experiencing those issues.”


Randich added that another way for teens to combat text neck: Get outside and be active.

“Before this generation, there was so much more outdoor free play,” she said. “Activities used to counter any poor posture or positioning. They’re no longer doing that.”

Made me think of our scavenger hunts as a perfect solution to text neck.

Our tag line appropriately enough is, “Get Out and Play!”  Hmmmm, I like this solution.  Don’t you?

Get out and play - Haley's Scavenger Hunt Games

Order and download an outdoor scavenger hunt, help your kids. Help cure text-neck.

We love this testimonial for our scavenger hunts and think you will too:

Susan, what a GREAT experience. I have long been a fan of scavenger hunts (since my teenager years) but haven’t done one in so long. Our son’s 16th birthday was on New Year’s Eve and he wanted a party. These days it is so hard to entertain teenagers — and to keep them out of trouble at the same time. Also, with so much hoopla around birthday parties it’s hard to come up with something original that doesn’t involve hiring someone or renting out a party facility. Your product saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had planned to do a scavenger hunt but waited until 3 days before his party to pull it all together. So just 48 hours before 16 sixteen year olds were to show up at my house, I was in a panic. Until, of course, I found you on the Internet. Your Our Town hunt was perfect. It was easy to modify, thorough in every aspect, and was the only reason our son’s 16th birthday party was a success. The kids loved it — and declared that we should have an annual scavenger hunt for Mack’s birthday. Thank you so much == and kudos to you for offering such a creative service, a quality product, and great service. Best wishes in your business. I’m spreading the word all over Atlanta! And I’ll stand by my word: I got more than my money’s worth! Karen Sherman, Atlanta, GA.  Read more teen scavenger hunt reviews here.

Read the full Chicago Tribune article here.

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