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Do-It-Yourself Scavenger Hunts = Memorable Parties

Do-It-Yourself Scavenger Hunts by Haley’s Games Make It Fast and Easy to Plan A Memorable Party or Event – Try One Today

Event planners, businesses, fund-raising organizations and individuals organizing family festivities have discovered a creative, time saving alternative to designing their own scavenger hunts. They use our do-it-yourself downloadable scavenger hunts.

We offer several complete outdoor scavenger hunts to choose from, all of which are ready to download to use as is or they can easily be customized – something Julie McGehee of Norman, Oklahoma truly appreciated.

“Being able to customize the scavenger hunt by simply editing the Word Document was priceless. Thank you! “

Dawn Cambell of Bear, Delaware decided to use one of Haley’s scavenger hunts as an icebreaker for her bridal party – none of whom knew each other very well. Here’s what she had to say about Operation: Our Town scavenger hunt:

“The hunt was great and I would do it again in a minute. I think the packaging, payment process, rules, collection items, etc. were just great. I know that we will be talking about this for years to come. Thanks for taking all the planning out of the equation and providing everything in a neat package. YAHOO to Haley Productions! Your company really started the whole wedding celebration off with a bang. We will remember it always.”

All kits are suitable for any size group and for teens and adults.


Friendly, helpful support from the game creator, Susan Haley


Organizer Instructions which include:
· Pre-hunt to do list
· Hunt timing
· Opening instructions to the teams
· What facilitator(s) need to do during the hunt
· What to do when teams check in at the conclusion of the hunt
· Supply and prep list

The scavenger hunt

Rules of the game

Grading worksheet

Scoring cards for optional team presentations

Team name badges

Award certificates

Hunt invitation

Team ID table tents

Item ID table tents or Collections Category Labels for the find items portion the hunt

BONUS ITEMS: Our 16-page guide to designing a location to location riddle hunt for your city or town. We’ll also include access to our 5 social media-themed bonus challenges (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube challenges).

Check ’em out:

We also have scavenger hunts for kids aged 7 to 13.

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