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Create A Scavenger Hunt Game

Stoke creativity and imagination with a super fun scavenger hunt you can design yourself.

I wrote a detailed article on how to create and design your own scavenger hunt from scratch.

I hope you’ll find my creative process inspiring enough to create your own.  Download How To Design Your Own Scavenger Hunt.

OR you can just save a TON of your time and buy one of our scavenger hunts games to use as a template to get your creative juices flowing.  They’re available for immediated download. Look at all you get with the hunt and it only costs $19.99!


Friendly, helpful support from the game creator – me!


  • Organizer Instructions which include:
    · Pre-hunt to do list
    · Hunt timing
    · Opening instructions to the teams
    · What facilitator(s) need to do during the hunt
    · What to do when teams check in at the conclusion of the hunt
    · Supply and prep list
  • The scavenger hunt itself of course
  • Rules of the game
  • Grading worksheet
  • Scoring cards for optional team presentations
  • Team name badges
  • Award certificates
  • Hunt invitation
  • Team ID table tents
  • Item ID table tents or Collections Category Labels for the find items portion the hunt

Free with purchase graphicOur 16-page guide to designing a location to location riddle hunt for your city or town. We’ll also include access to our 5 social media-themed bonus challenges (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube challenges).

Ya gotta admit that’s a lot of value for your money never mind the time you’ll save not having to create everything from scratch.  Just sayin’.

Scavenger hunts for teens and adults:

Scavenger hunts for kids 7-13:

Get outside and play!

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