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11 Great Reasons to Buy a Scavenger Hunt Game

Why buy a scavenger hunt game when you could just create one yourself with ideas and lists you’ve ‘scavenged’ from the Internet? This article gives you 11 solid reasons and a money-saving coupon.

1. Save time!

Buying a complete scavenger hunt game kit is a great time saver for you. With a pre-designed kit, almost everything is done for you and is ready to go. You have to do a little reading and a little shopping but overall the kit will save you hours (and hours) of your valuable time.

Sure you can search for free ideas to piece together from various websites but it’ll take you a lot of your precious time to do this, never mind having to create invitations, rules of the game and everything else that will be needed for the hunt. If you buy from a reputable company, you will get a high quality scavenger hunt (and supporting documents) everyone will love.

For example, all of our Haley Productions’ scavenger hunts include a step by step organizer guide that outlines exactly what you need to do from start to finish – we’ve created your to do list for you. Our hunts also include award certificates, invitations, rules of the game, great support from the game designer and more.

2. Party prep is a lot easier when you don’t have to do all the researching, thinking and planning yourself.

3. New ideas.

Perhaps you’re very creative and have, in the past, designed a scavenger hunt from scratch. Are you burnt out? Out of ideas? Don’t have the hours it will take to create a new one? Well, use a hunt designed by someone else this time around. It’s not cheating I promise you and you will still get all the credit for throwing yet another incredible event.

4. You can use the pre-designed scavenger hunt as a foundation on which to build your own.

Think of it as a starting point, a template. If it’s a great game kit it should inspire your creativity and imagination just as it should for the participants. You can add your ideas and tweak the hunt to best suit your needs and personalize it for your event and participants.

5. Pre-designed scavenger hunts don’t cost a lot – most are under $20.

Again, compare the hours of time and all the effort you’d need to put into creating your own game to quickly and easily downloading a game that has just about everything you need already done for you. It’s a very cost effective, time saving option (yes this is a recurring theme).

6. The scavenger hunt will keep everyone totally engaged and having loads of fun for hours.

7. The hunt focuses on the collective creativity and imaginations of the teams.

Never underestimate the power of creativity and imagination. It’s an amazing combination that will guarantee a great time for everyone and create memorable stories of the day.

8. True “Social Networking”.

FACE TO FACE interaction with other people and engaging, interesting team work. Counteract the isolating effects of this technological age we live in.

9. Scavenger hunts are mentally stimulating while still being ever so much fun.

Get ’em to collaboratively think outside the box, to come up with creative ideas and solutions to fun and interesting challenges.

10. Laughter! Scavenger hunts are great for the mind, body and soul.

11. Everyone will be raving about your event to everyone they know. And you’ll have photos from the photo challenges to prove that the event was a real winner.

BONUS! You get to go outside and PLAY! (And remember, walking just 30 minutes a day is beneficial to your health.)

Supporting Evidence: Yeah, perhaps I made some good points about the benefits of buying a pre-designed game but I know there are some folks out there that want proof that such a game is worth spending their hard-earned money on. Here’s the proof – testimonials from people just like you; there are some pretty amazing stories that will absolutely inspire you.

Check out Haley Productions’ scavenger hunt games. We have lots of fun scavenger hunts to choose from: photo scavenger hunt games, a nature hunt, a romantic hunt for couples, a Halloween hunt, hunts for Las Vegas & San Francisco. All are great for any size group, teens to adults. Corporate team building versions are available on most of our hunts.

Every one of them are designed to inspire imagination and creativity – and to help make your job preparing the event much, much easier and much less time consuming. Our scavenger hunt games include our step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, rules of the game, great support from the game designer and more. Instant download! No waiting, no shipping and handling fees!

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