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We hosted The Mafia Murders mystery dinner event at our 55+ community for a sell-out crowd of 90 people. It was a huge success! Many of the audience dressed in 20's attire for the event. Love her ideas here >> Our dinner included "Knock out punch", "Brush with Death" bruschetta and "Sinister" salad, "Choosy Floozy" chicken parmesan and "Hotsy Totsy" herb pasta, "Da Bomb" spumoni, with courses served between acts. We had programs printed with cast "thumbnail" pictures on a family tree to help the audience identify who was who. Also there was a "Whodunit" sheet, that the audience could fill out as events unfolded. Prizes of "Godfather's Hooch", airline size bottles of Canadian Club with attached labels featuring our Godfather, were prizes for the table(s) with the most correct answers. I just want to close by saying that these murder mysteries are definitely appropriate for multiple age groups. Our social committee will consider doing another next year. Thanks again for your help in having a successful murder mystery evening! Linda Rymer

Susan we had such a blast! I love your system and the materials were so easy to use. I am definitely a fan and Target is a fan! You'll be hearing more from us in the future! Bernie Weis, Store Team Leader, SuperTarget Stores, Indio CA

The "Brandon Oaks Not Ready for Prime Time Players" performed(?) "Vintage Murder" for about 150 of the residents here and they loved it! The auditorium was set up as for a wine tasting with 18 tables covered with red and white checkered table cloths, lighted candles in suitably wax-dripped wine bottles bearing the "Tortellini Brothers Winery" label, several bunches of artificial grapes, and opened bottles of wine (also relabeled) for the enjoyment of the residents. For our set we had a white lattice screen surmounted with a biPhoto: Hollywood murder mystery gameg "Tortellini Brothers Winery" sign and adorned with an artificial grape vine and in front of that two patio tables with two chairs at each. I can't say that the performance went off without a hitch, but recovering from the hitches was part of the fun. Since we were performing in a large room with a lot of people, we had to use amplification and the frantic passing of microphones back and forth contributed to the hilarity. And, of course, seeing friends portraying such atypical characters didn't hurt- e.g. a retired missionary playing Nigel, another retired minister playing Angel, and my wife playing the hussy, Toni. All of them really got into their roles and had a ball. Good idea > Introducing the role of Bill Blab, WLIE reporter, to provide introduction, continuity, and summary worked well, as did setting the winery in our next-door county noted for its moonshining activity. We would also have conversations about what was going on during gaps in the action. We've had nothing but compliments, including possibly exaggerated statements as "Never laughed so hard", "Best entertainment we have had", etc. so thanks for providing us with a winner (Vintage Murder)! U V Henderson, Roanoke, VA

PART 2: The "Brandon Oaks Players" presented "The Demise of the Downhome Dealers" last night to about 150 residents of Brandon Oaks. It was another hit! We, of course, adapted the situation to the physical capabilities of our "mature" cast (all over 75) - like no lying down on the floor - might not be able to get back up - and no heavy lifting. The auditorium was converted to the Pig and Poke Saloon (beer, wine, and soda served as residents entered) and the locale moved to Floyd County, Virginia (a likely place for the likes of the Downhome Dealers). We even had Dan, Dick, Dave, and Dixie accompany the recordings of the Dealers' songs (made by the husband of our activities director) on guitar, washtub bass, washboard, and maraca. We made Charlie Daniels something of a narrator who made opening comments to set the stage and then summations of what had transpired periodically while lamenting his not seeing the way to any new contract. The cast thoroughly enjoyed it - the dialog came out a little different each time we rehearsed - and our audience thoroughly enjoyed seeing us all wigged up making fools of our selves. Thanks for another winner. U V Henderson, Roanoke, VA

PART 3: The Brandon Oaks Not Yet Ready for Prime Time Players had another hit last night when we put on "My Alma Martyr" for the benefit (?) of residents and guests of Brandon Oaks. Since the average age of the residents of Brandon Oaks is probably over 80, we don't do "floor exercises" so we conveniently had Vinnie Salem come in pushed in a wheel chair by Molly. The wheelchair then became a convenient prop for the victims to collapse into as they died and pushed out to be put in the freezer until the police arrived (but don't put them next to the ice cream). We were able to persuade the shortest resident of Brandon Oaks to portray Herman Swiggle (Milton's friend and body guard) and Milton was one of our taller residents. As usual the use of outrageous wigs for the main characters added to the comedy. We who performed(?) had a blast and the audience thoroughly enjoyed our efforts, including fumbled lines and missed cues. It looks like they will expect us to do another murder mystery next year! U V Henderson, Roanoke, VA

Thanks for your offer to help but everything was crystal clear--and our party went off without a hitch. Everyone had a ball. Thanks for offering such a wonderful and creative product! I'm so glad you provide the materials in Word document so it is easily customizable. We were able to easily adapt "Final Cut" for a 40th b-day party, and make it personal by changing the name of the film to "Zombie Rosemarys", and the female lead to "Rosemary" after the birthday girl. We also changed the cross-dresser to a fireman, because we couldn't find any guys willing to dress in drag. His penchant for hoses was still hilarious and everybody was literally rolling with laughter. Thanks again, Christine Giovannelli, Chicago, IL

Photo - country and western band murder mystery game - the bandPhoto - class reunion mystery game sexy damePhoto - class reunion mystery game victimPhoto - class reunion mystery game bodyguardFun murder mystery game with school reunion theme

Hilarious idea: Their victim holds up an "I'm dead" sign. She can still enjoy the mystery but makes it clear that she's dead (just so there's no confusion). The Brandon Oaks players also love using a narrator (another great idea - read their 2 testimonials above).

Susan, you rule! I appreciate the goodwill and outstanding customer service that you've extended! Thank you so much! This may become a semi-annual event and I'll come to Haley Productions every time for our murder mystery needs. I'm recommending you to anyone who asks me about murder mystery parties! Jason Ladner, Mobile, AL

Pam has great ideas! Just wanted to let you know the "Mafia Murders" script we purchased from you was a huge success. We had a few people say it was the best Christmas party they had gone to. The six main characters all found zoot suit or flapper costumes on line. My husband made a CD with various mystery songs to play during the skit including opening up with the theme song from Perry Mason, followed by Mission Impossible, Pink Panther and Alfred Hitchcock. We had one of our engineers wife who has a beautiful voice dress in costume for the part of Connie Nonnie. She sang Christmas carols throughout when the cast needed to leave the stage and we all ended with We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We rewrote the script slightly to base it on our own company and the product we make which is a rubber based product. We had a container of our product hijacked etc....We went one step further and bought large play money at our dollar store. We went early and hid this money throughout the room and gave the cast an envelope of money to pass out during the cocktail time if they asked a question. People were not told why they were being given money. They were encouraged to search for it and hang on to it. At the end, we had done up 10 top hats filled with Pittsburgh Steeler items since our team is hot right now. The person at each table with the most play money won the prize. Couples were allowed to combine dollars. Everyone loved it and gave them something to do. It was like a scavenger hunt. We had money on the tree and people would come up and strip it. They followed the cast around asking for money....We also had a CD of 1920's swing music playing in the beginning and candles on the table. Needless to say, I served as the "director" and enjoyed that very much. We used your invitation as a guide, added pictures and did up a response card with pictures of Edward G Robinson and James Cagney on it. I could go on but work awaits. Thanks again for giving us a great script to work with. I hope you keep writing...Pam Montgomery, Flexsys America

I am terrifically impressed by the detail in your murder mystery dinner party game. It must be so wonderful to make this type of program into a career. I could have looked forever for something this good and never found it. Isn't the Internet wonderful? Cheryl Melvin, Spring Lake, Michigan.

We had a wonderful, fun night utilizing the narrator version of "Next of Kin". The event was a middle school faculty/staff Christmas party. The tradition is that all the new employees provide the entertainment. Nobody knew what we were doing. As the evening began, the new principal (in character as Rhett and dressed in a beautiful suit) welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to our party. He also thanked everyone for making his wife feel so welcome, even though she was from the wrong side of the tracks and had quite a reputation...all the guests just stared at his REAL wife, a lovely sweet woman seated at a table nearby, and couldn't believe he would say that about her! They finally started to get the idea when Big Daddy arrived, as did Ashley (me playing a man) and some of the other crazy characters in full costume. It was very, very fun for all and we have requests for a repeat performance for those who missed it. I highly recommend the narrator version because it is a ton of fun for the actors - and the audience doesn't even really know it is unrehearsed! Sincerely, Melinda McCarty Assistant Principal - Madison Middle School Abilene, TX

Dear Susan, Our play was wonderful. It was a great morale booster for the folks stationed here in Iceland. Everything went well and without any problems. The guests all wished that it wouldn't end--they were having too much fun. Thanks! Lisa Moore, Iceland.

Wedding murder mystery photoWe did the mystery (Murder at the Midnight Hour) as a bridal shower. We are a tax and accounting office, and many say accountants are boring. Don't you believe them. Except maybe the men. We have very few men (only one!) that would participate, and he demanded tequila first. Therefore, two of the male roles were played by the more courageous - outgoing sex. I'm tall, and with the help of a pillow stuffed in the belt, I played the role of Henry Hoggit (see photo >>).  The groom was played by our auditing manager- who likes to whine - so she felt she could do the role justice. The bride was played by our bride. The info on how to pull off the physical stunts was very helpful. Thank you for your product!  I've used the dinner mysteries many times before but this was absolutely perfect for a large crowd. Katherine Nelson, Pleasant Hill, CA

I do enjoy your stuff. We did Vintage Murder last Halloween.  We had about 40-50 friends there and I really decided to mix up the groups into teams of 4 by having each couple choose numbers out of a hat and be matched with people they might not have come with - that really gave for some interesting fun *lol*. Anyway, after such a great success, and after having done my own scripting for 6 years straight, it was a wonderful thing to find you on-line and get some fresh ideas. The other one I used was Our Town Scavenger Hunt. It was another great time. Thanks so much! Charlene Donaghy, Torrington, CT

Our mystery dinner (My Alma Martyr) was held last Friday night and attended by over 100 guests. ThePhoto: Hawaiian luau murder mystery game cast, filled with a mix of excitement and worry, did a marvelous job! At the end of the night, the cast FINALLY realized that the performance was not as hard as they had imagined it would be. The missing element from all of their rehearsals was the wonderful audience (as you advised us it would be) and so they fretted over such details as the timeline, whether anyone would figure out the mystery, whether people would ask questions, etc. All for naught. The audience was great, they were focused on solving the mystery and there were several pauses for laughter, hootin' and hollerin' throughout the evening. Thanks for all of your assistance and reassurances over the past

few months. Working with you has been an invaluable experience. We can hardly wait to produce another mystery dinner! Sincerely, LaTonya Richardson,

The party was a great success, considering how quickly it came together, it went well. (We did it cold turkey - no chance to get together and practice - so just picture that!) Everyone had a super time and I plan to do it again. Marion Congor

Dear Susan: This past weekend was our event...when I spoke with you we were expecting or shall I say hoping to get 40 people to attend. At our weekly Rotary meetings we would give them a "preview" of our characters. Anyhow, we had such a large interest, we had to go to the bigger room at the hall we had rented and we STILL had to cut off ticket orders when we reached 125 people! They loved it and have already demanded another one next year. We are so excited and can't wait to get the new script. Thank you so much!! Christina Farr, Youngstown, OH

As the producer, I was impressed with how every little contingency had been thought through and how complete the mystery package was (copies of police reports, etc.)  Rest assured, I'll be recommending your company whenever anyone is looking for an unusual, moderately priced program for their function. Bill Newyear, Los Angeles, CA

A Deadly Incentive was great! We had so much fun. I want you to know that I contacted 4 companies similar to yours. And I went with you because you were the friendliest and most helpful and seemed to really be proud of your business. 1 company never even called me back, and another emailed me even though I asked them to call me. So, thank you for all your help. Kind regards, Jennifer Glasser, SCAPS. Columbia SC

Oh, my goodness we had a great reunion. Out of 38 reunions, people said this was the best. Guess what the highlight was--of course, the mystery dinner. We had so much fun and laughed and laughed. I was amazed without any rehearsal that a show could be so fun. What a hoot. Thank you. Carol Olson, Vancouver, WA

Photo: wealthy family murder mystery gameWOW! I'm impressed! Thank you so much for the detailed information...Our group selected "The Mafia Murders" because they thought it would be easy to adapt to and maybe "stray" from the outline. I will suggest to them that all the hard work you have done with this script that they should try to stick to it. This is our third foray into murder mystery but we've usually done improv, and have had difficulty learning how to include the audience in the crime solving. Your ideas are great. Thanks again, and I'll be in touch. Mike Couture, Strathroy Community Players, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

The murder mystery went great! We forgot a few lines here and there, but were able to go back and do them without the audience suspecting that we messed up. We had a blast! Everyone in our group enjoyed it and we enjoyed acting for them. It was truly a great experience! Regards, Vinny Cacace, Germantown, MD

I want to thank you for ALL the support you have shown. Our party was this past Saturday & a BIG success!! The guest really got into the mystery (Thirst for Blood). I even had a few ask if we would do another one so they could be prime suspects. You can be sure that I will pass on your site info & the great experience I had using your product and will use you again for our next party! Again, thank you! Your follow ups & support made it all possible!! Sandy Madill, Jeffersonville, IN

Thanks for providing a low-cost, quality product with such a caring attitude. Margaret Sanders, Hartwell, GA

Thank you so much for the incredible script. I love the fact that the script goes into a lot of the details of what is important to say and what can be expounded upon to make the night a lot of fun. The check list of props and things that need to be done for the night was the most useful tool in the whole package and was greatly appreciated by the whole cast. The night we went through with the play was a great success. Thanks Again, Jack Tawil, New York, NY

Photo: Murder Mystery Game ghostPhoto: Christmas Murder Mystery GamePhoto: Christmas Murder Mystery Game - the wrapPhoto: Christmas Murder Mystery Game Victim

Everything was perfect! All the guests loved it, and the actors had a blast too. I will totally recommend you to other people! Thanks for thinking of everything for a fab dinner. Shannon Unger, Gainesville, FL

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