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Photo old west murder mystery dinner party gameDear Susan, You do not know me obviously, but we are kindred spirits. First, thank you, thank you for your great murder mystery game, Final Cut. We are a not-for-profit theater company that has been around for 15 years. I have been writing, directing and producing the murder mysteries by myself all these years and putting them in similar formats. I have not had the time lately to devote to the writing and I stumbled upon your site. Fantastic. It is a dream come true. Really. We will certainly be doing business with you again, and again and again.....Christine Vittorini, 4th Wall Productions, Wappinger Falls, NY

We had our Mystery Dinner Theater at our community clubhouse last night and it was a huge success. We were surprised at how much the audience got involved, which also helped the cast really ham it up more. You have a great product and we will be ordering more. Ann Eckert, Brevard, NC

THANK YOU soooooo much! What an amazing, unforgettable evening! My friends had such a great time! The costumes and characters were unbelievably hilarious! I knew some people would be really into it, but some surprised me with their full-out acting! Amazing! I will definitely recommend your website to any and everyone! And guess what?! A murder mystery dinner will now become an annual tradition in our group of friends! I could not be happier for such a fun experience. Thank you! Until next time...Naomi Valle, Miami, FL

Photo: Suspects in Murder On Maui mystery gameI was very impressed with your website and with the quality of your murder mystery games. Mary-Kate Nienhuis, Judith Gap, MT

Just want to thank you for the fantastic mystery game kit that I bought from you last week. We had the Murder Mystery night on Saturday and it worked really well with our group of 50 people..I was a bit skeptical about how well it was all going to come together as our main characters were not able to rehearse before the night..I emailed them the script about a week before and they each read it so they had some idea of what was going on, then because the script was sectioned into 'scenes' I was able to just brief the characters before each scene and everything went really well without a hitch..all the extra preparation material that you included in you pack from organizers instructions to overviews of schedules and templates for 'whodunit' slips was fantastic and made the whole experience of running the night so much easier. Thanks again for a great product and fantastic customer service and support. This product is adaptable for a great variety of different audiences, anywhere in the world! Kind Regards, Natasha Burfield, Australia

I cannot begin to tell you the fun we had this past weekend at a mini convention with about 60 + people. I was the narrator for Vintage Murder and all we did was get together one evening over dinner and had the best time just reviewing the mystery. Our audience thought it was fantastic. I can't say enough about your script and so happy we did this. Mary Ann Canale, Newport News, VA

We ran the Next Of Kin mystery on Friday evening (in a large, old Victorian Parish Church in the UK, on Friday 13th. Felt right, somehow..). It went extremely well and everyone enjoyed it immensely, so thank you very much. I bought 2 other mysteries before finding yours, and wish I'd started with you - the others were unusable. What reassured me about yours was your article on writing your own script - I could see that your plots were more likely to work! I've already had one person who came wanting your website name to buy their own scripts to run at their church. Cheers, Jeremy Fagan, Kirkby Merseyside, GB

What fun My Alma Martyr was....We missed cues, dropped lines, that just added to the fun. The script was easy to follow, alonPhoto-Whodunnit guests in character.g with the instructions, character descriptions, awards, program, the event practically ran itself. The script lent itself to the addition of secondary characters you include - we hated to turn away any willing victims. We were very lucky to have a talented cast list, including our Priest, Director of Liturgy & Music, and our computer teacher. They stole the show with their ad libs. Would love to make this a annual event. We put the piece in 1977- disco and tacky was the word for the night, right down to a waitress having toilet paper dragging on her shoe, and tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces. Our school colors are blue and yellow. Plastic tablecloths with paper plates in of course, coordinating colors....paper lanterns, crepe paper streamers, balloons and stars. Thanks for a great script ! I also appreciated your willingness and enthusiasm in answering questions I had regarding the performance. Again thanks for a quality product. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again !! Linda Kawczynski, Milwaukee WI

Hello Susan! I wanted to let you know that we had our social last Friday and it was a blast! The (fraternity)brothers absolutely loved it! They had so much fun and prepared themselves to take this murder business seriously. We had lots come in costume. . . The brothers are still talking about it. They absolutely loved how everybody stayed in character even through the dessert intermission!  Thanks again for making this available to do it ourselves! I am spreading the word around campus about you and your products! : ) Forever grateful, Jennifer Lee, Durham, NC

Dear Susan, just a note to tell you that our Murder Mystery Dinner was a smashing success!  I don't think any of us have ever laughed so hard!  The husbands had never met before and the wives barely knew each other. BUT WE DO NOW! Thank you! Debby Loggia, Hidden Hills, CA

We acted out the Next Of Kin murder mystery for my parents' anniversary party. We had very little time to prepare but everything wasMurder mystery dinner party games photo laid out for us with your instructions. I was very impressed with the script and the detailed descriptions you provided! We had a blast doing it. I will say that the murder mystery video helped ALOT! It was a huge hit, although none of our detectives guessed correctly. Which was fine. It was hilarious the way we all became our character through the appetizers and dinner. Everyone was impressed with our southern accents, and our 'ad-libbing', which there was PLENTY OF. Again I want to thank you for such a creative script, and idea. I was very pleasantly surprised to get the follow up e-mail from you. I definitely think it's going above and beyond in the way of customer service, and that is hard to find these days. Tammy Martin, Lenzburg IL

We are having a blast with the Next of Kin mystery game script. I am amazed by the level of detail and all the supporting materials that go along with the script itself. Thank you for your keen organization of everything. Kind regards, Jennifer Haddy, Minneapolis, MN

Our swim team performed "The Demise of the Downhome Dealers" as a team fundraiser. Yours was the first MurdePhoto - Western theme mystery gamer Mystery any of us had tried, so we were very inexperienced. Everyone insists that is the most fun they have ever had! Our first, but definitely not our last, mystery dinner party, was a huge success. We even had many people ask on their way out, if we were going to do another performance the next night. For anyone out there worried about content or "age" appropriate material, please know that the scripts are very easy to edit for anyone's situation. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. Wendi Sink, Henry County Hurricanes, Bassett, VA

Just wanted to let you know that our Deadly Incentive performance was wildly successful! We planned for 100 and sold out the house at 103. We were asked about repeat performances, if it would be an annual event, etc. so was truly "suspenseful entertainment" as I advertised it. In all, the event raised over $1200 for our little community's Centennial fund for this summer, so thanks again. Jill Brandt, Rock Lake ND.

Susan, We put on "The Final Cut" Saturday evening and it was a rousing success.  As the producer, I was impressed with how every little contingency had been thought through and how complete the Mystery package was (copies of police reports, etc.) Rest assured, I'll be recommending your company whenever anyone is looking for an unusual, moderately priced program for their function. Again, the Lions Club really enjoyed the Murder Mystery. Thank you, Bill Newyear, Los Angeles, CA

Photo - Stephanie's cast of Next Of Kin<<< The show was a huge success! The cast had so much fun performing. Everything was great and they can't wait to start on Murder at the Midnight Hour. Thanks for following up. Stephanie Fuller, Taylor, MI

Hi Susan, Just wanted to let you know that once again your murder mystery knocked 'em dead! If you remember, the City of Taylor's senior citizen group (Primetime Players) performed Next of Kin lastPhoto: wedding-murder poster September. This show was so much fun, we thought that it would be a hard act to follow. Well, we ordered Murder at the Midnight Hour and this too, was a hit. Thank you so much--you couldn't make things any easier! The cast is very anxious to get started on our next production--Murder in Maui! Thanks again, Stephanie Fuller, Taylor, MI >>>>(click on image for larger view).

I just wanted to let you know that we hosted the murder dinner (Vintage Murder) and it was a HUGE hit! About 65 people showed up and had a wonderful time. The players we ended up having were awesome! I think the funniest was that we had a really hysterical woman play the part of Nigel and she was too funny for words. My husband played Carmine and had the crowd in stitches - even after he died... he wore a sign that read, "Dead, but still interesting..." so that he wouldn't have to miss out on the fun. Thanks for a great game and for the support too. Elizabeth Fischer, Crestview, FL

Old West Murder Mystery Game: Bordello of the Damned castWe had a great time with "Bordello of the Damned". I purchased this mystery to put on a fundraiser for our local Moose Lodge. I had an abundance of participation from our members. One of the first times that men and women have worked so well together. We had a lot of fun with the script. The people that played the parts really enjoyed getting into character. Thanks for all the great writing. Marlene Albrecht, Rolla, MO

The Diary of a Burning Woman mystery game was an astounding success, and great fun to perform. So much so that we have decided to do some more...just because we enjoyed it so much. Audience feedback included "We go to these whenever we can in England....we have never been to one as good as this!" and, on a detective sheet, "We have no idea who did the murder and we don't care...just thank you so much for a dream of an evening". You are right about the thunderous applause mentioned in the script...we got a standing ovation. Andrew Bicknell, Benitachell Alicante, Spain

The Mafia Murders mystery game was a huge success! The script was easy to follow and left a lot of room for our group to do a little improv! None of us had done anything like this before but they all did a great job thanks to your easy to follow script and thorough instructions! It was a blast and I am sure we will do it again with another one of your mysteries! Thanks for the follow-up. Karen Holton, Plattsburgh, NY

Photo: Hollywood mystery at the retirement community

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to find your website. I just ordered my third Mystery Game from you for a fraternal organization I belong to as a fundraiser. We have had so much fun with these, and I really appreciated the promotional discount you offered. If we ever get our kids group going better, I want to utilize some of your other games, like scavenger hunts and team building games, to help the kids and promote some fun activities. Again, thank you for having this out there, and you have a very satisfied customer in me. Arlene Boheler, Yelm, WA

I should have written this long ago, but I wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved Murder on Maui. My husband played the smarmy lounge singer and I thought I would die from laughing. It was hysterical! Everyone really got into it, and we had so much fun doing it! Definitely a favorite that I would recommend to everyone! Sherrie Hansen, The Blue Belle Inn, St. Ansgar, IowaPhoto - mystery game catfight

Our murder mystery game production is over, and it was fantastic! The main thing I was worried about was that the guest detectives wouldn't participate as much as I hoped, but that was not the case. Everyone had a great time. Rushmore's Revenge was a wonderful story full of action and humor. The catfight had people rolling with laughter. Thanks so much for putting this mystery online for us to use. I will be using another mystery from you in the future. Also, I was very pleased with the personal attention that I received. Not everyone out there sends emails that are personal, and that means a lot. Jenny Barrow, RN, LHC Group

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