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Best Murder Mystery Games - Period!

I had to write to let you know we LOVE Haley Productions’ murder mysteries! We believe yours are the best, period.

After we purchased our first Murder Mystery from you, we’ve never looked anywhere else!

We love the fact that your mysteries are all inclusive (meaning the download includes EVERYTHING). We don’t need to change or plan anything, if we choose; from writing lines, figuring out props or deciding on a timeline and menu for the evening, all is completely organized and easy to implement! We also appreciate the additional hints/ideas that the “organizer” can adaptor to specific holidays/events. Even though each mystery is organized in a cohesive manner, we can easily find the “Evidence Logs,” “Prop Lists,” “Primary Characters,” “Secondary Suspects” etc. The “Organizer Instructions” are also extremely helpful.

Finally, I think the most important reason we solely purchase your mysteries is the fact that you are so willing to be of assistance and accommodate our needs. It’s rare that a company goes the extra mile, but you always do! As a small nonprofit historic venue, we very much appreciate the value and quality we receive for such a reasonable price. If we can ever reciprocate in any way, please let us know! Thank you again.” Cat, Event Coordinator, The Historic Lowry House


I just got done doing a fundraiser with the Next of Kin script. It was a HUGE success!!! In fact, it was requested that I do another again ... soon. I LOVED your characters, the plot, and how easy it was to put on because you did ALL of the hard work!! I also loved your tips, reassurances, paperwork, etc.... it is such a great package. Lisa Hobbs, Sonora, CA

We performed Next of Kin to two sold out audiences. After the great success of Mafia Murders last year we were concerned about falling short of expectations this year – but that was not the case. FYI - We believe that just one of the keys for success is that we suggest that the audience come in period costume. A full 90% or more came in costume. The fact that they worked for several days, putting the costume together, in advance of the event assured the fact they they were READY to have a good time. Regards, Bill Lamoureux, Hot Springs Village, AR

Wow. What a great time we had Saturday Night for our Western Hills Country Club version of "The Final Cut". We hadn't done this before and your script and ideas were perfect for our crowd of 80. We actually used a narrator with a mic that helped hold the script together, emphasize certain parts and cue where necessary. We took digital photo's at our dress rehearsal and handed out autographed pictures that night. We even made business cards for Clubb Casting and Management Company for Billie to hand out to our more talented guests (GREAT IDEA). It really was a hoot. We had 14 people guess correctly and then drew for a winner to go to a professional murder mystery weekend. I just thought you would be happy to know that your script helped make a regular Saturday Night extra special. The cast wants to know when we can do it again! We keep on hearing comments everywhere we go! It really was amazing. Everyone had such a good time being part of and watching the performance! Thanks! Donett May, WHCC Entertainment Committee, Mount Vernon, IN

Thank you for your interest in my opinion. We are thrilled with the Murder Mystery Dinner program we ordered. The package is comprehensive and easy to use. I especially liked the fact that there was a wide variety of scripts to choose from. Thank you again for providing a great service! We will definitely use your games again! Mary Ann Gleockner, Chambersburg PA

Photo - Hollywood mystery: Nova DevoeSusan, I just wanted to send you a note and tell you what a great time everyone had last night. The show was a hit! We had one say when they were on their way they were worried they would stay awake, but once they got there they had a blast. We had another (the newspaper reporter) say they have seen several murder/mystery shows, and was even in one, and was a little skeptical about coming but said this was the best he had ever seen and wants to take the small article he was writing and see if they will let him do a full spread. We had several that want to see all the different ones we perform. Others said it is worth the money to see, better than just going to dinner and a show and picking up the kids, with this you laugh and really enjoy yourself. I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you with my excitement. Basically, we did not here a negative comment and you could see the fun on the people's faces. Thank you for the great script, Robin Plumlee, Alcoa, TN

We had the Murder Mystery Dinner Party just a few days after we purchased it online. We have such a great group of friends and the materials were so perfectly laid out that, despite our short planning, the evening was unbelievably perfect!! My wife still raves that that was her favorite birthday celebration! Thank you so much for the fun night you helped provided! We were sure to tell everyone there where we purchased the script and how nice it was that you followed up to make sure we were okay! Thanks again, Nick Miller, Smyrna GA

Yes lovey - we did receive our script and we are thrilled with it. I have the honor of working with a local theater group, in addition to the corporation we are doing the fundraiser for, and found all the information and the script to be absolutely wonderful. We are all looking forward to our event and I will let you know how it goes.  Thank you so much for your support and your professionalism.   Sincerely - Lori, Community Services, Accord Corp., Belmont, NY

...Lots of laughter even when parts were forgotten or messed up.  No one cared. Jan Madsen, Cornelius, NC

Western theme mystery game photoI would be honored if you would share my testimony to Red Hatters!! I'd be more than happy to let them know what fun we had with your mystery! Our Chapter purchased and put on your Bordello of the Damned. Our silly pictures won a prize on your website. I did want you to know that at least 3 other Queen Mum's heard about our fun at the Leland Saloon and I have sent them a link to your site. I hope they have as much fun as we did!! In love and laughter, Queen Mum Erna, Red Hatted Rascals, Canada

<<< Oh dear, do you REALLY want to know which one is the Queen Mum of the Red Hatted Rascals? I don't want you to get the wrong idea about us Mums...I'm the one peeking over the screen with the lingerie.

I just wanted to thank you for the scripts that you allow people to buy from you. We had our mystery dinner last night and everything went perfect. The crowd wants to know when we are going to do it again and someone booked it for their employee Christmas party. Again thank you from myself and the Alley Rose where I work. We all had fun. Timothy J Tomlinson, The Alley Rose, Kearney NE

I just wanted to tell everybody about our production of "Bordello Of The Damned". We are a small amateur dramatic society and decided to look into a murder mystery evening for the first time ever. I found Haley Productions on the web and after checking out the story lines, we decided to go for " Bordello". I'm pleased to tell you that it was a resounding success! The cast loved it, the chorus girls had a great time (especially as we allowed them to do a dance routine to "Lady Marmalade"!) and the audience had nothing but praise for us. We converted our local village hall into a saloon and bordello, built a long bar and even had swinging doors on the entrance. A lot of people dressed up for the occasion and after several drinks were had they threw themselves into it. I can say that we will certainly be looking to do another one in the future and would recommend it to any amateur actors as a way of improving your ad lib skills. Big thanks to Susan for all her help. I'll be in touch soon for "Bordello Of The Damned Part 2 - Willy's Revenge"! Adam Kuhl from the other side of the pond.

The Diary of A Burning Woman mystery was a huge success for our fund-raiser. It was very easy to perform. AlPhoto: Old West Murder Mystery Gamel involved were thrilled. The mystery itself was great. It was written well and had natural breaks that allowed interactions with the characters and natural movement to the buffet. All that was needed was included and very easy to understand. Jay Fultz, Cincinnati, OH

There is a strong lasagna aroma in the air and chattering from the program attendants. The stage was set for the NSA resident advisors to perform the murder mystery Rushmore's Revenge. The eleven characters, all women, were students or faculty members of Rushmore Academy for Women. The only catch... there were only 6 female actors. As the male staff members, dressed in drag, entered the room there was a collective "OH MY," followed by wild laughter. Being sure to stay in character, the staff started the show. From the ridiculous costumes to the hilarious cat fight between "Kat" (David LaVergne) and "Olivia" (Travis Lucas) the play delivered all the residents could handle and more! This one-time performance certainly left the residents wanting more of the wild shenanigans. NSA's staff provided an interactive experience that no one in attendance will soon forget! Mark Barnes, Ohio State University

The Murder on Maui script was easy to follow and the mystery itself was cute. The company I work for did the Murder Mystery as a fun break from a training retreat conducted away from the office for all the Information System department employees. After the presentation, every one commented on how fun the event was and that it was much better than the Murder Mystery performed last year (by a professional acting group). Thanks for following up on our event and thanks for providing such a wonderful product. Neil Danzig, Columbia, MD

Photo: The Mafia Murders<< We performed your Mafia Murders play at our annual Sales Rally for roughly 70 people. Everyone had a blast especially the cast. This has created quite a dilemma for me. It was so good, that it will be hard to top it next year. Thank you again, David L. Winkler, CES and Training Coordinator, CHS Inc., St. Paul, MN

...The script was Murder at The Midnight Hour. I would recommend this script to anyone - it was fun and easy to follow. After all expenses we made approximately $1700.00 dollars for our fundraiser. Marjorie Bianchi, Northeast Placement Services Inc., S. Woodstock, CT

Photo: Mystery game victimHello Susan, I would like to say already I have referred you to others. I own a bakery and with the cakes I do people are always looking for new ideas. I have not performed my play yet but I can already tell it is going to be a blast. I also like how you really respond to my questions. It is not as if you are a mystery yourself like the other company (Haley Productions' competitor). They would take 2-3 days to respond to the problems I had with that junk they sold me.  Sincerely Happy Already, Nikki Jackson, Absolutely Edible Cakes, Rockwall, Texas

I am impressed beyond words that you would take the time to follow up on orders and solicit feedback. Dennis Laughlin, Kansas City, KS

Susan:I just wanted to write to you and let you know what a fabulous time we had with the murder mystery. Although I had my doubts, it turned out to be a barrel of laughs. The characters really got into their roles and the costumes were great too. We couldn't find a female to play Lucy so one of our guys did it. He was fantastic. We were amazed that he found ladies high-heel shoes in a size 13!! Marnie Young, Meridium, Roanoke, Virginia.

Photo: Singing to a victimWe had a blast. We didn't exactly go by the script, we are all a bunch of hams and we had fun with the whole thing. Thank you for having such a wonderful tool for us with no talent. Sandy Kellams, Vincennes, IN

The party (Vintage Murder) was a HUGE success! The materials provided by Haley were wonderful, thank you! The young actors we hired from a local high school were fabulous and truly enjoyed themselves. Dawn Lyman, Bloomfield Hills, MI

We did our Diary of a Burning Woman mystery on Saturday night and everyone had such a great time. If we do this again, we will definitely be looking at your list for next year's party. And I'll recommend your website to others who are thinking of doing this. Thank you for giving us a fun and entertaining venue for our party. It was a first for this company. Michelle Von Haden, Brookfield, WI

Photo: murder mystery dinner party gamesOur event (Final Cut murder mystery game) was great on Saturday night! The group had a rehearsal at their house before the party and so they were a bit nervous when they arrived at our B&B. They headed straight for the bar! But after 1/2 hour into it you couldn't get them to stop laughing! We all learned a lot-I was especially nervous about the timing and having my dinner staff fire the food at the right time. The guests were much faster than your suggested timeline in the beginning (because they were mostly reading the script). But as the party got going, they ad-libbed much more and it was easier to gauge the time. Good ideas here > Also if they or the kitchen needed more time, someone would yell "cut!" and then the action would stop, we'd wait for the next course of food to be served and then we called "game on" and everyone was in character again. To finish off the night, the hosts had prizes for the detectives but then as a cute addition they also had gifts for the actors as well. There was an Academy Awards--each actor received her/his gift and then said a few words. There was a boom-box with swelling music that blared when the actor ran over their allotted time. Also someone in the party stood up and did fashion (costume) commentary a-la-Joan & Melissa Rivers. What a riot! Thanks again for all of your help. I can't wait to do the next one! Patty, Sand Rock Farm, Corralitos, CA

Photo: Luau mystery game photoI just got home from my Murder Mystery Party (Vintage Murder). It was an amazing experience watching the characters come to life; my performers were wonderful (and boy can they ad-lib!). Watching a room full of people that you love, laughing and having a great time is priceless. Thank you for such a wonderful script (with all the extras too!). I hope I have inspired someone else to have a murder mystery too. Next time I want to perform. Thanks again and with love, Kay Rossman, Bedford, OH

I really like how everything is easy to understand and implement. We ran one of these last year and it was very successful. We are hoping for the same success this time around. The storylines are inventive and interesting and the variety of stories that are available is great for all occasions. Cayla Martin, Toronto, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did in writing Thirst for Blood! I belong to a women's group and we did the play as a social event the week before Halloween. We had a wonderful time! Thirst for Blood was perfect for the occasion! Creepy, campy, silly, scary, it had it all! The "actors" rose to the occasion and did an amazing job. The script had EVERYTHING! The more we read through it, the more it came together. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed it. Thanks again for your wonderful work! We thoroughly enjoyed your murder mystery and certainly hope others choose to try one of your scripts out as well. Sincerely, Mary Jones, Ann Arbor, MI

Thanks so much for your follow up...what a pleasant surprise. We are not use to such wonderful customer relations here in New Zealand. I must admit I was a little hesitant purchasing online from overseas, so it was wonderful to receive the script immediately after payment. We are really impressed with the script and all the accompanying instructions and information. We are going to do the 'narrator version' for my 30th Birthday on 1st August. All my guests are really looking forward to it and have said how much they have always wanted to do a 'murder mystery' event. And when it was done... Just wanted to let you know how successful my birthday party went. Everyone had a great time and it is still being talked about. The girls did a great job. We all laughed so hard, so much that we all went home with sore cheeks.....fantastic. We are all looking for another opportunity to do it again soon, so no doubt you will be hearing from me again in the future. Thanks again :) Lauren Acarapi, New Zealand

The invisible Foley fellow and his amazing sound effects idea: The Deadly Incentive mystery game went very well. To add to the fun, I decided to create a "Foley pit" or sound effects table. The person sitting there and creating the sound effects had a sign on his chest which read "invisible." He made the gunshots with a slapstick, and he and the actor carefully worked out the timing so that the sound and the shot never coincided, to the considerable annoyance of the actor. Before going to look at the body, the actor put the gun in his pocket. After a short pause, a shot was heard, making it necessary for the actor to act as if he had shot himself. At the point at which we hear the sounds of someone quietly burglarizing the office, he used a crash box, slowly pouring the contents of a ten-gallon plastic bucket filled with broken glass, metal, and other junk into a second bucket. As we had the set up for it, we added a storm during the murder, with a thunder sheet (sheet of metal, shaken) and a wind machine (we used an actual wind machine, but one could just blow across the opening of a jug). Everyone had a great time. Thank you for having created a fun evening for us. Sincerely, Jim Tresner, Guthrie, OK

Photo: Cast of country and western murder mystery gameI just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for the murder mystery script I just bought! We did "The Demise of the Downhome Dealers" and it went over VERY well!! My actors took the script and ran with it and did a wonderful job! I am beyond happy with the two scripts I bought from you! I love the way you do the scripts. I can read the character descriptions and just see the perfect person in my mind's eye to fill the role. Thanks again!! Jeri Reeve, Chariton, IA

This is our 16th year of performing Murder Mysteries for our club (Soroptimist). We use the money for scholarships and to help the Soroptimist mission, which is to make the world a better place for women and girls locally and around the world. Some of our actors are professional, some are amateurs. It works. We like your mysteries because they are easily downloaded, samples are available, and we can alter the scripts to fit our actors and setting. We perform at Hill House of Cabot Cove (where Murder She Wrote was filmed). It's actually in Mendocino, CA in a nice hotel on the Pacific Coastline. The casual hotel guest may find our murder mystery is being performed that night, and it makes it easy to sell the last few seats in this annual one-night only performance. Teresa K Albin-Smith, Soroptimist International of Noyo Sunrise, Fort Bragg, CA

Photo: Matilda with a victimPhoto: Matilda with a friendPhoto: Matilda with a beat up guyPhoto: Matilda with a pirate

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