Murder On Maui
An Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Game

The following is a detailed account by Kristine Tibbs of her very successful murder mystery evening. It has some nice ideas you can use.

Photo - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: suspectsEvery year, the officer's wives' club and wardrooms (officer's quarters/social clubs of officers and higher Government employees) of the boats and commands get together and have a fundraiser to raise money for the "Dolphin Scholarship Fund". The Dolphin Scholarship goes to kids of Submarine Sailors. We put the murder mystery up for bid and it came in second only to the Admiral. We foot the bill and put on an incredibly authentic Luau at one of our wardroom member's homes right on the 5th hole of a golf course. It turned out to be a gorgeous 80 degree day. We even had Hula dancers!

The guests arrived stoked and ready to ask questions. They were very participatory.

We picked up the guests (so they could get schnockered freely) and drove them home. We offered pupu platters, drinks, and a full four course dinner. While guests were in the cars being driven by the extra cast members, the cast members prompted the guests about the people they were affiliated with...such as the sidekick to Abigail.

Photo - Hawaiian Luau Murder MysteryPhoto - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: suspects

We had everyone yelling and asking LOTS of questions. It was great fun.

Photo - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: suspectsOne suggestion the next time you do Murder on Maui...when Stella (victim) came out...I, as Abigail, did my wailing on the floor where we had placed a rug over a taped shape of a body...Stella fell down on the tape and she slowly positioned herself on the tape. When I came in screaming, I knelt down by the rug and pulled it up before Stella came in and used it as a nose rag and then threw it aside...everyone laughed so hard, even the staff was rolling...that was my favorite scene.

Also, for the check that Harold gets from the mysterious David, we changed his last name to Hauiuanalaia...translation: "how_I_wanna_la_ya"...that got laughs all the way through the event.

I made a really authentic looking book cover and when I would introduce myself, I would say, "Hi! My name is Abigail can call me Abby...this is my good friend Thomas can call him Maggy...he...he...he.." I was soooooooo obnoxious.

Photo - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: suspectsPhoto - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: suspectPhoto - Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery: victim

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