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Your team building scavenger hunt was the best money I have spent this year. Thank you for making my life easier.  - Edward J. Emmett Jr., Director, Positive Outcomes Charter School, Camden, DE

I used your When Nature Calls Team Building Scavenger Hunt for our company retreat. Every year the staff comments on how boring the retreat is. This year, they all had a blast!! Everything in  your packet was laid out perfectly, making it so easy for me to organize the event. The staff  really worked together and were very enthusiastic during the hunt. And very creative too! Thanks, Sara Lattanzia, Millersville MD.

Our team building scavenger hunt was a rip-roaring success! Bridget Leenstra, Novazyme Pharmaceuticals, Oklahoma City, OK

I just wanted to let you know that Our Town Team building Scavenger Hunt was a completeteam building scavenger hunt - team photo success. While we were met with a little hesitation and feelings of "this couldn't be accomplished" it was soon realized that you can accomplish anything when a team works together (and have a lot of fun doing it, I might add). We had comments like "I don't know when I have had so much fun". To see how creative some of these teams could be was beyond anything we ever imagined. We took Office Managers, the Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer and all were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done (we have pictures to prove it). I can't compliment you enough on your product and the ease of customizing it to our needs. I will certainly keep some of your other products in mind for our next meeting. Again, my thanks in making the employees that were in charge of this part of our seminar look REAL GOOD! - Kathy Anderson, Allergy Partners, Asheville, NC

The team building program was great and much more comprehensive than I had thought it would be. We had a wonderful team event that was made much easier by having this very detailed "handbook". I was very impressed with the amount of information and the creativity that went into package. Thanks for your great team building ideas! Rebecca Rhoads, The Guaranty Group, Oceanside, CA.

Hi Susan, thanks for the follow up message, how surprising :) Just got back from our Board of Directors retreat where we did the hunt and it was GREAT! It was my first time facilitating a team building event and I was a little nervous, but it went really well. I got a little hesitation from the group at first, but once they got into it, they were hilarious. It was fun to see the different characteristics of each individual surface. They added their own spin to things and impressed me beyond words. Great product!!! Thanks again, Kim O'Shea, Executive Director, Affordable Housing Management Association, Denver, CO

Operation City Slickers was a great success. Thank you for the tools and the great ideas. My team had a great time doing it and I think the exercise did a lot to bring my team together even more. Thanks again, Jodi Blomquist, Brentwood, CA

The "Operation Our Town Team Hunt" was a great success!!! Our group is made up of mostly men and I was very surprised to see how serious they took this event. They had lots of fun, met new people and best of all I looked like a hero for coming up with the idea! The event has been talked about all the way up to our corporate office in Philadelphia. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and follow up. I don't know how I will top this but if you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks, Tricia Bourgeois, ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services, Atlanta, GA

team building activities - scavenger hunt photoThe When Nature Calls team building activity was a great buy for us and has saved us hours of valuable time! Not to mention the cost was very reasonable for the contents and good use of our limited budget! Tina Houston, Denver, CO

The Operation Our Town team building scavenger hunt was great! The management team loved it. The pictures, collection, items, and the commercial were a lot of fun and an excellent way to incorporate team skills and values. I have let the word out to our corporate affiliates of the success and fun we had. The set-up time was not too bad with the thorough details and outline within the instructions for the hunt. Thanks again, Lael Hepworth, Administrator, South Salem Rehab & Specialty Care

Susan, we had our team hunt yesterday and it went very well. Each person felt that they had some significant take away. Many of our participants said they learned something new about one of their team members and the "bed time stories" were so funny that we all laughed until we cried. Thanks for the great hunt! Todd Gabel, Sunrise Senior Living, Dayton, OH

I am doing a team building seminar with my office team of about 16. Your Operation City Slickers team building hunt is great. I was able to take what you had and make it work for me on a local version. Thanks again for you website and getting me started. Faye Kauffman, Apache Junction, AZ

We did the "Our Town Scavenger Hunt" this past Wednesday afternoon and it was a GREAT success. The teams were very enthusiastic throughout the hunt, and the results were both efficient and hilarious. It was a wonderful experience for them and I can see it created plenty of lasting memories for the company, as well as new acquaintances within the group. The albums will be great souvenirs, some extra pictures are being made into an office collage, and it was a really good way to start off this intensive planning session. So thank you very much! It was a very worthwhile team building activity and helped to model the type of teamwork we are looking for in the company. Best wishes, Kensey Davis, Trilegiant, Norwalk, CT

We recently purchased Operation City Slickers. Great job! The instructions were easy to follow and everything was so easy to edit! I will certainly consider your company again for any team building activities. Thank you, Rachel L. Hayden, Navis Logistics Network, Greenwood Village, CO

Scavenger Hunt Game Final Challenge PhotoI used your hunt last week for a team building activity for my sales and marketing team. I can't tell you how much easier it was to put together once I downloaded your hunt. The format was great and so easy to use. I had already put together some clues of my own but it was nice to have extras. It would not have been the same had I not used your hunt clues and format. The event was a smash hit. Everyone had a great time and the pictures will be a great memento. The people who attended the event said that it will be hard to top this one for next years event. Thanks for the help! Melissa Kerr, Sales Manager, CareCredit, Anaheim, CA

I'm so impressed with your organization - from the level and detail of the information you provide, to the ease of navigating and ordering materials from your website, to the quality of your fun team activities, to your personalized follow-up. - Kim Dutton, Illumina, San Diego, CA

I was looking for a team building hunt for an extended period of time. I found many facilitators that operated out of large cities. These planned hunt quotes ranged from $2,500 up to $5,600. This was entirely out of my price range. I was planning to come up with my own hunt for our city. Operation City Slickers has saved me tons of time. I have really customized the hunt to meet the needs of my group; but your guide was the best $59.00 I have spent this year. Thank you for making my life easier. I just wish that there was a way that your guide would have showed up earlier in the process of searching. One of the things that I added to the hunt was that during the hunt the group is required to brainstorm 5 of our school's barriers to success. They also are responsible for proposing a solution to the barrier. Thanks, Edward J. Emmett Jr., Director, Positive Outcomes Charter School, Camden, DE

I received so many compliments on the organization & creativity of the project & I have you to thank!! Everyone had so much fun and there were many laughs! I'm very glad that I purchased your product! Thank you! Best Regards, Julie T. Morristown, NJ

Thank you for the inquiry. We held our team building scavenger hunt event last Friday and it went perfect. I can't tell you enough of how impressed I was with the material provided and the level of detail. It made it very easy to facilitate and manage. I have a staff of 20 systems testers, and they all really got into the event and enjoyed themselves. That was the best money I could have spent  on a team building retreat. Thank you for everything. - Manny Licata, Irmo SC

We had our Administrative Scavenger Hunt yesterday and everyone had a blast!!! We had a lot of laughs and everybody enjoyed themselves immensely. As they say "a picture is worth 1,000 words" . . . And that was evident in the outcome of the scavenger hunt yesterday. Some of our management members participated as Captains, etc. and it was hysterical to see them dress appropriately doing a hula dances, wearing the glasses with the nose, eyebrows and mustache and really letting loose. We also have a couple ladies who work in our office who are 65+ and they enjoyed doing "something they unanimously considered fun" like sliding down a slide and swinging on a swing. The people in downtown Walpole, Massachusetts will never be the same; fire department, the local post office, the travel agency, the construction workers, the MBTA employees and the restaurant where we had lunch! We even brought the construction workers Coffee Coolata's from Dunkin Donuts to thank them for their willingness to have fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a kit that allowed us to not only have our employees work together as teams but also the fun we had on a beautiful sunny day! Sincerely, Wendy J. Silvia, Vice President, Woodland Partners, LLC, Walpole, MA

Photo: jumping jack team hunt challengeWe had our Our Town team building scavenger hunt this past Friday, and it was a GREAT BIG success! I've been planning staff retreat type days for 7-8 years, and this easily had the most positive feedback. As many have clients have indicated on your website, it was easy to tweak your documents to add our own challenges or remove bits that didn't quite work for us. Nice idea > One example I'll pass along is how we replaced the bribing portion of the hunt with mini-challenges. If teams wanted to get assistance of any kind from the facilitator, they had 5 opportunities to complete a mini-challenge. If successful, they got the assistance. If they "chickened-out" or unsuccessful, they could use another of their 5 opportunities, but no team member could attempt more than one of these challenges. In summary, it took a lot of time to plan....but well worth our planning committee's time! Stéphane Daniel, HR Manager, Triangle United Way, Morrisville, NC

You are brilliant! The detailed information you provided in your Operation City Slickers team building scavenger hunt has given me just about everything I need to hold this session. We are so excited. Appreciate your help, Laura Friday, AVP, Learning and Development, Tempe, AZ.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we used the ‘When Nature Calls' Team Building Scavenger Hunt at an office Workshop a couple of days ago and it was a huge success! It was a great team building activity as well as being a blast. The stories behind the photo challenges provided us with a lot of laughter after the hunt. Thanks so much for a great product with easy to follow instructions. Shannon Lessard, North Battleford Saskatchewan

I am a Positive Behavior Specialist. I used your team building scavenger hunt as part of a two day agenda to meld our staff. I must say, we had a GREAT time. All the teams brought back amazing  pictures and we got to have fun with each other. We are no longer coworkers, we are friends and family. Awesome! I will definitely be using more of your stuff. Your team activity is well organized. I changed a few things to make it specific to Austin but other than that - perfect! Thanks! Tina Stogdill, Austin, TX.

I'm so happy to report that we completed the Team Building Scavenger Hunt yesterday, and it was a huge success! It was exactly what I was looking for when I first found your website and called you to ask a few questions. You answered all of my questions and guided me in the right direction to the hunt that would work best for my team that I described. Your hunt set the tone for the two days of training that followed for a team that was recently integrated after an acquisition. And we are now better prepared to work together into the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Deanna Johnson, Temecula CA

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