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I am very excited about the Black Cat Halloween Hunt! I think it will be so much fun! I live in an over 55 development. We all drive around our "village" in our golf carts. I can just image all our teams driving around in their golf cart during the hunt- yelling and laughing with the other teams!

I want you to know that this is the third year I have used your games as the social chairperson of a senior citizen community. Three years ago I decided to do a Mystery Theater. After searching the Internet I finally decided to buy your Luau Mystery Theater. It was a great hit and I promised it would be an annual affair. Last year I wanted to do a Western Theme. I ordered from another company. I was totally dissatisfied and knew it would not work for our group. I then ordered your Western Mystery. Again another hit!

I am now a loyal customer and have told other people how satisfied I have been with your site and products. Patti Barnett- Social Chairperson of Salt Springs Village Salt Springs, Florida

The romantic scavenger hunt was perfect. My boyfriend thought that it was the best Valentine's Day ever. We have celebrated Valentine's for 7 years now and this was the first that he has cried because he was sooooo moved. Of all of the gifts in the scavenger hunt, his favorite was the coupon book. Thank you again for your help, Lana Anderson, Austin, TX

Your scavenger hunt materials were WONDERFUL and truly made the event a tremendous success!!!   Wish you could have been there!!! I'm so glad that we found your web site!!! Regards, Linda Honeycheck, Hoboken, NJ

My team thoroughly enjoyed the Our Town scavenger hunt. They said it was the best team building activity they had ever participated in…matter of fact, they said it was the best day of work they ever had! Thank you for making things so easy. It was well worth the $25.00!!!! Kerri Fernandez, Spring TX

I am very satisfied with my scavenger hunt purchase. The documents downloaded just as your instructions indicated. You have thought of EVERYTHING -- What a great product. I have done my own scavenger hunts in the past, but it is nice to have the checklists and material all in one place -- you are wonderful. Thank you again for the great product. I love scavenger hunts!! Thanks again, Peggy Stevens, Indianapolis, IN

Photo: Scavenger hunt party game challengeGreat idea by Sue > I just did your Operation Recovery scavenger hunt game. I only had four teams, 4/5 on each but each team had children. Very difficult to keep motivated and occupied while the grading was going on. So I ended up doing mini-challenges in between grading each team. The most successful of which was the supermarket run - briefly, each team selected a member to do the running and I explained the rules. I explained that once they got to the door of the supermarket (we were all in the pub over-looking the entrance to the supermarket) I would give their teams the name of four items that they must purchase (for under $10 which I had given them). So each team was going crazy on their mobile phones shouting down the names of each item. Hilarious. And of course it was a race to see who could fill the list the quickest. Talk about mayhem. Thought you might want to use it as an alternative to one of the games. Sue Pettit, Dungarvan, Ireland

Wow! Impressive customer service! I was already delighted with the easy to use on-line purchasing experience and simple to follow instructions! This note really tops off the experience. Truly, it was the best money I've spent in a long time. Lila Kee, Newton, Mass.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SCAVENGER HUNT MATERIALS! My boss and all the Hunt participants were THRILLED with the entire thing - start to finish! We had the best time! I am still receiving praising e-mails and thank you cards from everyone a week later! I am so lucky to have played a part in bringing them a fresh, unique way of interacting with each other! I have and will recommend this to everyone I know! Thanks again, Aubrey Jones, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

scavenger hunt team members perform - photoMy scavenger hunt was a hit and our friends are asking for another. Thank you for your creativity in offering such a reasonably priced product. I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future. Ann Woolley, Portage, MI

Donna has GREAT suggestions here > Just to let you know the scavenger hunt was very successful. I tweaked it a bit to add some Amazing Race stuff, a detour and a roadblock, plus they were all video taped doing 3-5 minutes, each 4 teams with a different movie to perform, costumes all supplied. The participation was phenomenal! The teams watched the video tape while I added up the scores. I was amazed at how resourceful people were from getting the YMCA construction workers along with getting a police officer to pose with a team member. My favorite was the team that took a picture of themselves and put in on the phone to have them all "in" the phone booth!!! We had 2 beautiful "cranes" made out of TP seat covers. Their roadblock was to go to the Sales Office of my town home, sing a Christmas song to the sales person, take a pic with her and have her sign their album page!! I surely wish I had a video tape of that, but the pics were great. Your package was great as starting from scratch would have taken forever. The small investment was well worth it. Thanks, I love your product!! Donna M. Tom, Hewlett-Packard Company, San Jose, CA

I must tell you what a great package you have put together! We are very excited to put the hunt into play (pardon the pun!). We are planning to do the hunt within the next couple of months and all in the office are in anticipation! Thank you for all your effort and time spent in preparing and organizing such a great game package! Sincerely, Sally Richardson, Calgary, AB

Wow Susan! What customer service! I am planning my scavenger hunt next month for a romantic rendezvous with my boyfriend. Everything you sent me is perfect. Thank you for checking on me. Kimberly Shepard,  Richardson, TX

Photo: scavenger hunt party game in actionWe did the Operation Recovery find items hunt on Saturday. I had three teams of five; ages 13-30 (cousins and friends). They had a BLAST! They all did such a FANTASTIC job. The green team had stopped to get soup of the day selections and had left their car unlocked, running with the keys in it. The red team pulled up (the mother of the driver was on the red team and it was her car) and instead of stealing the car, they raided the collection bag - laying in the car. What a hoot! A couple of the teams had lots of help from the grocery store they went to and the dollar store not only helped them find things but didn't charge them sales tax. All in all a good time! Thanks for everything! Sherry, Cedar Springs, MI

Our scavenger hunt was a huge success, your ideas inspired many more ideas and we are still talking about the fun we had. We had a guys verses girls team and the girls blew the guys away! Thanks for your hard work! John Page, Zionville, NC

We had our Operation Recovery scavenger hunt this past weekend - and it was GREAT. I modified some of the Cloak & Dagger mission but overall it was a huge success. Great idea > One thing that I added to the scavenger hunt which was quite funny - was a sort of "pledge form" whereby the teams had to approach 15 different people and sing & act before them (I'm a Little teapot, The Barney Song, etc) - after which point the people would sign their "pledge form" and each signature earned the team 100 points!! We came back yesterday from the camping trip, and everyone had an amazing time and really enjoyed their "missions". It was well worth it and I will definitely recommend it! Karen Buermans, Orleans, Ontario

We used the "Our Town" scavenger hunt and it turned out great. Everyone had a good time, we got some great pictures, and folks actually learned some things about the area that they previously didn't know. Thanks very much - you have a great product! Regards, Bob Creek, Moraga, CA

I love what you have done with your game, very informative, and everything seems to be laid out so nicely that you don't really have too many questions unanswered. I also appreciate the fact that you put the effort out to your customers like you do. I read some of the feed back and I can tell you seem to do this a lot for your customers. You know, you don't find much on customer service anymore, so thanks again for the extra attention. Brenda Sanders, Katy, TX

Everything went great. We did the hunt during a "30 Hour Famine" where the students fasted for 30 hours to raise money for and awareness of worldwide poverty. They had such a great time they didn't even think about being hungry! You offer a great product and I will likely look to you in the future for other events. Thanks, Kyle Squire, Pastor of Youth, Prayer and Evangelism House of Prayer, Blairsville, GA

Photo: challenge from our scavenger huntsWow! Impressive customer service! I was already delighted with the easy to use on-line purchasing experience and simple to follow instructions! This note really tops off the experience. We're using your kit for a 12 year old girls hockey team bonding experience. As the result of the age and schedule constraint I modified your kit to fit my restrictions. Truly, it was the best money I've spent in a long time. Having the pre-made templates that I just edited to suit my needs allowed me to create a tailor made scavenger hunt in a fraction of the amount of time if I started from scratch. Lila Kee, Newton, Mass.

We loved the scavenger hunt!! The hunt was extremely creative and well planned and the material was easy to read and well organized. I wouldn't hesitate to refer you to a friend or to purchase additional games myself. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk me through the games and different options last week. I appreciate your honesty and your patience! Cynthia Brusman, West Chester, OH

This is the 2nd scavenger hunt that I have ordered from you. I tweak it up and let em go! Was a huge success last time for my daughter's 13th Birthday. This city scavenger hunt is for the last day of school.....soooo fun. I love Haley Productions, the service, quality of product and price are wonderful. Tonya Bridges, Heath, TX

I was very pleased with my nature scavenger hunt game. As a former event coordinator I know the importance of ensuring that all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed. Your package was fully inclusive and had so many great ideas that it was easy to adapt to a smaller group and a smaller venue. It saved me hours of time and everyone who participated enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I will not hesitate to purchase another of your products in future. Linda LeGroulx, Wine Kitz, Ottawa, ON

Susan, what a GREAT experience. I have long been a fan of scavenger hunts (since my teenager years) but haven't done one in so long. Our son's 16th birthday was on New Year's Eve and he wanted a party. These days it is so hard to entertain teenagers -- and to keep them out of trouble at the same time. Also, with so much hoopla around birthday parties it's hard to come up with something original that doesn't involve hiring someone or renting out a party facility. Your product saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had planned to do a scavenger hunt but waited until 3 days before his party to pull it all together. So just 48 hours before 16 sixteen year olds were to show up at my house, I was in a panic. Until, of course, I found you on the Internet Your Our Town hunt was perfect. It was easy to modify, thorough in every aspect, and was the only reason our son's 16th birthday party was a success. The kids loved it -- and declared that we should have an annual scavenger hunt for Mack's birthday. Thank you so much == and kudos to you for offering such a creative service, a quality product, and great service. Best wishes in your business. I'm spreading the word all over Atlanta! And I'll stand by my word: I got more than my money's worth! Karen Sherman, Atlanta, GA.

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