The Mafia Murders Mystery Game

The following is a detailed account by Kristine Tibbs of her very successful murder mystery evening. It is FULL OF GREAT IDEAS you can use.

I am sure you remember the Murder Mystery that we put on last year (The Final Cut) by a bunch of Navy sailors and family...well, it was such a hit last year that the same command bid on the Murder Mystery this year and won it...what did they pay for it? $2,150.00! The admiral put in 400.00 of his own money to win it.

Our teaser was the best yet and we did it to a captive audience...because of the previous ones that we did, you could hear a pin drop during our skit.

Photo - Gangster murder mystery gamePhoto - Mafia Murders: the mollPhoto: 1920's Gangster

Donato comes out (The Godfather music playing) with his thugs (we had Tommy guns crafted by one of our guys). He stops in the middle of the room and says, "Why is it every time I walk into a room, this music plays?" Then we have the soundman taken out for a thrashing.

Photo - Mafia Murders: in mourningAll the guys have marshmallows stuck in their mouths, when Donato starts to talk and starts to gag...he spits out the marshmallows into his hand and says "Hey! Take the marshmallows outta you mouths...they look stupid!" All the guys take a rag out of their coat jackets and spit their marshmallows into the napkins and lay them on the tables where ever they were standing...the crowd went crazy.

Then Donato says, "Hey Crusher, you got the thing?" "No boss, I don't got the thing...hey Waldo, you got the thing...what thing? I don't know nothin about the one ever tells me anything about the anything...Hey Fast Hands, you got the thing? No I ain't got the thing...hey Maul Man, you got the thing? No I don't have the thing...then Crusher says, Awwww fogetaboutit...Hey boss, I guess we left the thing in the Library...etc...Donato then invites people to the Library and then the bidding was triumphant!

Photo: gangster murder mystery gameThe Mystery dinner will be at our CO's house this year. I have three people to commit to driving their Model T Fords for picking up our guests! We are going to pick them up and blindfold some of them, stop and drag one person out of one car and place him in another...have the FBI following us and we lose them...all kinds of fun stuff before they even get to the party.

Keep writing those mysteries! We may do it again next year...we are getting a new CO so we don't know what is to happen next year. By the way...this year, I am the director...and I will be playing the floozy that sings...or Rose Scallopini. Not sure yet...I just may combine the characters. Our Rita is going to be great. She is a redhead, but I talked her into dying her hair black for the occasion. And our Fifi is great...She is going to have the blonde pageboy wig and then she will pull it off when she reveals her true identity. Our Jimmy and Dapper are played by John Marsh who was Rock last year (he would have made a great Quinnie too) and he played the lead's sidekick in Murder on Maui. He is a fabulous actor...he's playing The GYP with a lisp kind of like Daffy Duck (too bad he only has a few lines in the beginning, but he is great...makes us laugh so hard we want to pee in our pants) and he plays a very nervous Dapper...hysterically funny!

Photo: Mafia Murders: suspects

There will be more who will also get into the swing of things. It will be the best yet! Anyway, CDR Feustel did leave us to go to a carrier. He is the Submarine Fleet Liaison for surface ship that he is on. He coordinated everything last year and the year before. This year I am the "patsy" who got roped into coordinating stuff and directing the Murder Mystery. I'll write again after we do the mystery.

Photo: Mafia Murders: 1920's gangstersPhoto: Mafia Murders: the Godfather

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"You bring so much joy & fun to people with your mystery games. That’s a commodity that’s always in demand!" - Janet Finesilver, Chester, NH
"This is one of the most thoroughly thought out team building activities that I have ever seen. Thank you." - Cyndi Avery, Newton, IA
"Your scavenger hunt game was my salvation." - Judy McElynn, Hilton Head, SC 

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