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I downloaded the Halloween Hunt and Birthday Bash with no problems! I have five children with birthdays during the fall and winter, and I needed something that I didn't have to plan or think about, since I just had a baby. I love how everything is all spelled out for me. I also love that I can edit the games to suit the age group of my children. I'm always "killing myself" to plan and prepare for their parties, but this time I don't feel so pressured or overwhelmed. Thank you for offering these great parties, especially for busy moms like me! Stacey Coates, Coatesville PA

Emily Maddox - Special One Kids MysteryWe did The Special Ones as a birthday party for my daughter who was turning eight. The attendees ranged from ages 5 - 10. mystery game ideaGreat ideas > My daughter and I dressed up as Secret Service agents in all black complete with hats, sunglasses and a curly cord running from our ear to our collar and hand delivered the invitations in file folders stamped "Top Secret" and "Classified". We also made an additional sheet with the Presidential Seal at the top and a personal invitation to Emily's Birthday party (the cover for spy camp). And we made special ID cards with each child's photo and spy name on them for the goodie bags. I took their photo with a digital camera when they arrived. For a week, I had kids stopping me at the school and asking questions about their character and about "camp". Instead of telling the main characters everything beforehand we only briefed them on their character. Only my daughter (the birthday girl) and the girl who was Stephanie Snooze knew who the transformer was. I passed out cue cards when it was time so the kids read cold. We were impressed that even the extra kids came with costumes on. The kids are still telling me what a blast they had. I also had 2 parents who stayed and observed and said it was great. Cathy Maddox, Leesburg, VA

Thanks for the follow up! We used Operation Kovert Kids for my daughters 11th birthday party and the girls had a blast. I loved how you could add/subtract activities as needed. Our party started at 4:30 and except for dinner/cake and present breaks the girls played until 10:30. When they got up in the morning the first thing I heard was "Can we do more of the scavenger hunt stuff?" Great product! I hope to use some of your stuff with my girl scout troop! Thanks again, Aimee' South, Englewood FL

I want to let you know that "Operation Catch Me If You Can" was a huge success at our Girl Scout Troop sleep over! Hours after the game was over, they were still asking if the Agents were coming back. When the parents came to pick them up in the morning, the 1st thing the girls told them about was the agent's Raid and who the "thief" ended up being. Your package covered every potential question and was flexible too. The adults had lots of fun too. Thank you, Deborah Fay-Marsh, Hill NH

Everything went GREAT! While I would typically create a scavenger hunt on my own, time simply got away from me. Your step-by-step, thorough instructions allowed me to pull off a successful event for a gaggle of 11-year old girls in short order. Everything was clear, and efficient. I appreciated the additional options and alternative offerings that afforded flexibility to accommodate many situations. Thank you for all of your effort to produce a fabulous product efficiently! Melanie Schroepfer, Charlotte, NC

The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was a HUGE success!--Thanks! I am now officially the "favorite aunt". Robin Feinberg, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: CSI crime scenePhoto Crime Scene OfficerPhoto Crime Lab

Operation Crime Scene Investigation - photos above submitted by Julie Coad. We had a blast and so did the kids. They were begging for us to do it again. We had seven teams of eight kids on a team, with a chief investigator. Each team was given a top secret box to start the game. We had one crime scene set up in the middle of downtown where the body was, and six labs stationed throughout the city. We had tons of media coverage and lots of attention which is what we wanted. Then we held a BBQ for everyone at City Hall with speeches from our Mayor and Minister of Health. Great event, although it was a lot of work and planning.

Your Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was a hit. My daughter came out with a great scrapbook of memories. Great idea > I named the scavenger hunt, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Underpants". You can guess from the movie, and the same principle applies. There are two teams of 4 girls. 4 out of the 10 pictures has to be taken wearing the pair of underpants that is in their handout. One picture of each person with the underpants (over their clothes). We used a joycam. Thanks for the advice of buying extra film. I took the suggestion of scrapbooking with the pictures well. Penny Sabourin, Ingleside, ONT

Kovert Kids' Scavenger Hunt was a blast! I decided to Google search scavenger hunts on the Thursday before my son's 13th b'day - held on Saturday. I came across your site and decided to purchase it. Since I only had a day or so to prepare I used portions of the hunt. I improvised a little but the templates were very easy to edit and print!! It was a huge success. It really was the highlight of my son's first boy/girl party. It took preparation but was well worth it!!! Thanks - well worth the download! Sincerely, Marlene Nielsen, Huntington Beach, CA

Operation Kovert Kids was awesome and tons of fun!! I used it with a 7th - 9th grade Youth Group. Your hunt was so well-explained and you thought of everything! Our group had so much fun and I got a lot of positive feedback. Anne Dautenhahn, Jackson, MI

I got your Operation Egghead Scavenger hunt. Everything was wonderful. It was easy to make changes and everything was very colorful and you had wonderful ideas. Thank you, we had alot of fun. Denise Covington, Chino Hills, CA

WOW!!! We are exhausted but had a wonderful time. I used your Operation Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt for my 9 year old twins' birthday party today. I had printed off the instructions a couple of days ago, and had mentally prepared, but literally I showed up at WalMart this morning at 8:30am to BEGIN shopping. By 1:00 I was completely ready and waiting on the guests to arrive at 2. We had 26 boys and girls, oldest 13/youngest 3, and they all had a great time. One 8 year old told my daughter it was absolutely the coolest party she'd ever been to. All the adults at the party kept asking, "how long did it take you to come up with all this?" I just smiled and said, "It was on the internet--I started the planning this morning." I'm sending your website in all the thank yous! Thank you for saving my sanity. I only do a party every other year, and we like to do it up big. Thanks to you, we did!!! MaryKaye Woods, Jackson, TN

The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt party for our nine year old son was great. We have already been told by a number of the parents that their sons have told them our birthday party was the best birthday party they had ever gone to. Thanks for everything, throwing a birthday party for 10 nine year old boys was very difficult but your help made everything easier. Doug Mason, Sycamore, IL

Everything is planned out perfectly!! I did not have any questions because everything was right there in the instructions. We had 18 (10 and 11 yr. old) girls at my daughters birthday party and the hunt was a huge success!! Thank you so much for all of your help! Misty Gordon, Alabaster, AL

We had a VERY successful hunt yesterday. I was able to alter things to fit in with Winter. The format was easy to specify for our location and number. One group really loved asking for help. I never have gotten so many neck rubs (without asking). They also sang and told jokes. The album is a success. They all loved showing their folks when they were picked up. Now we can print up a collage for each on their thank you notes. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. It would have been 10 times the work to come up with clues and type things in from scratch. Cindy Bonfield, Ann Arbor, MI

I used the Kovert Kids hunt to vary our annual Easter celebration. The kids loved it!! They range in age from 8 to 16 and there were 10 of them. We divided them into three groups with a mix of age and gender. The sheer creativity of the group was wonderful! They came up with some new or at least different twists to the riddles we never expected and the commercials were so funny that we were crying by the time all three were done! Thank you so much for your wonderful addition to our Easter Celebration. The kids can't wait to do another hunt! Cris and Dennis Funkhouser, Rio Linda, CA

We used your scavenger hunt this weekend and absolutely loved it! Thanks for the follow-up, but everything went quite smoothly. Great idea > One of the pages in the program looked like a scrapbook page, so I typed each picture challenge, collection challenge, and the final challenge each on a separate page with the scrapbook paper as background. I placed it in a 3-ring binder. That way, for everything they did, we had a picture. One person's job was placing each picture on the proper page. When we were finished with the scavenger hunt we had a completed scrapbook of the entire day. This was so great! The children have looked a the book several times this week and seem to be very proud of it. Another idea would be to have a totally different activity of letting the children personalize the scrap book pages after the scavenger hunt is completed. Thank you-we will treasure that day for years to come. Rhonda Hylton, Fayetteville WV

My 30-minute hunt turned to be a blast. Thank you so much for having this resource. I had never done a hunt in my life, and was unclear about how to begin. Your scavenger hunt clues really helped me design my mini-hunt. Kay Sternberg, Thousand Oaks, CA

We had our party on Saturday night and the kids all had a blast. Your kit was so helpful and easy to adapt, we loved it !!! Good luck with future sales, it was well worth the money that we spent and even better, I was able to purchase this and downloaded at 11 pm which is when I often have time to do things for myself. Nancy Pinkerton, Park Ridge, IL

Operation Kovert Kids was a great way to get them workings as a team. They loved it. I had a mixed age group of kids and it was wonderful to see the older kids (12-15) helping out the younger kids (5-7). I would recommend you to anyone looking for a fun activity that can keep kids entertained for a good couple of hours. The best part of the whole thing was the pictures that came out of it. They are priceless. :) Thank you so much and your customer service is wonderful. Not to many people would send a follow up email to see how things were going or if I needed any help. Thanks you! Jessica Borkowski, Cudahy WI

It was a great party. The kids had an incredible time with the Kovert Kids scavenger hunt. For the picture taking part. NICE IDEA > I put a photo album in each team bag (they were thin albums each contained only 12 pages I picked them up in the dollar store). On each page I added the instructions for that picture. In the end, my daughter got the pictures in the albums as a keepsake from her party. I put this party together in a day- It was easy & the kids had a blast! Thanks, Grace Trimmer, Garden City, NY

The scavenger hunt was a large success. My daughter had a party scheduled for last Saturday, and on Friday morning some of the plans fell apart. I was searching the internet for scavenger hunt ideas when I happened upon your web site. I downloaded it, bought the few things I needed, studied it that night, and had the hunt the next day. All the girls loved it! Thanks so much for saving my party! Debra Short, Memphis, TN

The Operation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was wonderful! I did this for a slumber party. We only had six girls, age range 6-11 and two of the girls were new to the others, so my husband and I thought it was a great ice breaker so the girls could all get to know each other. I'm not sure who had more fun here; me for putting it together and watching them have fun, or them, for having so much fun with it. I am so glad I found your web-site. I wanted to do a scavenger hunt for this party, but I had no clue how to plan it, organize it, pull it off, etc. so your packet was very informational and everything I needed to know to do this was all there for me! Thanks again! Stephanie M Slark, Westerville OH

Thank you so much for making "The Special Ones" mystery game available out there! I used it with a class of 3rd graders at their end of the year party. Parents played the "Seniors" while the kids and teachers were all "First Years." Parents were able to pull it off with just one quick run-through/rehearsal. The game comes well prepared, so I didn't have too much prep-time to put into it. I tweaked it here or there to fit our environment and time constraints. The kids had so much fun! They loved being "special ones." They loved dancing around "like no one was watching". They loved the hunt for clues. They loved keeping record of their clues and decoding the message near the end. One child figured out "whodunnit" before the last scene, so we said, "let's see," played out the last scene, and ended with cheers of excitement and handing out of the certificates. The parents had as much fun as the kids. They really got into their characters and costumes, and the kids loved seeing their parents act! It was easy to download your files. Your follow-up to make sure I had everything I needed was fantastic. I have two more kids, and I'll order again! Thanks, Jamie Nagaich, Seattle, WA

Well, Susan, we are just basking in the after-glow of the big Kovert Kid Scavenger hunt that finished about an hour ago. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful hunt. I found it very easy to adapt when necessary. The download was great and user friendly. This scavenger hunt was for my son's 10th birthday which is the day after Halloween, so we were able to tie in Halloween very easily. The kids had a great time!! So did the facilitators. All in all you had everything planned to a tee. It was so easy to adapt to our own party. THANK YOU!!!!!! Wonderful job. Janet Pogasic, Macomb, MI

Thanks for the follow up. I like the overall plan, and I'm very happy with it's organization and very clever ideas. Last year we hosted a kid's mystery party, which I downloaded from another website, and I was disappointed with its disorganization and poorly designed materials. I had to significantly rework it to make it usable and fun for the kids. Your Scavenger Hunt is a much better product overall, which is exciting. I suppose I have high standards, and I am thrilled that the ideas are fun and silly enough that I don't really have to do any editing at all, exwcept to personalize it for our four birthday boys! Thanks for making your product worth buying! Rachael Kitchens, San Pedro, CA

I would like to take the time to thank you for your Pirate Game. I took a short survey from all of the kids afterward to see if anything didn't go okay or what they liked the most and they were all adamant about liking EVERYTHING. It was awesome and now I have requests from my nieces and nephews along with my own kids on how they want theirs to go. THANK YOU! Charla Hale, Von Ormy TX

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