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We are having great fun working on the Catch Me If You Can game. We ordered it for our soon to be eleven year olds party on the 28th. We are in the process of adopting her and her sibs. She has never had a birthday party and is looking forward to it immensely. I love how easy and well laid out the plans are. A fun, complicated party made very simple to execute. Wish I had discovered your company years ago. We'll be back. Thanks! Karen Hartman (mom of 14), Gardnerville, NV

I have to tell you that the kids had a blast with your CSI game! My daughter and her friend went all out on the notebooks, morgue pics, etc. There were about 8 kids, ages 10 -12 and at first they looked like they would be bored until they started going to each lab in the different areas of the house. All the mothers agreed they wished their kids would work this hard on their school work. I plan on going to your website and I hope you have a place where I can write a review. Thanks so much!. Traci Beck, Magnolia, TX

Graphic kids' scavenger huntsWhat a hit! I ordered the Hunt one week before my son's birthday and was able to read, customize, purchase items and set up before the party. No stress, and the hunt went off without a hitch. Everyone had a blast. We had a mix of ages 10-13 yrs old even mix of boys and girls even my 4 yr old had fun. Since my son is getting older it was getting harder to find activities that will entertain them. With Kovert Kids, I did not have to keep things going or convince them to participate. They all jumped in feet first and had a blast the whole time and as parents arrived their kids was telling them in breathless voices how much fun they had and how they had to do this or when this kid did that. "IT WAS SO COOL" was said over and over. Every kid thanked me for the awesome time so from them and me THANK YOU. I can't wait until my son gets in from school to hear the school buzz. Ha ha. Stacey Acton, Medford OR

Thank you for the follow up. The Special Ones mystery game and clues were all very well written and pretty much self explanatory.  The other room mothers and myself are helping my son's 4th grade class perform this at their Valentine's Party! All the kids have responded with a great deal of excitement and can't wait to figure out the mystery. Thanks again for a great product. Sincerely, Andrea Peppin, Shertz, TX

I would like to say that this Catch Me If You Can game is an awesome idea, and a wonderful product, at a reasonable price with customer service that can't be beat! Our party isn't set until a week from now, but I am certain it will be a big hit!!! I was searching for a long time, just surfing for ideas, before I found this and it is going to be a blast, I am sure, for kids and the adults there to help raid us! And I have NEVER had better customer service. Stephanie Brazell, Tulsa, OK

Well, Susan, we are just basking in the after-glow of the big Kovert Kid Scavenger hunt that finished about an hour ago. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful hunt. I found it very easy to adapt when necessary. The download was great and user friendly. This scavenger hunt was for my son's 10th birthday which is the day after Halloween, so we were able to tie in Halloween very easily. The kids had a great time!! So did the facilitators. Janet Pogasic, Macomb, MI

Your product was my salvation. I spent only one day editing prepping and printing. I couldn't have done this party without Kovert Kids!! Thanks for the phone and email support. Judy McElynn, Hilton Head, SC

I used your kids scavenger hunt for a 10 year old boy's birthday party. It was a big hit and the boys had so much fun. My husband and neighbors had fun making them bribe us for help or clues. The kids really enjoy the "home" parties compared to the expensive "out" parties. We were told by parents that their kids talked about it all weekend! Michele Grimm, Branchburg NJ

Wow! What service. I was a walking testimony for you all weekend and even today. All went well - actually amazing. I had done a hunt last year, but on my own. I was not prepared this year and wanted somebody to just "TELL ME" what to do - thus my purchase of your hunt package. It was a life saver. The riddles, the puzzles - all fantastic. The best birthday my daughter has ever had. All the parents said it will be an annual event. We tweaked the game to suite us and our time frame. We live in a subdivision that has a lake. I added a riddle about "sunken treasure" and then I had my husband rig one of the clues with a fishing "bobber" and the clue was in the water!! Once they figured the answer was under the water, they Had to figure out if it was under the sink, in the pool, or in the lake, etc. They couldn't believe they found a clue in the lake. My daughter was telling everybody what I had done. Great idea > I had the kids dress in all black (so did I) with knit hats and sunglasses, as well as black face paint. Anyway, I could ramble all day. Thanks again, it was a great purchase. Tracy Hollier, Praireville LA

Everyone had a blast with Operation Egghead. It was the best idea I've come across in a long while. Regina Dunshie, Force, PA

We had my daughter Megan's birthday party this past weekend. A wonderful time was had by all. I could never have done it without you, for sure. I am a pretty creative person, but work full time and am a single mom, so I have almost no time. Once again, I couldn't have done it without your wonderful Kovert Kids hunt!! The children were so excited and really participated well and were engaged in what they were doing for the entire time. I had my two sisters and my parents help with the teams and that worked really well. Instead of making team albums, we had each team create a poster with all their pictures and collections on it (great idea). The kids had so much fun showing their parents all the pictures and explaining what went on as they came to pick them up. The parents looked amazed at how organized everything was!! I did tell them the wasn't ALL my doing!! Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful idea and a great time!! Megan absolutely thought it was the best birthday party ever and that I was the greatest Mom on earth. Now the bar has been set really high!! I have no idea how we could ever top that party ...Thank you a million times!!! Stephanie Burke, Nashville, TN

Hi Susan, We had a great 10th birthday party for our daughter and her friends with the hunt this past weekend. They had a blast! I needed to make some minor  variations, but it ran very smoothly and the weather cooperated perfectly.  P. S. Several parents of the kids wanted to know when we'd be organizing a hunt like this one for them! Best, Sue McKenzie, New Brunswick

Thanks for following up. Kovert Kids was an enormous success. One my favorite parts was the dress-up contest using foil and toilet paper. What a hoot! Great, great job on your part. Thanks so much. It wouldn't have been the success that it was without your handbook. Thanks, Barbara Shields, Wilmette, IL

LOVED IT! It's exactly what we needed for my daughter's birthday! We had an awesome time! My daughter and her friends had a blast. Thanks for all your help. Monique Skoda, Surrey, BC

Michelle has some nice ideas here > My Family Reunion Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was a SUCCESS! I did as you suggested and used some of your ideas and then invented some of my own. One of the "Challenges" was to figure out which relative I was talking about (with the clues I gave them) and then locating that relative to collect a "Playing Card" from them. If they figured out all 9 they got 9 cards - which gave them a better chance of getting the best "Poker" hand. But they had to figure out at least 5 in order to enter their "Poker" hand. Here were some of my "Clues": He made sure "YOU GOT MAIL" - Our Uncle Bob who worked at the Post Office. She's the Grandma of "DYNOMITE" - Which was my Mom, because my son's initials are T.N.T. So thank you for your hints and ideas - it made me the hit of the weekend! If it wasn't for your web site I might not have done the hunt at all - thinking I didn't know enough of what I was doing - but with you help and guidance I did pull it off! And now I'm sure the pressure is on for next year to top this year. I did hear on of my Aunt saying she couldn't wait to see what we came up with next year. I better get thinking NOW! Michelle L. Tavelli, Newark Valley, NY

The party was a great success even with less than a 24 hour planning period! We had a 7th grade cross country team of 16 (boys and girls) so we had two teams.....the Jetsons and the Flintstones. All parts were just a HOOT but the decorating of a male team member using toilet paper and foil was hilarious!! Picture a toilet papered body with a foil THONG bikini! Great Memories!! Gratefully, Kathy Kusler, Kalispell MT

The Operation Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was great! I'd be happy to recommend your product to anyone. It saved me a lot of time and the kids absolutely LOVED it. Congratulations on your web site & ideas. My 12 yr old daughter said it was the best birthday party she ever had. We did a modified hunt in the dark in our neighborhood and gave Target gift cards as prizes. It rocked!!!! Thanks, Cheryl Jovel, Largo, FL

Thanks for the GREAT scavenger hunt. The kids, 15 of them (12 and 13 year olds) had a fantastic time. They loved the pictures and had a lot of fun with the riddles. The bribing was a great idea too. It was definitely worth $15.99. Thanks for doing all the work. Julie Beuligmann, Carlsbad, CA

The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was a big success! It was for 14 & 15 year old girls. There was even one 16 year old present. And I heard them all commenting to my daughter that it had been a really fun night!...they thought they were too old for that sort of thing. But they found that it was really a lot of fun! I think the collections and the pictures were the "most" fun. They got VERY CREATIVE. It was a hoot! I was panicking about having to start from scratch and have it be 'cool enough' for that age group. So having something to start with and modify was a great relief to me. And in spite of it being unusually cold that evening (30s), the kids didn't care and seemed not to notice...due to the excitement...and running around trying to beat the clock! I also called neighbors and told them what was up and asked if it be okay to put them down as an OK house to visit. Then I gave the girls a list of names and addresses of 'pre-approved' neighbors. And I told them they could only go to these houses and they were not allowed inside anybodys house. This was all for 'safety '...since I was responsible for other people's children. I think this worked very well. I think for this age group, doing odd & silly things appealed to that age group. And one more note: with this age group, they took it "seriously" about the comment that they got points for be REALLY CREATIVE!!! It was great!!!Thanks a bunch for your ideas and hard work!! :- All in all, it was a major success! Nina Brooks, Madison, AL

Michelle has some good ideas here > I held the Kovert Kids hunt this last Saturday for my son's 9th birthday and am pleased to report that it went very well. I had a total of 6 kids, aged 8-10. Rather than assign a child as the photographer, I had an adult assigned to each team as the photographer and to keep an eye on things - but who were unable to help with clues, riddles etc.. At the house, I had a third adult who acted as the "Judge", who was responsible for helping (and taking bribes!) where necessary. Although there are a few things I would do differently next time, overall I am very pleased - and the kids had a great time. The certificates were a real hit too! I certainly feel that it was money well spent, as I am a single working mom and there is no way that I would have had the time or energy to come up with everything that you provided. Michelle Mwariga, Aldergrove B.C.

Believe it or not I was able to pull together everything in one day (although I don't recommend it). With your instructions it is not that hard to do. I like that you can edit the activities to meet your needs, so if I didn't have an item, I simply substituted or took out. I had 6 girls, two teams, ages 11 and 12. They had a ball. I was worried that they may be getting too old but I think they were at a perfect age. They caught onto the clues easily and were very creative and a little devious I might add. My daughter said it was the best party she has ever had. Overall it was a great success. Thanks so much. Rebecca Biles, Louisville, KY

I used your hunt for a 13th boy-girl birthday party. It's a really tough age to do something structured for a large group of kids! I want you to know that the kids absolutely had a great time. We modified your plan, but did our own version of a lot of it. I'd recommend something like this to anyone in need of a different party idea. Jane Torney, Overland Park, KS

The kids had a great time with your CSI game. My husband works with the Army CID so the investigators came to the house to help analyze the crime scene with the kids. The kids actually dusted the car for finger prints, took a shoe print impression from the mud, casted the weapon and took DNA swabs. After they collected all the evidence, they then processed their evidence in the labs you provided. It was great! I believe it will be one of my daughter's favorite experiences! She wants to be a criminal investigator and this was right up her alley! Thanks again for the party plan and I look forward to more parties using your games in the future! Michelle Stuhn, Kaiserslautern, Germany

We had our party for our 13 year old boy this weekend and Kovert Kids was a smashing success. The kids got really involved in figuring out clues and I word scrambled the location of the clues so they had double duty. Your suggestions were excellent and we could not have been happier with the results. Will Toms, San Carlos, CA

Thank you Susan for the follow up. I would like to tell you how impressed I am by the CSI package that I bought. This is for my son's 10th birthday party. His party is in December, near Christmas and we never really have a good turnout because its near Christmas. However, we have already sent out the invitations and have already had a huge success with the RSVP!!! Everything was very clear and so easy to print out and have available which is so helpful for a working mom/wife with 2 children. I will be sure to use your site in the future and everyone that I have talked to about your site was so impressed! My son's gifted teacher was so impressed also and says she may look at your site for an end of the year party! And her follow up after the party: I wanted to write a quick thank you for helping make my son's 10 birthday party the greatest ever! We had more guests there than we ever had. I think the invitation was how it "sparked" their interest in coming to the party so much! It has been two weeks since his party and kids at school are still talking about it! Even some of the parents have commented to me on how much their children enjoyed the party. Thank you again! Branna Kimbrough, Aberdeen, MS

We did the Kovert Kids scavenger hunt for a Cousin Campout and it was a HIT with the kids - and adults! The kids kept saying "This is so much fun!" They really got into it. I loved all of the challenges. Again - it was a very successful scavenger hunt - one they will always remember - thank you for making it as easy as you did. Very easy to work with and make changes if needed - thanks again. Will definitely be ordering more hunts in the future. Jenni Cummings, Shelley ID

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