The Diary of A Burning Woman Murder Mystery Game
A Customer's Success Story

Graphic of murder mystery game, Diary of a Burning Woman'Hey Susan!  I just wanted to touch base with you about the success of our play this year ~ did we have a wonderful time with it!

We used the script, Diary of a Burning Woman and adapted it to our community. We have a small (very very small) town called Henriette nearby where a train passes every 10 minutes, blowing its horn, including crossing arms with bells. So, I thought, let's call it the Haunting of Henriette General Hospital where the tavern that burned down was instead, The Henriette Sanitarium owned by Michael Sane, Lucinda Dearhart  died in the fire and the new "modern" Henriette General Hospital was built on the site by Roland Fealgoode - rich banker, ex friend of Michael Sane. The year was 1945, so the nurses (especially Candice Striper) were dressed in 40's nurse costumes - Candice rather scantily "Oooh, I popped my One Button!" but Nurse Crotchit was keeping an eye on her all night. Oh, and our guest of honor was the real Mayor of Henriette who played the Mayor in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Hospital! It was wonderful to get to know all of these great people who love their mayor!

Murder Mystery Game Victim PhotoAnyway, the play was so much fun for audience and "actors" alike. We used a tall rolling staircase behind a curtain to give the ghost an effect of floating. It worked really well. Interesting lighting worked well too. We used the recorded sound of the train to summon the scary ghost. And I had our local radio announcer do sounds for the hospital intercom - using our guests names in the announcements (even calling some for colonoscopies, pregnancy tests, etc.) . Our guests could come as doctors, nurses, patients, and each got a hospital wrist band with a silly malady. We had over 200 audience members and as usual had a live and silent auction with all funds going to our Chamber's Scholarship and Community Programs. We raised just over $4000.00 this year! We even sold Jell-O shots (I purchased shot glasses with Henriette General Hospital etched on the glass and made strawberry and black cherry jello shots - including vodka and a tongue depressor!)

I so appreciate being able to use your play as our foundation for me to build upon. You and I work well together! For 2011, we are looking for one that will have a Ice Fishing Theme - "Death by Hotdish" I believe it will be named. (A real Minnesota feature). I looked over your plays and I think that your Murder on Maui will work really well, plus you have a large cast - I believe that our entire group will be interested in doing this together for another year! (2010 was our 7th year using your murder mystery games!) We are creating quite a following! People look forward to our productions each year now.

Thank you again, Susan.

Karen Amundson
Kanabec Chamber of Commerce

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"You bring so much joy & fun to people with your mystery games. That’s a commodity that’s always in demand!" - Janet Finesilver, Chester, NH
"This is one of the most thoroughly thought out team building activities that I have ever seen. Thank you." - Cyndi Avery, Newton, IA
"Your scavenger hunt game was my salvation." - Judy McElynn, Hilton Head, SC 

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