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Everything was great. Couldn't think of anything you left out! Thank you so much for making this so easy to do. Will Petty, Baton Rouge, LA

scavenger hunt teamWe just had our annual Aunts/Cousins weekend and I wanted to tell you that my family had a great time with Operation Our Town Scavenger Hunt. I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I've received nothing but praise from family and we have some awesome photo keepsakes from our weekend. We change each year on who is responsible for the fun and games and the group taking it on for next year and worried they cannot stand up to this one. I gave them your website to check out for ideas. - Christy Frederick, Saranac MI

Your Nature Calls scavenger hunt was great. We will definitely order different ones in the future. Perfectly planned and went so smooth. It saved hours/days of work. Thanks so much. Loreen Gomes, St Albert Alberta

The scavenger hunt game was perfect. I ordered your hunt at the very last minute. Everything turned out great and it was super easy to put together. Thanks for a wonderful product! I will DEFINITELY recommend your service to others! Theresa Niehoff, Thousand Oaks, CA

The scavenger hunt was great and I would do it again in a minute. I think the packaging, payment  process, rules, collection items, etc. etc. etc. were just great.  I know that we will be talking about this for years to come.  I will also plug your company whenever possible and will even think about a repeat performance for the team of people who's direct efforts I manage.  Thanks for taking all the planning out of the equation and providing everything in a need package in a 24 time frame.  YAHOO to Haley Productions! Your company really started the whole wedding celebration off with a bang. We will remember it always.  My fiancé has suggested some annual event similar to this activity.  THANK YOU! Dawn Campbell, Bear, DE

The scavenger hunt was great!  Our group did it yesterday and they had a blast! Since this was a group of college girls, they started off being "put out" at the thought of doing a scavenger hunt.  But when they came back they were laughing with each other, having so much fun and ended up being very competitive! Being able to customize the hunt by simply editing the Word Document was priceless. Thank you! Sincerely, Julie McGehee, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

I thought your scavenger hunt was very well done--best one I have come across yet! They are going to have so much fun. -Carla Hill, Plano, TX

We loved the scavenger hunt!! The hunt was extremely creative and well planned and the material was easy to read and well organized. I wouldn't hesitate to refer you to a friend or to purchase additional games myself. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk me through the games and different options last week. I appreciate your honesty and your patience! Cynthia Brusman, West Chester, OH

Everything went through PERFECTLY regarding my order from y'all! I'm planning on doing your Operation Romantic Rendezvous Romantic Hunt on Valentines day for my boyfriend and I absolutely can NOT wait! He has no idea what I have been up to and he will be really surprised. Thank you for everything! I look forward to doing business with you in the future and I have already told tons of my friends about y'all! Thanks a bunch! - Maren Senn, Houston, TX

Photo: scavenger hunt team in waterDear Susan, The scavenger hunt game was perfect.... I had actually planned on making up something like this myself for my brother's bachelor party. I wanted to include all friends and family members (even the under aged ones) and it was going to be a race... the bride's team against the groom's team! Needless to say, I ran out of time and ordered your hunt at the very last minute.... 3 days before the wedding in fact! Everything turned out great and it was super easy to put together. We had people from 14 to 50 playing the game. It was the bride's side of the family versus the groom's side of the family. Everyone had so much fun that we extended the original time limit. The bride and groom now have many great pictures for their scrapbook and will definitely remember the fun we all had for many years to come! Thanks for a wonderful product! I will DEFINITELY recommend your service to others!Thanks again and take care! Sincerely, Theresa Niehoff, Thousand Oaks, CA

The scavenger hunt was a great success. We live in Chicago, met at my husbands favorite bar which happens to be next to the train tracks. Hopped the train downtown all the while everyone is hunting for their objectives and embarrassing my husband at the same time. Many a train car sang happy birthday to him. Then onto the "free" trolley ride to Navy Pier. It was great fun. Everyone was so creative. Susan made the hunt really easy to plan, and even responded to "dumb" questions that I had. I tweaked her objectives just a little, since the party was all about my husband. Great birthday ideas > For example, one objective was to take a picture of your team with someone Mike will look like in 40 more years. Everyone had a great time with that. The pictures ranged from dirt to a skeleton to a picture of his father. I couldn't have done this without Susan's program. The party got rave reviews and no one could believe that I thought of everything and created such a great birthday party so creatively. My family's waiting for another event so that we can have another fun-filled scavenger hunt. Tina Bishop

scavenger hunts - challengeOur scavenger hunt was A COMPLETE SUCCESS! I am the Activities Director for a 271 site Campground in South Central Pennsylvania.  I thought perhaps I would have about 5 teams....ended up with 25! (luckily I was prepared for 30)! Anyway, people are still absolutely raving about what a blast they had and they can't wait for next years'!  Your package was superb!  Kudos!   Thanks Again! Heather Mull, Manheim, PA

I used your Nature Scavenger Hunt at a local Botanical Garden location for a back to school kick off with my teaching staff. It was a great activity to get them moving and help some of the new teachers really get to know the personalities of their peers. We used the pictures they created as part of our team social contract. It keeps present that fun natural state of happiness that is essential to bring into our classrooms for our students each day! Thanks for the set up, made it easy for me to start our year off with a great time. Jamie Spaulding, Canton MI

The morning of the day before our chili cook off party we went on line and found your "Our Town" scavenger hunt and downloaded it immediately. It looked very easy and we didn't have to place things anywhere or do much in the way of setup. I did a little customizing of some of the items to be found (this was easy due to all of the pages being Word Documents.) Great idea > When each team came back to the house I downloaded the pictures to my computer and printed out the pictures on regular paper as 3 X 5 prints. I got 4 prints per sheet and it only took a few minutes per team. The teams then put together their albums. Everyone seemed a little hesitant going out the door for the hunt but they all came back laughing and said that they had had a great time. The event was a big success. Thanks for making it so easy. George Schwartz, San Diego, CA

NOTE: Linda has some terrific suggestions for you to borrow - read on.

We held our scavenger hunt yesterday, and it was a HUGE success!!! The locale for our hunt was a small cosmopolitan town (just outside of New York City) called Hoboken. We first did some research on the town itself. Our team names were designed around those historical facts.

We kept the whole event a complete secret up until the very moment everyone boarded the bus for our "Mystery Bus Ride" to Hoboken.  That in and of itself made it fun, since for weeks everyone was speculating and trying to guess what was planned for the afternoon/evening. 

We also added another category to the Challenges:  NAME THAT CLUE.... For this, we spent some time in Hoboken and took lots of pictures of store fronts and other landmarks, interesting items, etc., and then devised clues around them.  The participants LOVED this challenge. 

scavenger hunt challenge - create a productEveryone (even the initial skeptics) wound up RAVING about the scavenger hunt, and today it continues to be the foremost topic of discussion. 

One of the BEST parts of the entire day was the presentations.  The presentations were simply PRICELESS!!!   We also had a DJ, and each of the teams "introduced" their presentation with accompanying songs. We even have them on video and everyone has been viewing them during the day today. 

This looks like it may become an annual tradition. You make your hunts very easy to follow. I ordered your When Nature Calls hunt last year for our annual family reunion and did it as a "filler activity" at our camp. I have to tell you that EVERYONE loved it so much (even the "nay-sayers") that we are doing this Operation Recovery hunt as our main event at this year's reunion. We are all very excited and can't wait. Everyone that participated last year from ages 8 to 72, had just as much fun. It's amazing how competitive everyone becomes during the hunt. The performance and song put on by everyone after the hunt was the funniest thing our family has ever done together. What a ball! Thanks! Pete Rapps, Everglades City, FL

Your scavenger hunt materials were WONDERFUL and truly made the event a tremendous success!!!   Wish you could have been there!!! I'm so glad that we found your web site!!! Regards, Linda Honeycheck, Hoboken, NJ

Your scavenger hunt was a SUPER SUCCESS! I had previously bought wild sunglasses in anticipation of a summer party - half of them were "bug's eye" sunglasses (they were bright colors and had inside lenses that showed how bugs see the world - one was a hornet, etc.). The other sunglasses were oversize and odd shaped with colored lenses. I gave out the 2 sets of sunglasses for the Team Identities. The "hunt" got everyone's adrenaline up and their competitive spirits racing! We all laughed loud and long. I think half the town of Spring Green was engaged by these women in their cause! Everyone who was part of the hunt was so excited at the conclusion and couldn't wait to talk about their experiences. However, we had a dinner engagement and a play scheduled for the evening, so I had them save all of their stories for the Presentation the next day. I was afraid everyone would lose momentum and deflate, but I had no choice because of timing. Happily, the Presentations late Sunday morning revived their excitement all over again. Both Teams had trouble finding something with the word "pig" in it. I chuckled at what they found for murder weapons. Each person learned some good lessons regarding creativity, innovation and NOT playing by the Rules, as well as how willing outside people were to be contributors to the Fun. It was just the sort of wonderful Playfulness each of us needed. Both Teams won some nice prizes and we all left for our respective homes beaming with good memories. The $20 for each Team was the right amount of money. I just sent everyone a set of the photos each Team took with their disposable cameras. One Team bribed me for the answers to the Trivia questions.

Las Vegas scavenger huntEveryone really enjoyed your Operation When Nature Calls scavenger hunt. The instructions and scoring were really easy to figure out, even for the kids. It was a good family activity and sharing activity for groups that didn't know each other as well. Let me say, it's not that I didn't have confidence in the program, but I am a professional trainer and won't ever present an activity without piloting it with a group first, especially if I have to explain it to the group. Helps me to answer questions. This is one of the most thoroughly thought out activities that I have ever seen. Thank you. Cyndi Avery, Newton, IA

Thanks to you I am officially the best girlfriend ever! I used your Operation Romantic Rendezvous hunt to create a birthday clue hunt for my boyfriend and boy was it a success! He had so much fun! Said it was his best birthday EVER (and he's 45). We were at a tailgate party for the Michigan / Michigan State game and I snuck out at the end of the game and had a friend give him the first clue. The surprises didn't end until the next day when we went to the Detroit Lions game with his last surprise. So much fun! It is a simple idea that just needs the framework you provide to come to life! Thank you so much! Tamara Ronan, Trenton MI

Brilliant, Susan! Your game exceeded my expectations and it was a surprise and highlight of our Sisters Weekend. Thank you very much for YOUR innovation, careful organization, attention to detail, answering my pre-game questions and this follow-up. In Gratitude and Friendship, Mary Wendt

Your Our Town scavenger hunt was a lifesaver for my daughter's 18th birthday!! It was easily adapted to my town and situation! Worth every penny!! Thanks! Chelsea Drake

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