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The following is a detailed account by Kristine Tibbs of her very successful murder mystery evening using a script by Haley Productions. It is FULL OF GREAT IDEAS you can use:

Every year, the officer's wives' club and wardrooms (officer's quarters/social clubs of officers and higher Government employees) of the boats and commands get together and have a fundraiser to raise money for the "Dolphin Scholarship Fund". The Dolphin Scholarship goes to kids of Submarine Sailors. Saturday evening's Dolphin Scholarship auction raised more than $27,000...Our murder mystery evening was the highest bid of the evening...the Admiral's group bid a whomping $1,750.00 for the murder mystery! That's 500.00 more than last year when we did Murder On Maui. The best part is, the same crew that won it last year was bidding on it this year. SUBGROUP9 and USS Alaska crew went back and forth on the bidding for ten minutes! It was close, but subgroup finally won it. It was amazing!

I am one of the co-directors/planners of this year's murder mystery "Final Cut" and will be playing the part of Billy Clubb here at Bangor Subase in Washington. Thanks for your creativity! I haven't acted in years and it was fun to do Murder on Maui last fact, because it was so well received last year, it is the reason we decided to do another one this year!

Everything is going along as planned and we have some spectacular talent like last year. Let me tell you what we will be doing the evening of the mystery... We will be getting a limo and driving our guests from their homes to the party. They will be dropped off and fed Hollywood style. They will be greeted as movie stars and we will be taking pics of them as they arrive. There will be a red carpet and outdoor tents for them to mingle under (especially if it is raining). They will be served Champagne, wine, hors d' oeuvres and Beef Wellington. After all the guests have arrived, each one of the main cast members will be limo-ed up to the red carpet where paparazzi will be flashing.

Each time a Prime Suspect gets out of the car, there will be a theme song played:

Oh yeah...we had two people holding up signs that said "boo", "hiss", "applause" and "cheer".

When Nova dies, Rock is going to propose over Nova's body him on one side and Cherri on the other. Then he crosses over Nova for the embrace and she trips him with a final quiver ....something like that.

We are going to use the tape (the crime scene tape that outlines a dead body) on the floor like with did with Murder on Maui, only this time, Nova is going to pull the carpet up and die on it (the carpet hides the outline until the appropriate moment). When Eddie dies, the tape will already be exposed, so he will die there also. It got a good laugh last year so we are going to use it again.

For the auditions, we will have our guests audition for The Alien. We are going to set it up American Idol style and critique each performer each representing a person from the actual show. We are also thinking about adding a gong for extra effect. At the end of the evening we will reward a "Best Stanley, Best Eddie and Best Stella award ...I am going to buy a murder mystery game at Toys-R-Us and donate it for the best detective and get a Clue game for bumbling detective.

Every time there is a clue, we are all going to freeze and sing, "Duh...Duh, Duhnnnnnn!"

Here's are some of the highlights of what happened on the night of the murder mystery...

The main cast members all drove up in a real limo and got out one by one as we were introduced by Biff, (an entertainment tonight type guy) as we walked up the red carpet. He introduced each of us so that we could prime the attendees. The "stars" signed photos of themselves and handed them out to the crowd.

Quinnie was the first to get out of the limo and as we were driving up, he was hanging out of the limo's sun roof. He was so flaming the car almost caught fire! You could hear the crowd yelling and screaming it was great!

I played Billie and was very quiet the whole evening I did not mingle with the crowd as much as last year...I went around suggesting that people audition for the screen test.

The woman who played Cherri was GRRRREAT! She did her little monologue part (where Eddie cuts her off) which was hysterical! The Captain (Eddie) and I talked her into doing the "Holy Hand Grenade" speech from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "And St. Attila raised the holy hand grenade saying thusly.....and they feasted on Lamb, Carp, rabbit and Orangutan.." The crowd went crazy. Of course, we played off of that throughout the evening.

While Rock was on the stage, one of the women we had as a fan, screamed his name and grabbed his pant was hysterical...We had extras line along the red carpet and yell our names as they came out while camera were flashing ...etc...

During the screen tests, me, Cherri, Rock and Quinnie sat on a panel like "American Idol" and commented on the performances. Well, it just so happened that one of those who was doing a screen test was a woman who had a REAL english accent. When she was done, I told her that her accent sucked. Everyone really laughed because I was doing a fake english accent.

When Nova does her dying routine she really milks it going around rubbing blood all over everyone, I finally say, "die already"(that got a good laugh), (we had the body tape and carpet again) she lays on the body tape and the stage manager positions her into it. Then Rock proposes to Cherri over her body, one on each side ...Cherri says, "I would love to marry you Rock, but, I don't have a ring!" Rock grabs Nova's hand (which by the way, the ring is on the middle finger and she has the middle finger extended which got one of the biggest laughs of the evening) and he pulls the ring off. Then Nova grabs Rock's leg and says, "I'm not dead yet!" Another Holy Grail spin off.

Of course, Eddie (played by out commanding officer) comes out in a pink nightie and pink bedroom slippers. He went over to the Admiral and that was really funny. The people who let us do it in their house have the most beautiful bird and Eddie (Our CO) came in with the bird on his shoulder.

Then of course my final scene. You see, the guy who let us use his lovely house lives on a golf course and he had this little sand trap that he put cobble stones in. Well, he didn't put concrete between the cobblestones so they still have sand in them. Well, Rock placed the chair that he throws me into on most of the cobblestones, however, one leg was in the sand so, when I sat down, I went flying backward with my legs flying up over my head. (Not planned) But, we played it off quite well. Then he had some of the servers grab me and carry me off struggling. As I was leaving, I yelled "I don't want to go on the cart!" Yet another famous Holy Grail quote. That got a really good laugh too.

During this whole evening, they were served hollywood style, filet mignon, asparagus bundles with red pepper bows and pretty piped potatoes...sorbet, salad, hors, d' oeuvres. We had servers dressed in black pants, white shirts, black bow ties and vests. The food was incredible AND...we had an ice sculpture in the shape of the oscar award! Then we gave, best Stella and best Stanley "Oscar" awards out. At the end, we voted on and gave the bumbling detective a Simpson's Clue board game, Best detective (A "How to Host a Mystery Party" game), and various other awards. We had a Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ozzie Osborne...(from the other wardroom). It was a blast...even better than last year!

The Admiral gave a speech at the end and told us that it was "first class...and that we did not ask enough at the auction for it." He also said that next year's price will most definitely go up! It is becoming a real tradition and we may be expected to do it from now on. Oye!

I must give credit to your wonderful script and don't be surprised if you start getting requests from this area.

It was great fun and the crowd was really into anticipated by last year's highest bidder, this was the highest bid for any item ever in history...go figure.

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