Church Group Testimonials For Our Murder Mystery Games

Bordello Mystery Game - Lutheran Church castWe have used two of your murder mystery games for church fundraisers.  The last one was Bordello of the Damned (cast pictured). We tied this in with raising awareness of human trafficking. We donated a portion to Lutheran Social Services to help with their programs. We are a small rural church with lots of people who believe we can do almost any thing. Your games have been a big hit with everyone and a blast to perform. A neighboring church asked us to help them raise money for a local man whose restaurant burned down, so I came back to you for another murder mystery. We couldn't decide which one to do so we bought four. We will use one this winter and one next summer for hopefully a good cause. Your games work so well for us, and our shows usually sell out. Thank you, Gene Gatewood, Svea Lutheran Church, Svea, MN

Photo mystery game evidenceTake a look at this short video on YouTube that I made as a commercial for the Next Of Kin murder mystery. We played it at the end of Mass to get people's interest up for the murder mystery dinner we were having. The video was fun to do and the congregation laughed pretty hard just seeing their fellow parishioners dressed up! We have sooooo much fun with these murder mystery nights. Thanks Susan for all your hard work in creating these mystery games. -Dorothy deBakker, Co-ordinator of Youth Ministry, Holy Redeemer Parish Cluster

Thanks for your follow-up! I really appreciate your great customer service. I think your "show" will be a great minimal-hassle entertainment opportunity for our church. I did a lot of research looking for the most appropriate package for our needs and desires. Yours blew them all out of the water! Your package is very complete with all I need. Hannah Sterling, Maryville, TN

Thank you so much for creating these dramas. We have used your company the past 2 years for our Valentines Banquet. We have to re-write it a bit to take out the drinking and love triangles, but we always have a blast preparing and presenting them. The church people thoroughly enjoyed "A Deadly Incentive," last year. I know that they will be blown away by "The Demise of the Down Home Dealers," this year. We use this as a staff development tool for the church as well. Our entire church staff and our wives present the drama's and it is a blast. Thanks for creating a source of entertainment for us. Cody Evans, Minister of Music/Education Regency, Park Baptist Church, Moore, OK

Dear Susan,  Just wanted to let you know how much excitement is building at the prospect of our murder mystery dinner theater at our church. Our actors - including the pastor and his wife - are doing wonderfully. All of them are impressed with the script and are having a great time playing their roles. We're all hopeful that this event will help bring some life to our slowly dying church and generate more interest in getting involved in hands-on projects. Everyone I've spoken to is looking forward to the event with great anticipation. Thank you so much for all the hard work you so obviously put into the scripts and planning.

And then..

Photo mystery party game for churchA ROUSING SUCCESS! That's what everyone who attended the murder mystery dinner theater at First Presbyterian Church is saying. All worked out perfectly and it was just an awesome and special evening. Our pastor announced at worship this morning that this was the first ANNUAL murder mystery dinner theater, so it looks like we'll be "repeat offenders." Thank you again for the boost you've given us. May God bless you! Patty Naylor, Simpsonville, SC

Susan: We just finished two nights of "Vintage Murder" here at the Howland Community Church.  (To keep the evening intimate we did two nights with 60 people in attendance each night.) I'm pleased to say it was a smashing success! (Could it have anything to do with the fact that I, their Pastor, played Joe Bob and got beat up on twice? I hope not.)  Sunday morning some of our folks were suggesting we should do this once a month! Actually, we are talking about doing this at least once a year or perhaps even twice a year. I think the cast had as much fun as the audience. After the first of the two nights, everyone in the cast was ready to sign on for the next production. The important point is that EVERYONE FROM THE CAST TO THE GUESTS HAD A GREAT TIME and we do want to do this again soon. Thanks again for an entertaining script.  Rev. Jerry Kruse, Senior Pastor, Howland Community Church, Warren, OH

I must tell you after two sold out performances of Vintage Murder this weekend we had a fabulous time. I had a little reservation taking a part because I have never acted before, but what a wonderful time we had. I had the part of Jesse Jones and each night we got a standing ovation. It was my acting debut and you laid out the character so perfectly that I had no trouble getting into it. What a ball we had, couldn't get out of church yesterday, so many people had to talk about the play. People are asking for more and we are considering making this a yearly event. Those that didn't attend sure are in line already for the next one. Your play was wonderful - the way you described the characters made it easy. Thanks for enabling us to help defray the cost of a handicapped lift we are installing in the church. I would not hesitate to volunteer to act again. Phyllis Jarman, Warren, OH

Hawaiian luau mystery game character - photoI feel like I should let you know what happened with our murder-mystery dinner (Next Of Kin). The Single Adult Ministry (SAM) at my church used it last night for our monthly social event, and it brought out 75 people--the largest group we've ever had for one of these monthly social events, and it brought out a lot of people who have never attended one of our social events before. It was the best event we ever had, by far, and the script was great and our actors did a great job of involving the crowd. The crowd played along with us, and we received lots of compliments about how wonderful the evening was. Great idea > One thing that helped us to get the crowd involved--especially that size--and to encourage people to mingle with each other and then our characters--was that we began with a "human scavenger hunt." Several descriptions were included that pertained to the characters to encourage the crowd to talk to them and get to know their characters before "Big Daddy" made his opening speech. With that being said, thank you so much for this service. Our Single Adult Ministry is a growing and young ministry made up completely of volunteers, and we've been working on helping get more people involved and connected. Last night raised the standards for us, and I believe gave us the exposure we needed to show people what we're about and where we want to go. So, thank you for your role in helping make this happen. Appreciatively, C.K., Garner, NC

Susan, I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that our church group just did "Murder at the Midnight Hour" and it was a huge success! Having already done "Murder on Maui" I knew I could count on your script and direction - we plan to always use your resources for our events, so please keep them coming! As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to order "Next of Kin" for our next "fun" raiser! Thanks again, Tara Salonus, Jacksonville, FL

Photo Hollywood mystery dinner gameI want to share with you are amazing experience. This was a church event for our parish hosted by our youth ministry group. My own teenage and young adult children are involved in local music theatre and they recruited some of their theatre friends to help with the evening. When I found your site I was actually looking looking for directions on how to write our own ... but when I saw what you had to offer and all the resources you provided, it was silly for us to do anything but purchase your script. We easily changed a few things to fit our church crowd and we had a marvelous time! Thank you for the great resources to start with... we have already decided we will do it again, and I will know exactly where to look for next year's ideas! You may absolutely use this as a testimonial... you made my life so much easier! - Claire Bondy, Maidstone, Ontario, Canada

Our church group had a fabulous time last Friday hosting the murder mystery (My Alma Martyr) we purchased from your company! It was apparent that all of the guests enjoyed themselves tremendously. Thanks for all of your help, Mark Allen, Trinity Lutheran Church, Greenville, South Carolina

"Next of Kin" was a huge success at our church function. For a bunch of amateurs we were great and just as the script indicated, it ended with thunderous applause. We had about 70 people attend, we messed up some, we laughed a lot and everyone had a blast. Thanks so much for making these scripts available and for all the details you give that makes it so easy to pull off that even a bunch of amateurs could shine. Many blessings, Patricia Lucy

Photo mystery game suspect and guestOur church members performed Next of Kin on Saturday night and everyone loved it!! Young and old laughed at the jokes and the cast members really felt comfortable playing the parts. Your script and supplies were perfect.  You made the preparation so easy. We'll be checking your web site from time to time since people want the church to do another play next year. Marianne Beyerle, Denver, CO

I thank you for the follow-up. I purchased the murder mystery for a fund raiser for my church. I was very pleased with the script. In the past, there has been only one murder in our scripts, and the cast sits at a table and just reads their lines. I was pleased with your script because it had an unexpected twist to it. It had multiple murders. I also like the fact, that the cast has to stand up and truly act it out. My major problem is keeping the cast from cracking up as they read their parts. LOL. Linda Hanson, Brooklyn, NY

The Mafia Murders game was great. Everyone participated. We have a birthday banquet each year at my church and for the past 3 years we have done a murder mystery dinner. This one has been the best, and I will be sure to look to y'all for the one for next year. - Amanda Garner

We performed "My Alma Martyr" for our church as a youth fundraiser event. I had to change a couple of the scenes (since it was for a youth group) but literally only a few minor details and they LOVED it! The people at this church had never heard of a mystery dinner and were somewhat skeptical. However, since the big night, we have had MANY requests to do either the same mystery again or a new one! Thank you so much for your organized really helped when I was getting everything together! I'll definitely purchase more from you in the future. God bless! Jess Cord, Anderson, SC

It was my first time hosting a murder mystery dinner (Next of Kin) at my church. It was so much fun and enjoyable. Everyone had a great time. The narrative script is such a great idea and my pastor asked when the next one is! So creative and easy! Now, to find what one to do next! Billie Jo Walkerton, In.

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"You bring so much joy & fun to people with your mystery games. That’s a commodity that’s always in demand!" - Janet Finesilver, Chester, NH
"This is one of the most thoroughly thought out team building activities that I have ever seen. Thank you." - Cyndi Avery, Newton, IA
"Your scavenger hunt game was my salvation." - Judy McElynn, Hilton Head, SC 

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