Thirst for Blood


Devil’s Gulch is cursed – which makes its annual town gala doomed. Great for Halloween!


Perfect large group murder mystery game for Halloween, but you can do this any time of the year by changing the party to The Annual Groundhog Day Gala, for example. It’s a great choice for Friday the 13th!

One year ago tonight a fire broke out at Norman Bates’ mansion situated next to the historical cemetery at the edge of town. Witnesses to the fire say they saw the mansion spontaneously combust into a terrifying ball of fire and, as it burned, they saw distraught ghostlike beings fly out of every window, wailing in terror. Today the Bates mansion still lay in ruin at the top of that hill – an eerie reminder of that tragic night and the curse that seems to hover over this town.

Requires 6 people to play the prime suspects. Good for groups of 20 or more people.

Regular version and corporate team building version available.

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Regular, Team Building