The Special Ones


Our children’s mystery for ages 8 to 12. This is a thrilling, action-packed mystery combined with a mini-scavenger hunt for a cast of 8 prime suspects (kids) PLUS any number of guests (these children will play detectives and work to solve the mystery) and one adult “character”.


NAME OF MISSION: Operation: Dingleberry Muffin.

CODE NAME: C.O.O.L. KIDS (Covert Operatives: Off Limits)

MEETING PLACE: Camp Fredo, a top secret training camp on the outskirts of Gotham City.

You’re one of the Special Ones, an elite – by “elite” we mean “cream of the crop” – group of children with very special DNA and very special skills and intelligence. The world is counting on you to save us all from Evil. So train well and train hard. And be warned and beware, wherever there’s good, there’s evil. And Camp Fredo is no exception.

Due to the interactive nature of this kids mystery game, it’s best suited for groups of about 16 to 50 kids.