Next of Kin


Wealthy Southern family will reading. Big Daddy Sugarbaker must decide which of his worthless, underhanded, crazy kin will inherit his vast estate.


A sickly but super wealthy patriarch’s last wish is for his family to gather for what could be their last time together* before he passes on. He must decide who will be the beneficiaries of his vast estate. Everyone who wants his money is quick to honor his dying wish. Funny how that works.

*The gathering can be for a birthday party, anniversary or any celebration; make the guest(s) of honor Big Daddy’s dearest friend or relative.

This is a great theme for a first-timers. Everyone has the same motive: They all want Big Daddy’s money.

Requires 6 people to play the prime suspects. Good for groups of 20 or more people.

Regular version and corporate team building version available.

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Regular, Team Building