Murder at the Midnight Hour


A 1960s wedding theme. Going to the chapel & we’re gonna get murdered… uh… sorry – married!  Hippies & wealthy snobs just don’t mix, so RSVP only if you dare!


Mr. Henry Hogget and Mrs. Abigail Windsor cordially invite you to attend the wedding of Jewel Opal Hogget to Roger Quinton Windsor on December 31st, 1969.

Weddings are usually such groovy occasions. Unfortunately, this one will be the exception to the rule. This one will be deadly!

Great choice for New Year’s Eve. Why? The bride and groom will tie the knot in a ceremony designed to end at the stroke of midnight (kind of a hippie thing to do, is it not?). It’s do or die time now – literally – before the new year rings in.

Requires 6 people to play the prime suspects. Good for groups of 20 or more people.

Regular version and corporate team building version available.

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Regular, Team Building