Diary of a Burning Woman


Our take on the classic Christmas story Scrooge, but suitable for any time of year. Ebenezer Pennypincher is visited by a ghost who has a story to tell and a mystery to solve.


A fancy tavern called The Cooked Goose celebrates its grand opening tonight. The establishment’s owner, Ebenezer Pennypincher, is hosting a party in honor of this momentous occasion. Tim Tinee once owned the tavern but after a tragic fire that allegedly killed one of Tim’s employees, Sarah Cratchit–one year ago tonight no less–Tinee was forced to leave town. He would have rebuilt his tavern were it not for the vicious rumor that he murdered Sarah. With that kind of scandal hanging over his head, he had no choice but to pack up and leave. It was then that Ebenezer took over the property and built The Cooked Goose. Now it’s time to start anew – unless of course the dead woman has something to say about it. And you can wager she will. (NOTE: There are additional murders that occur during the course of the mystery.)

Requires 6 people to play the prime suspects. Good for groups of 20 or more people.

Regular version and corporate team building version available.

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Regular, Team Building