Bordello of the Damned


The Old West at its best! Y’all are invited to Miss Iggy’s, the best little whorehouse* in Deadwood – or shall we say the deadliest?

*Alternate title: Dead In Deadwood. Make it the best dance hall and saloon.


Jimmy Hayward rules the down-trodden, almost forgotten town of Deadwood. It once thrived when folks thought gold was in them thar hills. Them thar hills contained nothing but dirt and so the town lost not only its fortune but its fame and its population. Now Deadwood is just an occasional stagecoach stopover for folks moving on to better places. And Jimmy’s Leland Hotel and Saloon is a haven for outlaws (like yourselves). It also houses Madam Iggy’s, the best little whorehouse (or dancehall) in the South Dakota.

Requires 8 people to play the prime suspects. Good for groups of 20 or more people.

Regular version and corporate team building version available.

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Regular, Team Building