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Party Conversation Starters

Ice-breakers to use at your next party

I generally hate going to parties where I hardly know anyone.  I find the introductory conversations so dull that I’m bored in a New York minute. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Here are some creative ideas to jump start conversations from dull to dynamite!

Get the conversations started!

1. Set unique place settings to get those conversations started. Before the party, ask each person to tell you a little known fact about themselves. For example: Susan’s uncle is a ‘Monkee’ or Bill is a grave-hunter or taphophile. Then write those facts instead of guests’ names at their place setting. When your guests arrive, they have to find their seating by reading facts about people they may not know so well. They’ll have a curiosity about who exactly at the table is a champion Origami record holder and who is afraid of lobsters. And why. The conversations will be fascinating!

2. Name tags: When your guests arrive have them create a name tag with one of these choices:

  • The first concert they ever attended/favorite band
  • Their most favorite travel destination
  • World’s Greatest _________________
  • If I could eat anything for lunch, it would be: _________________

Everyone will immediately have an interesting topic to discuss instead of the usual and fairly mundane, “So, what do you do?”.

3. Baby picture game: Have all your guests bring in a photo of themselves from their past (or send you a copy ahead of time). Create a space to post the photos either on a wall, bulletin board or poster board. Sometime during cocktail hour, have a lively discussion of who’s who on the board (and expect lots of funny, snarky comments on outfits and hairstyles of course!)

Source for some of the above ideas:

Another great conversation starter (and my personal favorite of course): a murder mystery dinner party game!  Nothing like mingling with a bunch of nefarious, questionable characters to get the dialogue flowing.

Take a look at our super fun murder mystery games.  Download one now and get your party started!

Depending on which mystery game you select, you’ll need to provide 6-8 people to play the primary suspects. These should be your most gregarious guest who enjoy being the center of attention.  The rest of your guests will take on the role of detective and it will be their “job” to actively solve the case by examining evidence, finding clues, following and questioning suspects – whatever it takes for them to solve the mystery.  Our invitation encourages them to come in costume and in character.  They have the freedom to do so or just come as themselves to enjoy the mystery. No pressure to take a role or do something that takes them out of their comfort zone. In other words, if they just want to watch the antics and laugh a lot, then they can do that.  No problem.  Essentially, no one will be bored or feel left out.  Take a look at our little movie to see what we mean and be sure to download game samples of your top choices.

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