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CSI Game for Adults

Well who knew adults could have as much fun and be just as challenged with our Operation Crime Scene Investigation game as the kids we originally designed it for?

Our customer Laura Oswald did, that’s who?

Here’s what she told us by email:

Good Morning Susan,   I just wanted to thank you for the CSI game and let you know that it was a huge success! My family and I do a big beach vacation every year and look for unique activities to do every year. The CSI game was the perfect fit for my mixed group of adults (ages 16 – 57). We had a blast! Not too easy, yet not too hard because, after all, we were on vacation. In fact, we had 6 teams and 3 guessed the right killer and 3 had it wrong. In my book that meant that the difficulty level was perfect. 🙂 I checked with my family and they would be happy to be a part of your blog! In fact the last time we went on this vacation together we did family photos and the company wanted to use our picture for their promotional materials. We’re basically famous already! HAHA! Even my Aunt Theresa, the victim, was okay with being in pictures as a corpse! She did her own makeup and was very proud of how it came out. Thanks again, Susan. We’ll keep you in mind for future family-friendly activities!  – Laura Oswald

Crime scene drawing  CSI game - the victim   Crime Scene Investigation game - close up victim  CSI game - the autopsy photos

The crime scene  CSI game suspectCrime Scene Investigation game - investigators  Crime Scene Investigation game - investigatorsCrime Scene Investigation game - investigating evidence Crime Scene Investigation game - the guilty party


I love, love, love these pictures!!! Don’t you?  Makes you wanna have your own Crime Scene Investigation right?  Okay. Order and download the game here: Operation Crime Scene Investigation game for kids AND adults.

Thank you to Laura and her family for letting us post these fabulous photos and her testimonial.  Please invite us to your next party 🙂

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