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Downloadable Murder Mystery Script - Next Of Kin
A very, very fun murder mystery game for parties, fundraisers, corporate team building and other events

Family Themed Will Reading Mystery Game

Graphic - family themed murder mystery game -most popularSTORY: A sickly patriarch's last wish is for his family to gather for what could be their last time together* before he passes on. He must decide who will be the beneficiaries of his vast estate. Everyone who wants his money is quick to honor his dying wish. *The gathering can be for a birthday party, anniversary or any celebration; make the guest(s) of honor Big Daddy's dearest friend or relative.)

This is a great theme for a first-timers. Everyone has the same motive: They all want Big Daddy's money.

YEAR: Any. We put it in modern day.

Next Of Kin murder mystery game suspect with gun

*Disclaimer: The game content outlined here does not reflect our position on any topic or issue. They are mentioned solely to give the reader and potential buyer an overview of content contained in the game to warrant a PG rating.


  1. Hamilton "Big Daddy" Sugarbaker: A very, very, very rich man from Atlanta, Georgia who moved to (your state) 6 months ago after the disastrous failure of his second marriage. Big Daddy and Ashley can be played by the same actor. The script will provide instructions.
  2. Bobbie Joe Butler: Hamilton's nurse, confidante, and friend (can be played by a male if necessary).
  3. Rhett Sugarbaker: Hamilton's oldest son. He'll do anything to make money-anything.
  4. Ashley Sugarbaker: Hamilton's youngest son. He's a struggling poet--a lousy one at that--who's embittered by his lack of success, but who still believes, despite his failures, that he's a true "artiste".
  5. Philly (Philomena) Sugarbaker: Hamilton's jailbird sister who spends her time leaching off him.
  6. Savannah Sugarbaker: Hamilton's neurotic (insane?) second wife.
  7. Scarlett Sugarbaker: She comes from the wrong side of the tracks and it shows.
  8. Melanie Sugarbaker: Ashley's supportive but very eccentric wife. An "interpretive dancer".

Next Of Kin mystery game suspect with knifeSECONDARY SUSPECTS: Remember, EVERYONE will be actively involved in this mystery because it will be their job to solve the case and because you'll be encouraging them to come in costume and in character.  Use any or all of these secondary suspects if you have "extra" cast members you want to use or if you have some guests who want to take on a character but not take on the full responsibility of a primary suspect.  Give them their secondary suspect instructions (included) and let them run with it. ***FOR LARGE GROUP MYSTERIES (75 OR MORE): I'd definitely suggest you cast your secondary suspects. During the mystery it will be the secondary suspects' "job" to act as general support for the primary suspects. They'll roam the room "gossiping" about the goings-in, quiet the audience down during a main action, answer questions, bring primary suspects to tables for questioning and make sure your guests have seen the physical clues that have been revealed.

  1. Mercy Bloomer: Big Daddy's accountant.
  2. Cornelius Bliss: Big Daddy's ex-foreman at his Acme Bottle Capping company in Atlanta. Ex because he was caught doing something he shouldn't have.
  3. Dr. Billy Kildaire: Big Daddy's doctor.
  4. Ms. Beula Busty, Esq.: Big Daddy's lawyer.
  5. Wilbur Ernest Fudge: Big Daddy's milkman and witness to his will.

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"We gave my mother a Murder Mystery Birthday Party. EVERYONE had a blast. We all laughed all night. I will be purchasing more from you because EVERYBODY wants to do a Murder Mystery party. Some people are saying it’s the best Birthday party they’ve been to in their LIFE!!! Thanks to your well written script that was hilarious!!! I made a video invite here:" - Givonna Wiley.

Kin murder mystery game montage

"Thanks very much for the follow up. We received rave reviews for Next Of Kin! Everyone said they had a great time. Our 'audience' got very involved; for example, Beula Busty, the lawyer, handed out her own business cards and brought her own legal team, the Nancy Drew Detective Agency who shared sleuthing tips from Nancy Drew's book of sleuthing. Others became crime reporters and old golfing cronies of Big Daddy's etc. As director, I created my own role as "Ellie of" to justify my presence at Big Daddy's party as events coordinator. It was sooooo much fun; one true sign of our success was that all the spouses of our staff members felt included and had a great time. I recommend Next of Kin because the characters were so interesting and comical yet quite easy to portray, and the motive was the same for everyone. Definitely a good choice for first timers and groups as short on time as we were! I would certainly consider doing another murder mystery. I also want to tell you that I appreciated all the notes, extra materials (tribute cards, tips, etc.) and your interest in following up. Thanks again!" - Norma, Career Advisor with The Job Shop, Courtenay, BC    

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