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Downloadable Murder Mystery Script - The Dead Man's Chest
A very, very fun murder mystery game for parties, fundraisers, corporate team building and other events

Pirate Themed Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game

STORY: It's 1857 in New Orleans. The Mystick Krewe of Cochon is having an end of Mardi Gras Ball hosted by Governor Fayette Warren and his wife, Raylene. The surprise guests include a few pirates (in disguise) searching for a treasure - a dead man's chest if you will.

COMMENT TO ORGANIZER: This mystery takes place in 1857 in New Orleans at a Mardi Gras Ball. The Mardi Gras Ball is optional - it can be any sort of gala event or party - but there is a pirate twist to this mystery that makes 1850's optimum (so costumes will probably need to be rented). You can move it to modern day but the whole pirate theme will lose some of its fun.

Mardi Gras Pirate mystery suspects    Mardi Gras Pirate mystery suspects


Photos to inspire you (courtesy Jerry Lackey and cast)


  1. Governor Fayette Warren: The obsessive compulsive governor of New Orleans. He's ready to move someplace pristine, like Switzerland.
  2. Raylene Warren: The Governor's wife with big plans for their sudden and unexpected monetary windfall.
  3. Lilly Laveau: The Governor's new aide. A fiery Cajun woman with a deep and abiding love of knives.
  4. Cutler Sinslayer: A magistrate with his own personal version of law and order against criminals, pirates and other malfeasants.
  5. Sookie Sinslayer: Cutler's nervous wife who has a plan to dramatically change her life.
  6. Annabelle Greatlush: A doddering, blundering spinster and caretaker of the infirmed and elderly. A job she doesn't love but has no choice in doing in order to make ends meet.
  7. Jack Black: He says he's an actor from the Theater of the Vampires here in New Orleans but he is really the nefarious pirate, Jack Blackbird.
  8. Arturo Diablo: Lilly's seafaring beau who has just returned from the Orient.

SECONDARY SUSPECTS: Remember, EVERYONE will be actively involved in this mystery because it will be their job to solve the case and because you'll be encouraging them to come in costume and in character.  Use any or all of these secondary suspects if you have "extra" cast members you want to use or if you have some guests who want to take on a character but not take on the full responsibility of a primary suspect.  Give them their secondary suspect instructions (included) and let them run with it. ***FOR LARGE GROUP MYSTERIES (75 OR MORE): I'd definitely suggest you cast your secondary suspects. During the mystery it will be the secondary suspects' "job" to act as general support for the primary suspects. They'll roam the room "gossiping" about the goings-in, quiet the audience down during a main action, answer questions, bring primary suspects to tables for questioning and make sure your guests have seen the physical clues that have been revealed.

  1. Caleb (male)/Callie (female) Roscoe: A very eccentric, very superstitious Cajun local who wrestles alligators, charms snakes and claims to be psychic. He also thinks that he and Annabelle are best friends. Annabelle would strongly disagree.
  2. Malvina Grunch: She falls head over heels for Jack once he introduces himself as an actor. She herself is a wannabe actress who has never been cast in a Theatre of the Vampires' play, or any play, although she's tried out many, many, many times.
  3. Elton Coffin: The local undertaker. Formerly betrothed to Raylene and still bitter she broke off their engagement to marry Fayette. He loves blood and gore more than just about anything else in this world.
  4. Harlan (male)/Harlene (female) Peachtree: Cutler's very efficient secretary. Writes everything down no matter how insignificant and sees to Cutler's every single need (real and imagined). His (or her) enthusiasm for the law is very over the top and a bit scary as is his love of taking copious notes.
  5. Delmar Dubbs: Sookie's brother, a wannabe pirate; dumb as a rock. He's constantly "playing" pirate (like a little kid would). He also falls madly in love with Lilly and her knives.

 For inspiration, check out these awesome customer photos from their murder mystery night.

Photo: Matilda with a piratePhoto: Pirates in a mystery gamePhoto: Matilda with dead wench

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