Are these games appropriate for teenagers and/or church groups?

Hollywood murder mystery game cast photoThe mystery scripts are rated PG-13 (think Prime Time television drama), contain mature themes and, in our opinion, are not suitable nor recommended for young children under 13* or conservative church groups. Why? There are murders that occur during the mystery and arguments/fights to set up motives - potentially scary Mystery Game Cast of Suspects - Photo for youngsters and potentially inappropriate for church groups. Also every murder needs a motive and those motives may involve extramarital affairs or a character who loves to drink to excess, for example - mature themes for children and possiblyunacceptable content for conservative church events.  Some themes may and will work very well for teenagers and less conservative church groups. download a mystery game sampledownload a mystery game samplePlease take a look at our game choices to see our ratings for each game and please download a script sample before purchasing. You're the best judge on appropriate content for your church or your teenagers. We do not issue refunds for a church group that buys a game and finds it inappropriate. We welcome and encourage a call or email from you if you have questions.

Idea from Reverend Doreen Canavan of the United Essex Church in Canada: During your next service discuss the outcome of the prime suspects - what sort of life did they go on to lead? It's a lovely way to tie in a moral and spiritual message.

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