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Wine Themed Murder Mystery Game

Vintage Murder mystery gameGame of the Day: Our wine-themed murder mystery game, Vintage Murder.

You’re invited to the last wine auction the Tortellini Brothers Winery will ever hold. The historical winery, known for it’s rare but excellent cabernets, is being sold due to the death of its owner, Georgio Tortellini. And it’s such a crime! Literally. *We’ve made it a winery; you can make it whatever you want (an historical building, an estate, etc.) 


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“Some notes on our production of Vintage Murder….tickets sold out….cast got standing ovation…when gal was murdered she was able to land in our Chief of Police’s lap…(hysterical). This year we are going to do Final Cut and we’re going to glam it up Hollywood Style complete with red carpet. May need to do two performances based on last year’s sell out.” – Ginny, PV Police Foundation

Vintage Murder winery murder mystery gameVintage Murder winery murder mystery game - catfight!

Vintage Murder winery murder mystery game - audience member Vintage Murder winery murder mystery game - unhappy suspect

Vintage Murder winery murder mystery game - crazy detective Vintage Murder winery murder mystery game - unhappy suspect
















“Wanted to let you know that Vintage Murder was a great success at Westminster Canterbury Shenandoah Valley CCRC (continuing care retirement community) here in Winchester, VA. Before costs we made $2300 for our Fellowship Fund, a fund which helps residents who have outlived their resources. Everyone loved it an want me to do two per year!”

“We had a wine tasting before the performance in connection with a local winery. A member of the cast designed a great back drop for the performance, complete with a wine rack that holds 150+ bottles of wine! Another resident make terrific table decoration, also with wine bottles sporting the Tortellini wine label.”

“Thank you so much for allowing me to adapt your script. I shall be looking at your other scripts for future use. This is the third murder mystery we have done here and the cast liked this the best.” – Joan Claybrook

Winery murder mystery game suspectWinery murder mystery game






Order and download our wine themed murder mystery game for large groups here. Great for fundraisers!

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