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Corporate Team Building Murder Mystery Game Reviews

My compliments to you for the materials and development of this great team activity (murder mystery game)! It made my job very easy.
Katie O'Donnell
Education & Training Manager, The Arc of Monroe County, Rochester NY
I'm so impressed with your organization - from the level and detail of the information you provide, to the ease of navigating and ordering materials from your website, to the quality of your fun team activities, to your personalized follow-up.
Kim Dutton
Illumina, San Diego CA
We surprised the whole group with your Spies Like Us Team Building Mystery Game by covertly incorporating your characters into our meeting. They were prepared for a long boring lecture detailing a new product for our company from an ET Mars imposter. One of our supervisors (AKA Wanda Frohickey) jumped up and started yelling at the guest speaker saying he was not ET Mars. Everyone was stunned. They couldn't believe she would stand up and yell at such an important representative of our company. The "real" ET Mars came out and called for security to escort the imposter from the building. Out I came in a security uniform and doing my best Barney Fife impersonation. People were laughing throughout the dinner and they still thought we actually had a new drug for the company in development. Overall, we had a great time and we really enjoyed the dinner. Thank you for the great script and making our dinner successful.
Daryl Dawson
Quincy MA
We had an ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience using your team building murder mystery game, Final Cut. We got rave reviews and had people tell us they have not laughed so hard in a long time!
Gina K. Cole, RN
Ludington MI
The team building murder mystery is great! We held our offsite a few weeks ago and our management staff performed "A Deadly Incentive". Your instructions were thorough, complete and easy to follow. Everyone really got into their role and had a great time being someone else for a moment. The audience was completely drawn into solving the mystery, questioning the suspects, looking for clues, etc. The best feedback I received was that this was the best offsite ever, and from a TEAM-BUILDING standpoint it was a huge success. We couldn't have done it without you...I'm sure this will be a team building workshop that won't soon be forgotten.
Mary Ann Skudnik
Key Bank, Buffalo NY
You offer a fabulous tool and creative spirit that is invaluable!
Monica Russo, MHA, Director of Operations
PracticePartners, Portland ME
Our Team had our play (Murder at the Midnight Hour) and had an absolute blast. I can't tell you if we had more fun rehearsing or performing. It was a great team bonding activity and loads of fun.
Phemie Wilson-Barrow
HCTC, Houston TX
Everyone loved Next Of Kin Mystery Game and had a blast, even those that were "concerned" about it when they first heard what we were doing. Of course most of the success was due to the people I assigned the parts to. The only instructions I gave them beside their character description, was to OVER ACT!! And boy did they! People were crying they were laughing so hard. By the way, I had to change some things around so that I had all women and a small cast but we did it as a team building exercise at an offsite overnight meeting we had for our Women Managers.
Cindy Willis
Westlake TX
We're really impressed with the completeness and amount of detail included in the packet. You've anticipated all my questions!!
Cyde Rector
Greenville SC
The Murder on Maui script was easy to follow and the mystery itself was cute. The company I work for did the Murder Mystery as a fun break from a training retreat conducted away from the office for all the Information System department employees. After the presentation, every one commented on how fun the event was and that it was much better than the Murder Mystery performed last year (by a professional acting group). Thanks for following up on our event and thanks for providing such a wonderful product.
Neil Danzig
Columbia MD
Thanks for your follow up. We did our Murder Mystery at our company's conference and we had an absolute hoot. Everything that we needed was there, and the scripts were first rate (however I don't think my acting skills did them justice, there is definitely no Oscar in the pipeline for me). Thanks again for taking the time out to reply to my order, and I would definitely recommend your firm to any one looking to do a team building murder mystery.
Andy Beaton
Inverness Scotland
Our murder mystery party was a smashing success. Not only was it good team building but we found talent in areas we would have never known. Thank you for sharing your work!
Charlotte W. Hummel, Firm Administrator
Carneiro, Chumney & Co., L. C., San Antonio TX
Wow! An email from the owner. Now that's customer service! My initial thoughts about the materials are that they are very thorough and provide more than enough information to run a high-quality team building exercise. This package will save me a lot of time in the planning stages and will allow me to focus more on the meeting itself. I am confident the exercise will go over very well with the team and I'm very excited for that day!
Megan Smalley
Campbell's Away From Home, Haverton PA
Thank you for the follow up offer of assistance. I was able to download The Mafia Murders mystery game and was able to follow the directions on modifying the script to fit our office event. And just to let you know, your script/product/service has been wonderful! I intend to recommend your company to anyone that mentions they are looking for some type of entertainment for their company event! Great job!
Tina M. Bengs
Hoeppner, Wagner & Evans, LLP, Merrillville Indiana
I just wanted to let you know that we held our annual department training and part of it was conducting this team building Mafia Murder Mystery. As an organizer of the event I was surprised at how excited our departmental actors got into their roles, with both costume and acting. The rest of the 80 department employees were divided into teams and instructed to develop a team name and the teams would compete to solve the crime, with the winning team to have their picture and name place on a perpetual trophy to be displayed within our office. The teams took their role seriously, which eventually lead into a tie breaker situation between the teams. Our organizing team had developed some easy and difficult questions regarding the murder mystery, which tested the teams' recall. One team was eventually victorious. Upon completion of the event our actors and organizers received applause and numerous compliments. The employees laughed, built camaraderie and agreed that this was the best annual training ever. I want to thank you and compliment you for a well written and excellent script. It would have been extremely difficult to accomplish this team building session without your very organized packet of materials. This was well worth the money!
Dan Kartchner
Redding Ca
My team building murder mystery was a huge success! My employees had a great time! The actors did a great job and everyone participated in gathering the clues and trying to solve the mystery. Two pegged the killer and we stumped the rest! It was a great team building exercise. Thank you! I think I will do the same thing next year...and I will definitely recommend you to the other managers in my company.
Kathleen Dufraine
Capmark Services, Atlanta GA
Thank you for your follow-up. We are very happy with our order, the directions are clear and helpful and then Murder On Maui story is well written. We will be using this murder mystery game at our company Luau in a couple weeks. We are very excited, as we have never done something like this before and feel it will be something different for the staff to enjoy, especially seeing fellow employees acting it out! Should be funny. I am glad I found your site and I am sure I will be a returning customer.
Kristi Hazzard
National Alliance For Youth Sports, West Palm Beach FL
Thank you sooo much for What Happened to Sam Disney?. We were having a leadership conference with the theme of seeking out the people in our organization who have slipped between the cracks, those who are "missing". It was a smashing success everyone loved the kidnapping and the tie in to the theme of the conference. You really saved us as I bought the kit two days before the conference as last minute our original plan fell through! Thank you sooo much for you help.
Jeff Van Hulten
West Bountiful UT

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