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Murder Mystery Games for a Wedding? YES!

One of my customers, Rita Borstad of Kalispell MT sent me her wedding photo and this email:

“The first of 2 murder mystery games I ordered from you* was The Mafia Murders. We actually got married during this one, in 1920’s costume and it was a total BLAST! Thank you for a wonderful product!”

*I was following up on her 2nd purchase, The Dead Man’s Chest, to make sure she was happy with her game.

Her email got me thinking about unusual weddings.

When we had our murder mystery dinner theater, we performed a variation of our spy themed murder mystery game for a wedding with a hockey theme.  The party favors were hockey pucks, the bride wore her favorite hockey team’s shirt…very quirky, very fun and so very unusual.

I’ve attended a Renaissance Faire for a wedding – that’s as quirky as the weddings got for me.

Just out of curiosity and to perhaps give you some ideas if you’re planning a wedding, I searched on the Internet for the most unusual weddings.  You could get married in a TJ Maxx (for this particular bride it was her “happy place”), in a shark tank, have a Star Wars theme, have your bridesmaids be guys in drag, make it a musical, dress as clowns, dress as dead people, don’t dress at all and get married naked…You are truly only limited by your imagination, courage and “I don’t care what anyone thinks, it’s my wedding” attitude.

I have this thing about more fully using your creativity and imagination.  Once again, some of the photos I saw made me realize that we have no limits when we use them.

Did you attend or create an unusual wedding?  Tell us about it! Inspire our creativity and imagination!


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