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Murder Mystery Game Review

Murder Mystery Game Review by Top Ten Reviews

“Next of Kin” is a frisky romp with well-defined characters and plenty of means, motive and opportunity for getting rid of poor dear old Hamilton Sugarbaker. There are also some plot twists and surprises you will absolutely love. Useful tips and resources help you put together an extremely well-organized event. If you want to treat guests to a grand old time, try this… murder mystery game…

So I was roaming the internet and stumbled across a rave review about a mystery game I wrote called Next Of Kin that I sell on my website and on 2 other “partner” websites, Simplifun Games and Stageplays.

It felt pretty awesome I gotta tell ya.



“Should your taste run to the kind of sugarcoated skullduggery that you find only in the Deep South, you will certainly enjoy one of firm’s popular offerings, “Next of Kin.” With this game, you also get an abundance of motives for homicide, a cast of truly colorful characters and a clever surprise ending that your guests certainly will remember.

“Next of Kin” is a grits-and-greed whodunit with Hamilton “Big Daddy” Sugarbaker, one of the richest men south of the Mason-Dixon Line, not to mention the whole world, feeling poorly and apparently with little time to live. However, before Sugarbaker goes, he wants one last gathering of assorted family and friends, both the no-account sneaky types and those who have treated him kindly.

People are pitted against one another when they learn how Sugarbaker distributed his wealth in his will. With so much money at stake, who knows how this mystery will end and who will be left standing?”


More reviews for my Next of Kin Murder Mystery Game:

It was an amazing evening. I’m not sure who had the most fun, the audience or the cast. Next Of Kin was quite a hit. Based on the response we’ll have an even larger turnout next year. The audience was much more involved than I thought they would be and we are now all card carrying member of over-actors annonymous. I wish you success with your product. Thank you for your wonderful program and support. Elizabeth Feintech, Forestville, CA

I appreciate your offer but no help was needed as the directions and outline were clearly written and explained. Our event went very well largely in part to the concise and organized manner in which you had put together “Next of Kin.” The group performed the mystery (narrator style) to critical acclaim… Now we’re famous (in small circles of course). Thanks Again, Todd Wise, Bakersfield, CA

A large group of friends enjoyed the “Next of Kin” mystery this weekend. We had a blast. We have done multiple mystery dinners in the past but this was the favorite for sure. Everyone loved the use of a narrator instead of having to ad lib everything. We made up a few of our own characters to make sure everyone had a chance to be someone else, which was easy to do with this layout. Thanks for a great party! Lori Horne


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