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Murder Mystery Game in a Beauty Academy

Rushmore’s Revenge Murder Mystery Game: A social for the 1979 graduating class of Rushmore’s Beauty Academy for Women.

Beauty academy murder mystery gameTHE STORY: Changes are coming to the Rushmore Beauty Academy for Women – an institution where nothing has changed in its 80-year history. Bernice Rushmore, whose family founded the school, is resigning from the Board Of Regents and withdrawing her funding. As a result, men will now be admitted to the school to increase enrollment in the hopes of keeping the school afloat. Naturally, it’s all very upsetting. So we advise you to watch your back. It’s difficult to tell who is friend or foe with the future of this sacred institution at stake.

THE PLACE: Rushmore Beauty Academy for Women

A TESTIMONIAL: “This is Krista from the Norwin Public Library.  Several months ago I purchased your “Rushmore’s Revenge” murder mystery game to perform at our library.  We had our performance on Friday night and just wanted to let you know that is was a smashing success.  The cast all had fun and so did our patrons.

Here’s a photo of 3 of our protesters.  We had 4 gentlemen carry signs outside of our building until the program began. There was another man one who held the sign ‘My mission is to become a beautician.’  Just some silly signs I made up.”

Beauty academy protesters

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful play.  The cast loved it as well as our guests.  We group our guests in 6 teams, and only 2 teams got it right.  Everyone loved it and I will be back next year for our next play.  It was the best script we ever did.  

Thanks for everything.  You have truly found your gift in writing these plays.”  (Author’s note: Can I just say that this comment makes my day?)

Krista Brown
Norwin Public Library

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