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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Success

Murder mystery dinner theater at the Sugarloaf Golf Club

I love starting off my mornings with emails like this:

Next of Kin Murder Mystery Game“Good morning, Susan…

I just thought you’d like some feedback from our show Friday & Saturday.

WE are a pretty small venue and were hopeful we would have approx 50 guests per night.  We had 53 & 57, so I was thrilled with the response.  I previously attended a MMDT (Haley’s Games note: MMDT=murder mystery dinner theater – not ours) and HATED IT!  The crowd was drunk and loud, the actors were below average and the night took too long.  We had been there almost 5 hours, the actors took a break and there was no crime yet to solve….very disappointing. I wanted to do one and avoid those mistakes.  So I hired local (extremely seasoned) actors and paid them, fed them during practices & the shows…we provided guests with a very nice buffet and set up our dining room so that every table had a great view of the “action”.  I had a chance to visit every table before and after the show and can tell you that every guest (ages 14-90!!!!) said the same thing…”What a great time!  Do it again!”  The show was so well received, we are already looking at your scripts to pick the next one (October) and our actors have all signed on for the next show which will be extended to 2 weekends.  I couldn’t be more pleased with your play (Next of Kin) and can’t wait to do our next Haley’s show!  Thanks for everything…we will be in touch soon!!!”

Sugarloaf Golf Club

Congratulations on your grand success Judy!  You made my day with your email.

Next of Kin – “Big Daddy” Sugarbaker, wealthy Southern patriarch, must decide which of his worthless, underhanded, crazy kin will inherit his vast estate.

Read more about Next of Kin here. Order this mystery game today.

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