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Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game – The Deadman’s Chest

“The murder mysteries are a community favorite at the clubhouse every year. Our subdivision association has over 900 families with plenty of talented volunteers. We have no shortage of folks that want to help with props, costumes, decor, etc. I think this was our 6th one and they/we seem to raise the bar every year.”

Til next time –
Teresa Jobe
Turtle Cove, Monticello, GA

The Dead Man’s Chest Murder Mystery Game Photos


Cast of The Dead Man’s Chest
Awesome props!
More awesome props!
Mardi Gras Queen
Arturo is happy to attend
RAYLENE TO SOOKIE: You’re crazy woman!
Where is the map?
Meet Mr. Sinslayer. He’s not a nice man.
JACK AND ARTURO: Heave ho ladies, Give no quarter.
LILLY: Jack needs a fine woman in his life, not those lose dirty wenches he’s chosen in the past.
SINSLAYER: There are other ways to kill a person, Raylene. Slower ways. Remember that. I want what is MINE returned, Raylene. Now!
ANNABELLE: My husband Severus Slaughter was a buccaneer of the high seas.
JACK TO ANNABELLE: And to the lovely lady that takes my breath away, what is your name?
Arturo and Jack will go to any extremes to get what they want!
Arturo reveals a secret!
We will plunder!
The prime suspect line up
Teresa, the amazing director of the murder mystery. Bravo!

Read more about this Mardi Gras Pirate themed murder mystery game here.

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