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Mafia Murder Mystery Game – A Noir Crime Story

Murder Most Memorable – A Femme Fatale Remembers

It was a dark and stormy night. I was enjoyin’ a stack of wheats (I enjoy my breakfast at night – whaddya gonna do about it?) and a cuppa joe when I had a flashback – to murder. It put a wrinkle in my forehead, that’s flat; and a smile on my mug.

My name’s Sue, Sue the Slugger, see. I specialize in contracts, contracts of the deadly kind. My job is the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees -plus I meet the most interestin’ birds.

I ‘memba The ############# Company hostin’ a swanky party for fifty of their most brilliant uh, let’s call ’em “scientists” (I’d tell ya the name but then I’d have to kill ya). The big cheese who called me about this particular contract told me not ta expect much as far as guest  cooperation ’cause these were very serious & introverted types, not too familiar with my line a’ work. Not quite my idea of an ideal situation, but nothin’ like a little challenge to get my creative juices flowin’. I told the bird not to worry, see, and I then set a course to make that party more memorable than anything those joes had experienced in a long while. I took my most popular script–yeah, script, ‘The Mafia Murders Mystery Game‘, and fixed it just for ‘em. Then I gave each a those joes a false identity as their cover in the dark underworld of The Organization, La Cosa Nostra, The Syndicate, yeah, The Family.

That night, the night it would all go down, them scientists arrived, proudly usin’ their false ids as if their lives depended on it. Turns out, they did. The room was suddenly fulla shady characters with even shadier pasts: These fellas were serious all right – serious about bein’ gangster thugs. From the minute me and the boys arrived, they were followin’ us around, jawing their theories and even suspectin’ their fellow cohorts of bein’ murderin’ wiseguys. Then suddenly and without warnin’, rods were drawn, everyone was snapping caps and dodgin’ bulls. The godfather’s moll, ‘Fifi LaTrick’ begged the fellas at her table to protect her. All seven of them so-called introverted scientists leapt outta their chairs, grabbed the gal and dove for cover under that table to do their honorable duty to the sexy dame. Who said chivalry was dead? They saved her – for the moment anyway. Turns out, someone the Godfather trusted had gone queer, balmy, see. Knocked off a buncha goons before makin’ sure the Godfather got what was comin’ to him.

Aww applesauce! I could tell ya a million stories just like that. Danger, excitement, fun: they’re all my middle name.

But I gotta come clean.

Sure I commit “murder” for a livin’- been doin’ it for a lotta years now, see. My success rate is real high ’cause I ain’t no Dumb Dora at my job, that’s flat. My type a’ murder ain’t like the usual murder. Naw. It’s much more creative, much more unusual, much more memorable. And, my dupes, they only die for a short time before I bring ’em back to life, see, and make ’em inna someone else, maybe this time a cold-blooded killer insteada the poor slob who gets himself knocked off.

Whadda I do? Let me give ya the dope.

Ya wanna be a hero? Ya contact me. Got it?

I’ll make your life a whole lot easier, a little dangerous and a lot more fun. It’s what I do best.

Escape into my world for a little while.

My name is Susan Haley and I design and sell downloadable murder mystery games for parties, corporate team building, fundraisers and any kind of event you’re planning. It’s been my business, my career and my passion since 1983.

In addition to my murder mystery games, I also create scavenger hunt games for adults, teens and even for your company team building. For the kids, check out my mysteries and hunts,  and my CSI crime investigation game, pirate treasure hunt and medieval knights game.

Instant download on all the games! No waiting, no shipping and handling fees!

Let me save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality, budget-friendly game everyone will love.

Pick a game, download it and get your party started!

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