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Mafia Murders Murder Mystery Dinner – Fun Ideas to Steal

1920's gangster murder mystery gameHere are some creative ideas from one of our customers for our Mafia Murders Murder Mystery Dinner Game.

“We hosted our Mafia Murders mystery dinner event at our 55+ community for a sell-out crowd of 90 people. It was a huge success! Many of the audience dressed in 20’s attire for the event.

Love her ideas here >>

Our dinner included “Knock out punch”, “Brush with Death” bruschetta and “Sinister” salad, “Choosy Floozy” chicken parmesan and “Hotsy Totsy” herb pasta, “Da Bomb” spumoni, with courses served between acts.

We had programs printed with cast “thumbnail” pictures on a family tree to help the audience identify who was who.

Prizes of “Godfather’s Hooch”, airline size bottles of Canadian Club with labels featuring our Godfather, were prizes for the table(s) with the most correct answers.

I just want to close by saying that these murder mysteries are definitely appropriate for multiple age groups. Our social committee will consider doing another next year. Thanks again for your help in having a successful murder mystery evening!”  – Linda Rymer

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