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Our Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Game, Murder on Maui

Enjoy these photos of Murder on Maui, our Hawaiian Luau murder mystery game.

I personally think these photos are hilarious!  Donny Wo is PERFECT!!  Exactly as I imagined him in my head when I wrote the script. The entire cast all look so FABULOUS!  Makes me happy. They are all are why I adapted these mystery games for the general public.  I see people not afraid to have fun, to be crazy, “to dance like no one’s watching” if you will.

Need proof that this is a fun mystery game? Ok, happy to help. Melissa, the host for our murder mystery game, has this to say:

Hi Susan,

Once again, I want to thank you again for everything you do. Last night, we hosted Murder on Maui and what a blast had by all. Texts and emails have been all most non-stop, from our guests, since 2am this morning thanking us (once again) for a fun evening.

This was the first murder mystery myself, as well as many of my guests, have ever been to (and that I hosted), and your game made our experience on that will be talked out for a long time. You’re instructions/suggestions are so easy to follow and I will highly recommend you to others.

My husband and I are now planning our next Murder Mystery. We are leaving the Islands of Hawaii in the year of 2013 and will be going back in time to the 1880’s, The Old West – Bordello of the Damned in February/March 2014.

Thanks again for everything.

Melissa B.

More about the mystery game:

You’re invited to one of Harold Logan’s (in)famous luaus and a fundraiser for HAAL, The Hawaiian Association of Authentic Leis.

  • Requires 8 people to play the prime suspects. For groups of 20 or more people.
  • You can put this in any era you choose. Great choice for a pool party.
  • Download a game sample
  • RATED: PG-13
    • CONTAINS: Murders. Psychic character. Use of a voodoo type doll. An ex-con stripper character. Gambling (minor references). Affair between stepfather and stepdaughter.
    • SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVES: The ex-con stripper can be toned down to being a waitress in a dive bar. Change the affair to an “unrequited love/crush for an older man” syndrome or the stepdaughter can be furious at her stepfather because she hoped he would actually stay married to her monster mom so she could have a dad. The gambling (card game) references are important but can be referred to then not mentioned again. The lucrative card games are why one of the characters wants to maintain ownership of a hotel. Psychic character is important. The voodoo-type doll is important.
  • Corporate adaptation: This can be adapted as a corporate incentive trip.
  • The KNOW IT ALL version of this game has been translated into Italian by a customer. After you order this game, please email us if you’d like the Italian version emailed to you at no additional charge. Note: Only the KNOW IT ALL script has been translated, none of the other game files have been.
  • Regular version: $24.99 | Team building version: $39.99


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